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  1. Thanks to your post I'm gonna get the update right now. However, you should anyway be able to clean whatever files/folders you like by using 'Options > Include' I think.
  2. My sad experience (of Acronis True Image 9) is that there is a real chance that it will let you down when you most need it! No matter that you validated the image when you made it; when Windows dies and you come to restore it you get the message "This is not a True Image file or the folder is corrupted" - or something like that. You never KNOW it will work unless you actually use it to do a restore, and from my experience I wouldn't trust it to perform in a crisis even then! I'm sure it often works for some people - but when it doesn't it can leave you up merde creek without a paddle.
  3. Wewpt, - I'm not sure if this is any use to you but I'll lay it out anyway. Wouldn't it be possible to make a pre-SP3 install Registry backup using ERUNT. Install SP3 Find your corrupted Registry keys (if any) using RegScanner or something similar (if they all contain $%&) and fix them. If none of it works Uninstall SP3 Reinstall the Registry backup you made using ERDNT.exe (part of ERUNT) and you'll be back to just where you started from. (with exactly the same Registry) The difference between ERUNT and RegEdit Export is that ERUNT replaces the lot whereas RegEdit
  4. To try to recover a bit of face here....... If you're still losing your System Restore points, but you want another excellent way of making backups of your registry on a automatic daily or 'choose when' basis, have a look at this post. You can keep the backups where you like, so they should be able to avoid any 'cleaner' programs. Regards,
  5. Scooter B, I haven't seen any reference to your Windows type, but if it's Vista have a look at my post here. Regards,
  6. Hi dcdivenut, You say you're running Vista, so there may be some hope here. Have a look at this page about the free 'Shadow Explorer'. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Regards,
  7. Please disregard any references in my previous post to VISTA and System Restore points. I now see that when I installed CCleaner I had just gone and applied the same CCleaner settings in Vista as I previously had on XP and assumed it had fixed the same problem since the Restore points remained after a clean. Actually in my Vista there seems to be NO such problem to fix anyway. I find I can run CCleaner with all boxes ticked (excepting Free Space) and it doesn't delete ANY Restore points. My Vista runs perfectly with CCleaner. However, on my XP system unchecking the 'Empty Recycle Bin
  8. To add my two ha'pence worth - This has been a problem for a long time both on my XP Toshiba and my Vista Acer machines, and yes, I do use the secure delete method. To get round it I just untick the 'Empty Recycle Bin', the 'Window Size/Location Cache' and the 'Wipe Free Space' options under 'Windows'. Under 'Applications' I have all the boxes checked. I currently have about 10 days of Restore Points available. Works for me anyway! p.s. To securely empty my Recycle Bin (or any other item I want to securely delete) I use the very good (and free) Eraser Regards,
  9. As an update - I just tried the slim version download from the CCleaner (builds) page again, but was still unable to complete the download - However, the download from the MajorGeeks site as per Jamin4u's post was a successful trouble-free download. Thanks Jamin!
  10. Well, I've tried it on Firefox, Opera and finally IE7 and none of them worked I'm afraid. I also tried the Zip portable version and got as far as 86% completed before the server was disconnected again. Tried it on my IDM download manager but then found that it (the website) had no 'Resume' facility for interrupted downloads, so that was a no-go as well! I'm in the UK by the way.
  11. I'm having the same problem exactly (on 2 different computers but same dialup connection) which would indicate it's a problem with the website I reckon!
  12. You mean the first CMDmnt? I'm also keen on the pocket money / beer connection (of course) but I don't mind loosening my grip on the brass now and then for a decent bit of (useful) kit. And of course the dollar's at such a favourable exchange rate at the moment!
  13. You can still get the good old free JV16 PowerTools reg & file cleaner at OldVersion.com if anyone's interested. I favour the 1.3 version myself. (At least it used to be free. I'm not going to download it again just to check.)
  14. Well YOU, obviously, are a far superior being who knows about these things and will one day sit at the right hand of the geek God. I was thinking more of those ordinary mortal types who may not even be sure what CMD means. Perhaps something to do with the ten CMDmnts? God only knows... - and you too of course.
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