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  1. There is a reason MS is locking those databases. It has to do with data collecting. I rolled back to Windows 7. In my opinion it works better than W10. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Same problem here. I have a HUGE Disk.. LOL! It's not the disk space but my privacy concerns. Windows 10 does but one thing good - harvests your data for Microsoft. As far as Pirifirm's lack of response.. Welcome to Corporate Amarica. We dont give a hoot about what you think. All that matters is that bottom line every quarter!
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    Windows 10 is a data miner for Microsoft. It's sending every email or web page you access to Microsoft. I'm about ready to go back to W7.
  4. I am a pro-edition owner and are experiencing the same W10 Professional Edge Database warning. After checking do not show me this warning again, now rather than prompt me to close the database it is skipped. I can't find the toggle to enable the warning again. Personally Microsoft Edge sucks as bad or maybe even worse as IE, of course that's not Piriforms problem but hopefully engineers can figure a way to bring it to a halt when cleaning. I'm not that impressed with W10. It's nothing but a data miner for Microsoft. No wonder they are giving it away for free! Regards, Ed
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