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  1. CC skipped ME without ME running in the background


    Please clarify your steps to "keep ME from running in the background"?

    Click Startup Menu on Windows->Click Settings, There is a thing pop up. On the left, at the very last line(bottom) you will see "Background Apps" click on "Background Apps" you will see a list of apps running on the background. There is Edges in there. On the right side of that app, there is an on/off button, just turn it off.(I turn off all the list->will save your battery)

    EXTRA: You may use  to turn off all your privacy from Settings which being controlled by MS. They may be watching what are you doing

  2. Here are my tricks to clean Edges using CClean gurantee 100% work:

    1. Reboost you pc-> open up CClean and run immediately. This will clean Edges Browser.

    2.The reason you can not clean on Edges because Edges still running on background(even though CClean force Edges close on windows, but Edges still running on background). All you do is go to Settings of your Windows 10 and turn it off. There is setting turn off "Edges running on back ground", then you restart your pc and start using CClean.

    On the second method, you can use CClean anytime and don't need to reboost your pc, and CClean won't "SKIPPED" your Edges.   Hope this help

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