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  1. I am recovering a different DVD. What are all these different sessions (4) that generate multiple copies of the same file?
  2. okay, so formatting one of these +R disks, I get the option to format it like a USB Flash Drive -- able to save, edit, delete at any time. This is what I've been selecting.
  3. It took 42 hours, finding 14,500 files, a lot of them image files in a variety of formats. For some reason it recovers them multiple times, seems like 3 or 4 times, one for each session. I think this scan took longer than the first because it recovered the folder structure. This time there is no problem recovering them to storage. Right click menu contains feature to save the list of files to a text file, although it will not output in the order viewed on the screen, only by session order.
  4. okay, so +R is only writable once. Not sure exactly what that means. Once space is used it cannot be used again? So files cannot be edited and re-saved? Disk cannot be reformatted and used again? Not sure how I ended up with non-rewritable storage, as I always ask because I don't understand the variations.
  5. DVD+R It is rewriteable as far as I know, as that's what has happened. When I tried to recover the files to another drive, any drive, it was telling me it could not lock the drive, which I assume it does as a precaution before copying all the files over. It had no problem the first time recovering to M: Next scan (a cancelled one that had 11,000 files to recover), which I tried to recover to another drive, generated an error and aborted the attempt.
  6. Yes it is writeable. The first time I scanned, it did not take this long at all. I did not remember if I selected recover folders, so have been trying to scan again. The first scan was a very long list of files, many unidentifiable by name yet contents in order. I don't think I saw any folder information. Each time I try to run the scan again, it takes progressively longer.
  7. It accidentally got reformatted. Have no idea how that happened as I did not request it to do so. I had just finished backing up a lot of files to it. A reformat took off. I tried to abort it/eject the DVD. Not sure how far it got but there are a lot of files recovered even though the DVD says it is empty. This scan is 24 hours in. A file count would be very useful, as the progress monitor gets stuck at this point even though it continues to work and find files.
  8. * A running count of files found. (My runs get stuck and can go on for days. Progress information displayed is incorrect and stuck. It would be good to know it is actually finding files and not stalled before cancelling --- I cancelled after 36 hours to find it was a couple thousand short of completing. The CPU light is solid, so looks solid). * Ability to save a scan, even to save and restart later. This is on an inactive DVD. I have had to re-run it a couple times. It is an extremely lengthy operation for some reason. * Ability to save a reference list of files found, with other info such as the directory.
  9. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44369
  10. Rebooted to start over. Checking in at 3 hours, it is at its sticking point of scanning session 4, stage 1 of 3, 81% done, 3920 files found. It never tracks its status correctly after this point, just stays at these numbers each time I have scanned. The scan that completed, it eventually moved on and reported over 14,000 files found. We will see how many days it takes to complete this time -- if it continues to exceed the increasingly excessive recovery times -- reaching a 36+ hour duration on the last (cancelled) attempt!
  11. Had to cancel. 36 hours now and says 8 hours left. Don't understand why results and times would differ like this - on an inactive DVD disk. Well, it had still been recovering and was up to 11,698 files. Tried to save those and Recuva announced an irrecoverable error. When I try to describe what happened in the error report window to send along with the generated error report, it closed when I hit the carriage return, before I was done including details. It then announced there was an error sending the report.
  12. 24 hours now. And when I check on it, the time to complete increases instead of decreases. Now saying 5 more hours, not 3. Seems to be stuck at one point, but it did this before at the same numbers/point and eventually completed in 12 hours. Same thing where the hours to finish increased instead of decreased. I'm going to disconnect from the net and disable AV to see if that moves things along.
  13. I came across that and disabled my AV, but it still did not work. I had used it a few times the day before and did not have this problem. I accidentally closed the window, so rebooted and am running it again. It seems to take longer each time it is run. This time it is taking longer than 12 hours. I am recovering a DVD and running the portable version from a flash drive, not my pc, so nothing should have changed. Does the portable version use the C: drive, too -- ie, one could lose deleted data on C: to the writing of sectors there?
  14. I ran a deep scan and every drive I try to recover to returns this message: "Unable to lock selected drive. Close all applications that may be using .... I don't see any programs that would be using them. This scan took 12 hours, so I do not want to reboot and lose the results. Please advise. Thanks.
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