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  1. I've decided to just utilize windows system restore to right before I made the changes. Aside from having to re-do some critical updates, I'll report back on how that goes.
  2. Alright, so I figured out that I should "Merge" the registry backup that I did right before this whole mess occured. Problem is..I get the following warning messages and I'm assuming I have to perform this operation as "Run as administrator". Thing is, it's not giving me that option on that file (as shown below). Is there something I'm missing on how to fully and successfully merge the registry values back in?
  3. My pics didn't upload but it was just the series of standard loading screens anyhow. Still what's the best next step?
  4. So I tapped the "delete" key once as Juice suggested, which got the windows icon to appear along with the loading circles below it, then it just sat there for two minutes, then to a black screen for one minute, then I heard the familiar windows jingle while the screen stayed black for another 3 minutes, then went to an all blue screen with the circular loading for another minute and now I'm finally back to the windows 10 screen. At this point, it appears that juice is the man!.. But now I've got to ask, should I backup my computer to a previous restore point to potentially restore what CCleaner messed up? I'm not going to do anything with my computer until I hear back from yall. Below are the of the step by step after hitting delete during startup.
  5. I realize I should've mentioned what my computer is, it's a Toshiba satellite P755-S5215. Juice, I fired up the computer again to see if I could enter the bios the way you mentioned, but its a no-go because I was never able to enter the actual bios, just the startup menu....
  6. I apologize for the long delay. I found my windows 7 recovery disks, and if need be, I can borrow a computer from a friend. At this point my biggest concern is whether or not I'll be essentially blowing away any files that weren't covered by my last back up? And if so, am I taking the laptop to someone that can recover those files before reinstalling 7 or 10 (my gut says I should just stick with 7 and just update everything and let everyone else besides me be the guinea pigs for 10). I also went to the neosmart site and got the downloadable Windows 10 on that site. Of course...doesn't do me much good from my Windows phone.... (I'm assuming?!?) Thanks for your time.
  7. To answer your other question, no I don't have another computer handy with either OS handy. We may still have original recovery disks for Windows 7 around, but I was hoping to avoid that if this could be fixed easily. Also, I'm not sure which registry fix it was performing when it crashed. I made the mistake of routinely using CCleaner and it's registry cleaner with Windows 7. I just thought it wouldn't have been so problematic to run it with Windows 10.
  8. Nergal, I'm not sure exactly what your referring to. In the boot order, it appears that I can only change the order, not disable any particular item in the list. Forgive my naivety if I overlooked how to do that. Here's my boot order screen:
  9. I had windows 10 for about 1 week, ran CCleaner's registry cleaner and after I clicked on "fix selected problems", the computer crashed and then upon restart I get the check boot media screen. I made sure the hour order has the HDD first, but it made no difference. I'm a capable newbie on these matters. I just wanted to check here first before taking it to the "professionals". Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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