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  1. I noticed, after this AM's Win 10 update that CC was acting differently: 1. The 'Run Cleaner' button, (lower right), was grayed out for almost 15+ seconds, (has been doing that but for a much shorter time). 2. That it took an extended amount of time to clean, (very slow comparatively).
  2. Thank you, your assurance is very much appreciated. I would be interested in understanding what you are really up against with win 10?
  3. I am experiencing the same problem even without ME running in the TskMgr and now CC reports that it needs to close ME even though it is not running in the TskMgr?
  4. ME is not running in the background and CC still skips ME?
  5. CC skipped ME without ME running in the background Please clarify your steps to "keep ME from running in the background"?
  6. G-day mta, I agree, however, it would be helpful if Piri would let us know of some progress. And thanks, I already have 4 Browsers that seem to work well.
  7. As of today 8/13/15, the latest version of Ccleaner still won't clean M Edge, (skipped)? Anything new in development? Thanks
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