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  1. Wow thanks! I suppose I can also get an ISO of Windows XP somehow. (Its probably obvious computers aren't my thing)
  2. Hi. Yes I have a file that is XP SP3 IS0 from the microsoft website. But do I need to first get XP before I go ahead and do XP service pack 3?
  3. Hi! I decided to get VMware so I could hopefully play sims 1 on my windows 10 (as I've seen recommended on forums). Has anyone put xp service pack 3 on VMware? I downloaded the ISO from Microsoft but when I go to put that into the player, it says 'could not detect which operating system is in this disc image.' Has anyone had experience with installing xp 3 on VMware ? I am very new with this program and I do not really understand what is required of me to get service pack 3 to work.
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