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  1. I wrote in the forum where I found my problem discussed. Pardon me that upon my first post I did not know that writing in the USER forum ist verboten. Though I complained, I did so courteously. Now you, as Moderator, have responded to me with condescension and sarcasm. I suppose you've shown me my place, O High Holy One. You may now use your magical powers to ban me, but that won't be necessary, as I do not continue to go where I'm not welcomed. Good day, sir or madam.
  2. I'm sure that in the scheme of things, the loss of a single paying customer is of no concern to Piriform. That is disappointing. I doubt that you would refund my money for a product that doesn't work. I've opened a ticket and I've posted here. There is nothing more I can do. I feel duped. The joke is on me, I reckon. The most irritating thing is that I recommended you to friends. They are as unhappy with me as I am with you. If you have no intention of addressing this issue, so be it. You could at least have the courtesy of telling me so.
  3. Please add me to the list of those who bought CCleaner (not free edition) and would like to have Windows Edge not skipped. I'm a little bit miffed about it. Didn't Piriform have a beta copy of Windows 10, knowing that its arrival icon has been on people's computer for months? Your policy may be to release monthly, but if so, then you should allow people to wait a month before we pay. Thank you for you attention to this matter.
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