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  1. "A better 'conspiracy' against users is why Piriform, and the majority of other cleaning software, offers multiple overwrites, the efficacy of which has been debunked for aome twenty years or more." It's not a conspiracy against users. It's a concession to the large number of government and corporate customers who still believe that you need 35 overwrites.
  2. "Posted May 15, 2017 : ...apparently there is a fix, or work-around, in the pipeline that is planned for the next release (if memory serves correctly)." And yet, 2.25 years later the problem still exists with Windows 10 Pro version 1903! CCleaner still misidentified all USB drives as SSD!
  3. To be more specific: After cleaning (with ccleaner) the URLs that would be displayed by clicking the "show history" down arrow to the right of the address bar ARE cleaned. But, if you type anything in the address bar, you will see a drop-down menu of "autocomplete" items that SHOULD have been cleaned, but were not. Try typing an "a" or "b" or any single letter, and you will be presented with a list of items, which are neither bookmarks, nor open tabs, that contain that letter. If you type a combination of letters, you will be presented with a list of items, which are neither bookmarks, nor open tabs, that contain that combination of letters. This information can be deleted by hovering over the menu entry, and pressing DELETE, but it is NOT cleaned by FF "Delete History" or by "CCleaner", despite CCleaner's CLAIM to clean "autocomplete forms data". This is obviously a bug. So don't tell me what CCleaner is supposed to do, or that it works fine.
  4. Then why did you address a completely different issue? I already KNOW what CCleaner CLAIMS to clean, and I also know what it doesn't clean.
  5. If you "have tested it on your PC", you would see that the flaw I have reported is factual, whether CCleaner works very well (otherwise) or not. The CCleaner webpage CLAIMS it cleans (removes) the autocomplete forms history, but it does NOT. The address bar "suggestions" are History (not "chronic"), Bookmarks, and Open Tabs. After I've cleared history (with firefox or ccleaner), hundreds, perhaps thousands, of "suggestions" that are NOT bookmarks, nor open tabs, remain. I can delete these individually, with the "DELETE" key, so they can be deleted, but ccleaner is not doing so. They must be stored somewhere, and that somewhere SHOULD be cleaned, but it is not!!! Furthermore, and once again, unchecking the three options (history, bookmarks, and open tabs) may remove the annoyance of unwanted "auto complete", but it doesn't solve the privacy issue, of deleting websites that I may (or may not) have visited in the past.
  6. Danke aber erscheint keine der untergehenden Optionen, die Sie erwähnen, in der englischen Version von Firefox. Außerdem ist die Frage, warum CCleaner diese Artikel nicht entfernt, wenn die 'Dokumentation' sagt, dass es sollte. Mit anderen Worten, melde ich einen 'Programmfehler', nicht, um eine manuelle Lösung bittend.
  7. Yes, and how does that answer the question of why CCleaner doesn't remove them?
  8. 1) There are no such settings in the current (or any recent) version of Firefox 2) Even if there were, it would only mean that the "search suggestions" wouldn't appear; not that they would be removed from history 3) The question is why CCleaner doesn't remove them
  9. CCleaner 5.23 (and all previous releases) does NOT clean Firefox "auto-complete" history. I have all IE options checked, including "auto-complete form history", except "Saved Passwords". I have all Firefox options checked, except Site preferences, Saved passwords, and Compact Databases. Yet, following a cleaning operation, the auto-complete information (triggered when typing in a URL) is still there!!
  10. The same problem occurs with CCleaner Free 5.08.5308 with WD Elements and Seagate Backup Plus 500GB, 1TB and 2TB USB 3.0 drives under Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions). However, it does NOT occur with these drives under Windows XP or Windows 7. Therefore, it would appear that the false SSD detection has something to do with the drive data provided by Windows 10. The problem has not been solved with CCleaner Free 5.09.5343.
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