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  1. I am going through a cleanup and I had chosen to delete the Windows.old files. I heard that they would be deleted in 30 days anyway through other literature that I had read. But I bit the bullet because everything looked okay with Windows 10 and decided to include the Windows.old files within CC Cleaners routine. It has been 2 days and it is still at 42%. It is moving still... but still moving albeit verrrrry slow...lol. I realize that 32 passes takes longer... how much longer should I expect to wait for this thing to get done. Because I should probably restart my computer at
  2. Got this message when trying to delete some duplicate files using the Duplicate Finder feature. (I did "tick" the duplicate files I wanted to delete, as it would not allow me to check all of them) "The operation has been completed. Some of the selected files were not deleted." As you can guess not all the files were deleted. Here is the .txt file that I saved that gives a snapshot of the Duplicate Finder Log (if you want to call it that persay...lol) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Is the duplicate file finder that you use CC Cleaner? Methinks it is not.... because when I use (I am a noob user of CC Cleaner Pro as of yesterday) CC Cleaner it does not "tick" anything for me. Can CC cleaner do what your suggesting? -fryer
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