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  1. It may well be that Cortana may stop hogging the CPU after a while of use , but that's not the point. I don't and never did want Cortana, I used a valid registry setting to turn it off, MS have no right to try and force me to use it again. I especially don't want it doing this - I've no doubt that when I look I'll find that my microphone and webcam have been turned on again.
  2. I just installed KB4512941, (despite already reading this) - not happy. I had Cortana disabled/suspended on my laptop (registry hack). That update has re-enabled Cortana, and yes it was then immediatly taking 65% plus of my CPU. The changed registry entry is still as it was to disable Cortana - so MS have implemented something else. It's immediately apparent if you open the Start menu and start typing, instead of the previous behaviour it now opens a Cortana search window. Kill Cortana in task manager, start typing in the start menu and Cortana is back. Very sneaky by MS. (And no I don't use any of those 'shut up' apps mentioned before). Time to read some of the above links. EDIT - And the D*** thing keeps turning itself on again, hogging the CPU and slowing everything else down.
  3. Are you using Easy Clean or Custom Clean? Easy Clean should leave your username/passwords alone. Custom Clean will remove them if it's set to do so; to stop it removing them do the following - For each browser where you want the details saving uncheck "Saved Passwords", and you may also need to uncheck "Saved Form Information". That's because some websites save your login information as a form rather than just a name/password. This shows them unticked for the Firefox browser: Also bear in mind that some websites, especially those dealing with money, paying bill, etc. may not allow the password to be auto-entered by your browser. As a security measure on those sites you have to type your details in each time.
  4. Whilst I'm not familiar with the Mac version, CCleaner clears up junk - logfiles, temporary files, etc. it does not touch any files saved by the user. Many just go straight with the CCleaner default settings, which will clear the junk that most users want to get rid of. However it's always the case that what some may regard as junk to be deleted, others may want CCleaner to leave alone. In the end only you can decide what you want/need and what you can regularly clean up. I suggest that if you realy want to be careful then make a backup of everything to an external disc, untick everything in CC to start with, and then tick them in one at once, analyze, and see what is found under each category.
  5. Plese don't post the same question in more than one place. I've answered your question in your other post.
  6. Sounds as if you have changed the default to Custom Clean. Go to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen' back to Easy Clean.
  7. That sound as if the Windows Error Reporting (werfault) is messed up, possiby as a result of the previous failed Windows upgrade. Try using the 'Advanced Startup' options to get Windows 10 into 'Safe Mode' and uninstalling from there. You can read more about the Windows 10 Advanced Startup and recovery mode options here: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2294-boot-advanced-startup-options-windows-10-a.html I usually use Option 6 described there - the 'Hard Reboot' option using the power button. Use the power button to turn on, then turn off again before it gets to the login screen, doing that 3 times should boot into Advanced Startup. (But you should read the other options as well, it's always useful to know about the other Advanced Startup options).
  8. I do see a potential use for it - but it would be better named 'Hide'. (or 'Hide from List').
  9. I was assuming the OP was wanting to transfer settings Mac-to-Mac, 'users/shared/' is a Mac directory. There seems to be currently no way to do even that with the Mac version.
  10. I had just realised that might be the error, and was just editing the previous post to note it when hazelnut's popped up.
  11. It may simply be that the USB is faulty, if it's a new one then take/send it back for a replacement. But TBH if you are upgrading from Win7 or 8.1 then I'd just use the Update Assistant, it's never failed me. If you like to have installation media, in case of emergencies, then once you have Win10 installed you can create a recovery USB directly from Win10, but it's not really necessary these days. As long as you have an internet connection you can repair or even completely reinstall Win 10 at anytime. With Win 10 you don't even need your licence key, it's stored as a 'digital entitlement' on the Microsoft servers.
  12. I suspect that it will contain machine specific information, OS version, CPU type, and so on that is displayed in the CC GUI rather than any settings.
  13. As far as I know/can find there is no counterpart of the Windows .ini file for CCleaner on a MAC. I'm not sure just what would be in that .dat file you have found; can you open it in a basic text editor and see if it makes any sense? (If you are lucky it may be in plain language rather than code). You can find the CC Mac documentation here, but I can't see anything in there about saving settings. https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner-for-mac/using-ccleaner-for-mac
  14. For each browser where you want the details saving uncheck "Saved Passwords" and you may also need to uncheck "Saved Form Information". That's because some websites save your login information as a form rather than just a name/password. Also bear in mind that some websites, especially those dealing with money, paying bill, etc. may not allow the password to be auto-entered by your browser. As a security measure you have to type it in each time.
  15. Looks like the developers have been busy over at Malwarebytes. The browser protection extensions that have been in Beta have now been renamed to "Malwarebytes Browser Guard", given a new user interface (yes the controversial robot does appear), and fully released to the public. If you are already using the beta version it should update automatically to the fully released version. The fully released extension remains entirely FREE. Two versions are available - Chrome, (also covers Edge Beta, and Vivaldi), and Firefox. The Browser Guard extensions can be found here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ The User Guide can be found here: https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-3446 The discussion forum(s), for feedback or questions, can be found here: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/252-malwarebytes-browser-guard/
  16. I'm not sure that I understand your question. If "nothing is in drive" then that could only be a newly formatted (unused) drive and there would be nothing to defragment or optimize. If the drive has any fragmented files on it (including the Operating System files) then defragmenting will join each fagmented file into a 'one-piece' file, and move them into a 'better' position on the drive so that they will load faster. Nothing is deleted, the files are just moved about.
  17. I think the point is that Easy Clean is meant for people who have no technical knowledge whatsoever. So it does not support custom settings and winapp2 is a user based set of custom settings. TBH I'm not sure why anyone using winapp2 would even think of using Easy Clean - the two things are so far apart.
  18. Although the CC browser is now widely available it is still officially a "preview" (read Beta if you are more techie). So some things are not going to work as expected. As to your specific questions I don't think anyone but the browser developers and the CC developers could answer that at the moment. (And they are probably different teams). While they may not reply here they will have noted your input.
  19. The robot has been a bone of contention with some since they started using it on the advertising/download webpage a while back. Along with their use of wording like 'Awesome' and other teenage type wording. You should see the Android version, when you launch it it looks more like a game than a serious security application. I guess it's just the new generation of young programmers coming through.
  20. You have to select the files yourself. This is deliberate. Some system and other program files need to have duplicates for things to work properly. So unless you are very tech savvy you should leave those alone and only look at your own files - documents, photos, videos, and the like. While CCleaner can find duplicates for you only you can decide which to keep or not. You wouldn't like it if a programme deleted the wrong thing.
  21. I also only use it as a scanner not real time, but that's by choice so that I can see what other unregistered users are seeing. (To answer their questions better). I have a valid MB licence key, given to me when I was invited to join a 'steering group' on the forum, but have never registered it. However I do have the Malwarebytes for Firefox extension protecting my browser real time and the stand-alone Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (beta) running real time, as well as Windows Defender of course. The browser add-on (there's one for Chrome as well) is particularly good at spotting/blocking dodgy websites and links. It also works as an adblock and clickbait blocker.
  22. So are you are downloading the file onto a USB sucessfully? Your USB needs to be big enough; MS says at least 8GB but I'd use a bigger one. I'm not quite sure about that '"can not be used on target USB"? Once you have the MCT on a USB then you should then be plugging the USB into a turned off computer and then booting the computer to install Windows 10 on that computers drive. The computers drive will be the 'target'. Is there a particular reason why you are using the MCT? If you are only updating one machine then it's easier to connect the machine to be updated to the internet and use the Update Assistant (top of the same webpage) rather than downloading the MCT.
  23. It's been a semi-secret but it's official now so we can share it - Malwarebytes has a new Beta version MB4. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/249586-malwarebytes-4-beta/ It has a new user interface which you can see in this post: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/250841-mb-401-new-interface/?tab=comments#comment-1330702 It is a beta version so read the 'Known issues' if you are thinking of trying it. I've had it for about a month and have had no problems at all with it, although others have reported some issues, especially False Positives found during scans. There is a dedicated thread on the Malwarebytes beta forum for reporting FP's and other issues, see the first link above.
  24. Try this, it says 7 & Vista but its been updated for 10 : https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/13631/customize-your-icons-in-windows-7-and-vista/
  25. I assume we are talking about desktop shortcuts? I'm on my phone at the moment but from memory you would change a shortcut icon by right clicking it and going into the properties. There is a button in there to "Change Icon" or similar wording. Are you saying that all newly created shortcuts are being given a CC style icon? If so then that's something that's something that the browser developers should be made aware if to get that behaviour stopped. I'd have to look up how you can stop it yourself once I'm back on a Windows computer.
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