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  1. Hello I am having the same problem. I clicked on a bunch of those options under Advanced in the Windows section of CCleaner. Afterwards none of my Folders will keep their views I had set. No matter what view I choose (details, icons, list, thumbnails) for a folder the view will reset to details once I reopen the folder. Restarting the computer does not fix this issue. I am running Windows 10 Pro build 10240. I experienced this issue yesterday, I thought it was Windows 10 fault so I reinstalled today. After each driver install, windows update and program install I check the folder views to see what is causing the problem. At last when I got to CCleaner the problem appeared. Specifically the folder views problem appeared when I choose the options in CCleaner under Advanced in the Windows section of the menu. It did not appear before hand with the default check boxes. Please look into fixing because I cannot figure out how to fix this without reinstalling or simply not touching those check boxes again. I have tried going to folder options in file explorer and clicking Restore Defaults and that does not fix anything. Thank you for your help.
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