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  1. I can't say for definite without checking the others. But 'depricated cookie' will always be recreated if/when you delete it. If you open it in notepad you will see that it's just a notice that cookies are no longer saved there.
  2. No guess, experience. When Windows 10 came out Edge was introduced and the way IE stored cookies and other temporary files changed, and is still changing monthly. I also use Firefox almost exclusively. And from experience (not a guess - CCleaner used to take ages looking at IE for me as well) know that what I have said above works. Of course if you are still using IE then you will see the delays if you want to clean it. PS. Firefox 69 is now storing a lot of stuff cached to your drive in a 'new' location, things change.
  3. As above then, plus untick everything for Edge as well. No use looking to clean things that you never use anyway. Edit - you may want to leave the first one in IE ticked (Internet history); other things than IE sometimes put stuff there, Skype for instance among others.
  4. Are you using IE? If not then simply use Custom Clean and untick all entries for IE so that CC won't try to scan for it.
  5. Of course if you download/install one of the older versions from Filehippo then you have to be sure to turn off Automatic Updating (or install it offline and turn off the AU before going back online); otherwise it will do as it says and Automatically Update to the latest version.
  6. Apparently there was a glitch for a short time this morning that caused some users to see these false expiry messages. We are told that "This has now been resolved so all licences should now be showing the correct status." Which wizlon's post confirms.
  7. The notification that you saw this morning was a glitch in the Licencing application, some users got an incorrect renewal notice. We are assured that it has now been fixed.
  8. This sounds like something has gone very wrong with the renewal notification software and it will take a member of staff to look at it. Ping for @Dave CCleaner
  9. Take a look here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53177-how-to-disable-pre-launching-and-pre-loading-so-ccleaner-can-fully-clean-edge/?tab=comments#comment-302353
  10. You should be able to stop it by turning off your 'follow' for the Announcements sub-forum: Go to the Announcements forum and click on the 'Follow' box. Then either - 'Do not send me any notifications' - or 'change how the notification' is sent and turn off the email option.
  11. O&O Shutup was identified early on as one of the things that would cause the issue. PatrickLee, I think you will find what you mention there is different in Windows 10 Home and Professional (or Enterprise) versions. The Home version does not let you pick and choose, the Pro version does.
  12. It may be due to our respective locations? It will be interesting to see if there is any fallout from Patch Tuesday in the next couple of days.
  13. Thanks for the update. I assume that was the first time CC had been run on that Win 7 machine so found a lot of crap to clean that had accumulated over the years. It might be a good idea to now run a defragmenter such as Defraggler (oops is that advertising?).
  14. That's showing a lot of data for supposedly only 14 files? I'd also suspect a corrupt bin but you say you've looked at that. Try running the Windows Disk Cleanup and see if that corrects it. It may take a while to complete.
  15. It seems that MS have changed it, and now its showing a strange new bug with all screenshots becoming Orange for some users: https://mspoweruser.com/cumulative-update-kb4512941-delivers-bizarre-new-orange-screenshots-bug/
  16. It's not in that seperate 'optional' section any more. It is now included as a standard cumulative update and will download and install if/when you 'Check For Updates'. It's also expected to be an Automatic Update for patch Tuesday, which is tomorrow. Let's hope they've fixed/changed it by then. It isn't downloading here simply because I have set my connection to metered. And yes as Andavari noted you can see that's also blocking a Defender definition update.
  17. Look at your browser Options. There should be a section in there called something like 'Saved Logins' where you can see what usernames/passwords the browser is saving for each website. You should be able to edit or remove individual enties from there. You usually highlight and right click an individual entry to edit it, or highlight and click the 'Remove/delete' button to delete it altogether. Here's what it looks like in Firefox Options>Privacy & Security - clicking on 'Saved Logins' will give another screen showing all your saved usernames/passwords. But of course I'm not going to show you that screen from my computer as it has all my logins visible.
  18. It's a question that has been asked a few times recently, and I'm sure that the developers are looking at it. But, as far as I understand, when you close Brave it's privacy protection already clears everything that CCleaner would clear, so there would be nothing for CC to clean anyway.
  19. AFAIK the default CCleaner should leave the Windows sound mixer alone. Are you using winapp2 ? (or any other CCleaner extension?) Winapp2 has settings that could cause the volume level to be reset to 100% This is from 2012 and is about Win7 not Win 10 but shows what I mean: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/32310-winapp2ini-additions/page/63/?tab=comments#comment-213978
  20. There are two different solutions depending on whether it is file icons or shortcut icons that have changed. For file icons use this solution: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54518-a-warning-about-the-latest-update-and-fix-for-pdf-files-hijacked-and/?tab=comments#comment-308428 For shortcut Icons see the suggestions here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54671-shortcut-icon-image/?tab=comments#comment-308960
  21. I don't know about that Piriform one, but like I said a lot of things use IE temporary locations for their ephemeral files. It's just a convenience, why create your own new AppData temp folders when MS already provides one? And of course anything you put in there will be cleaned when you clear IE temp files, no need to go looking for other temp locations. As for the news stuff then it could be 'preloading' of webages/content (you should be able to turn that off in your browser). Alternatively If your browser has a default Front Page then delete the links from that and then those should not preload. Another way they may be getting there is if you have any Live Tiles on your start menu. Those will use IE/Edge to fetch the live content.
  22. When that happens you can just click the "No Thanks" button; that will then take you to another screen where you can download the Free version. Having said that, a lot of regular users don't update like that and always go to the builds page that Hazelnut gave you the link for
  23. That's unusual, but I do have an idea about what might be causing it. What are you using to control the volumes setting? If it's a third party application (maybe one that came with the computer) rather than Windows own controls, then it is possible that it is saving the setting in a file somewhere that CC is removing. Try clicking on the speaker icon in the system tray (bottom left of your screen) and setting the volume there instead. Many computer manufactures 'bundle' this kind of software onto the computer before you buy it, if you can tell us what make your computer is we may be able to say more. Or have a read of this: https://www.shouldiremoveit.com/oems-bloatware.aspx (When I got this laptop there was a load of Asus 'bundleware' on it that overrode the normal Windows controls for volume, brightness, etc.). If you want to remove all that stuff then ADWcleaner from Malwarebytes will now remove it - use with care you may not want to remove it all, some people do find some of it useful. If you are using something other than the Windows controls and want to keep using it then we may have to do some more digging to solve the issue. Just to make sure - this is happening with normal cleaning? You are not running the registry cleaner are you?
  24. It helps if you say exactly what error you are experiencing. The most common is that CCleaner is already running in the background. (Smart Cleaning maybe). Go into task manager and "end task" for any instances of CC that are running, then try installing the new version.
  25. Ohter things such as Skype, and the start menu 'live tiles' use IE temporary storage, Edge will also use some of the same storage as IE. And as TwistedMetal says some files get automatically generated. eg. Windows always recreates a 'Depricated cookie' for IE if you delete it. (It simply contains a note saying that cookies are no longer stored at that location). So that IE 'tracking file' will always be found anytime you run CCleaner. These are not what you or I would call 'tracking files', they are simply cookies. See the link in my signature below this post.
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