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  1. I had to uninstall Speccy to stop the BSODs in a clean install of Win 10 Pro x64 (PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA). I was getting them frequently after installing the latest version of Speccy, but I didn't know that was the cause at the time since I installed a lot of my other utilities in the same session. (Will not do that again.) I had to install WinDbg to try and decypher the minidump files, which then pointed to Speccy and its use of an outdated CPU-Z driver as the culprit. Reinstaliing and Uninstalling the latest CPU-Z (v1.73) didn't solve the BSODs since Speccy was still using an older verision internally or something silly like that. Only uninstalling Speccy fixed the issue. As to why it is taking more than one day for Piriform to update its internal version of CPU-Z to the latest (which doesn't BSOD Win10) is completely beyond me.
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