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  1. Hi englishmen, I don't know if you are still interested in the answer to your original post, but thought I might pipe in with my 2 cents worth anyway. Although Trend Micro could be a little more forthcoming with their requirements for running HouseCall on FireFox, here is how you can make it run correctly. How to fix Housecall so that it works with FireFox. If you receive the message "Updating and Starting Housecall" but nothing happens, then Tools - Options - Content - Block Popup Windows - Allowed Sites and add "housecall65.trendmicro.com". This is a FireFox setting independent of AdBlock. If you received "the housecall-api did not define a native binding", that is caused by AdBlock. You don't have to uninstall AdBlock, just change a setting. Adblock - Preferences - Adblock Options - "Obj-Tabs" needs to be activated. You can also Whitelist the entire trendmicro.com site in AdBlock to prevent it from interfering. That's it! I have found that Housecall finds more bad stuff than any other online scanner, although I would never recommend anyone rely on it exclusively. It is great for a second opinion however, and very useful when you have some malware which is impeding the execution of other anti-spyware products since Housecall can run in both Java or in ActiveX. TH.
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