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  1. This has not solved the problem for me. Still have the same issue. My windows 10 notebook I just got does the same thing. As my desktop. I also have a win7 computer (older Dell) and it doesn't have the issue. What is going on with this??? Neither of what you suggested made any difference. Same problem. Glad it worked for you though. This is really annoying.
  2. What is the issue with the delayed start? Why doesn't the DEV's even address this? How long do we need to keep this thread going for it to get some attention? Why can't we get some help here?
  3. I googled this before and read of others having issues such as when clicking the Ccleaner icon it takes some time for the app to start. Both OS I posted in title are affected for me anyway. The delay is approx. 20 - 30 seconds on both OS. I read of what the MOD suggested in each thread. http://forum.piriform.com/?showtopic=44723 Click active monitoring, uncheck skip user access control warning, run with highest priority, etc... I still have this issue no matter how far back I install a version and I mean I have old version saved on my computer. Is there a fix for this yet?
  4. I used ccleaner for years and now it is running real slow. It seems something has slowed down its process. It now takes twice as long to clean. My software and hardware are the same. Using Win7HomePremium SP1. My HD is only 320GB. CCleaner never took more than 10 seconds. I have enabled in IE 11 options: empty temp internet files when browser is closed and still does nothing. What happened? Attached: Screen shot of how long it takes to run ccleaner. Site didn't allow me to upload a txt doc so I copied it to word.doc
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