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  1. They are still refining (playing with) the GUI, and are listening to user feedback. They are aware that some non-standard resolutions can cause issues at the moment. Some would say that they should have finalised the GUI before RTM, but as the detection/protection is working well they decided to put it out and keep refining/improving the GUI based on user feedback. Many programmes make minor changes the GUI over time - look how often CCleaners has changed recently. There is now an offline installer available for MB4, (obviously it's a larger download, 150,608 KB as opposed to the standard installer at 1,840 KB): https://malwarebytes.app.box.com/s/cymqa8o7sxj9zrj22n643ujt8rqoozkm
  2. If you look at the numbers there it has your monitor width and height correct to your NVIDIA settings, 5120 x 2880. Then looking at the reported current resolution in relationship to that: 5120 / 1707 = 3; and 2880 / 960 = 3 (The Work Resolution is smaller in the second figure, at 920, because 'Current Resolution' includes the taskbar (40 pixels) while 'Work Resolution' doesn't). So your Current/Work resolutions are a factor of 3 smaller than your monitor settings. 1770 x 960 is a pretty standard resolution for Desktop Wallpapers, if you have an image of that size for your desktop wallpaper then Windows will/should set the Desktop to that resolution. Which is what Speccy is reporting, your current desktop resolution. If you launch something that uses a higher resolution, eg, a graphics programme or a Hi-res Game, then that should then use the higher settings (or whatever you have set for that programme).
  3. Malwarebytes 4.0 is now officially Released to Market (v4.0.4) and is no longer a Beta product: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/253227-announcing-malwarebytes-40-for-windows/ Please note post #6 there regarding MB4 currently registering itself with the Windows Security Centre by default if/when first installed from scratch. This is a change from the previous default install behaviour and will turn off Windows Defender, or your other previously installed AV, in favour of Malwarebytes 4. You can change this back in the settings in order to run Defender, or another AV, alongside MB4 for extra layered protection. If you are upgrading from Malwarebytes v3.x (or 4.x beta) then your current Security Centre settings will be honoured and retained. If you are running MB4 in Free mode, (for scans only - no real time protection), then it will not register with the Security Centre. (PS. Following user feedback from the beta test versions the contentious 'Robot' has been banished from the GUI in this RTM version).
  4. There is no difference between the Slim and full (standard) versions of the CCleaner programme itself. The difference is in the installers, the Standard installer will offer you a 'Bundled' software such as Chrome, the Slim installer won't offer anything. Are you seeing this delay with the installer, or with CCleaner itself? (The wording you use - 'Welcome page' and 'Start' - would seem to indicate the installer). If you are seeing any error messege then it would be useful to know just what it says. If it's the installer then I would suspect that Piriform may be having a server problem, (the servers need updating which is supposedly in hand), and it may work OK if you try again later. If it's CCleaner itself then there are a few things that could cause a delay at launch; although not usually a crash. Winapp2.ini can be slow to load if you are using it and haven't trimmed out the entries not needed on your PC. Your firewall settings may be preventing CCleaner from connecting, we have seen this cause launch delays with the Software Updater in the past, (it can also cause issues if you have the new Health Check feature rather than Easy Clean). Then of course there is a possiblilty that something went wrong when you downloaded the installer and it got corrupted somehow. (And gain check your firewall settings?) Try downloading/running the slim installer again?
  5. These 'trackers' are actually cookies, not any kind of malware. (Easy Clean/Health Check call all cookies 'trackers'). One (or more) Internet Explorer Cookies are always there whether you use IE or not, Windows puts them there by default. If you remove them Windows will recreate them. eg. There is one called 'Depricated cookie' for IE which is always recreated if you delete it. (It simply contains a note saying that cookies should no longer be stored at that location). If you don't want to see them everytime when cleaning then you can make them an exception so that CCleaner will ignore them. (Do a scan in Custom Clean, view the files, right click on the offending cookie, and 'Add to Exclide list'). For more information about both those points see the link in my signature below this post. Also be aware that other programmes than IE itself will sometimes/often use IE's temporary storage location, and so anything they put in there will show up as being from IE. It's just a convient place to store temporary files. Skype is one application that does this, as does Edge in some circumstances, and there are others.
  6. For anyone reading this I've answered in another thread where greta posted. It may be a BitDefender clash- but I think it's more likey because she used the registry cleaner. I say how to restore the registry backup in that other thread.
  7. I was actually thinking of MonkeyTech's posts here, which reported the same atcuf32.dll error as above. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/55892-upgrading-issue/?tab=comments#comment-311871 However if you also have BitDefender then yours could well be the same issue and downloading/installing the Slim version should also work for you.
  8. Someone else reported the same error on Wednesday. That was caused by BitDefender blocking the 'Standard' installation. ( That 'Fault mode name' atcuf32.dll is a BitDefender file/filter). It appears that BitDefender does not like v5.63 for some reason. That member used the 'Slim' installer to sucessfully install CCleaner v5.63.
  9. Ah; you had used the registry cleaner. - You should avoid using the registry cleaner, especially with Windows 10. This is what Microsoft have to say about using registry cleaners. (They say not to do it, but if you do then it's at your own risk) : https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities From what you say then you did make a backup when CCleaner registry cleaner asked you? The backup should be in your 'Documents' folder, they are saved there by default. It will have a name something like 'cc_20191102_020835.reg' where the numbers are the date and time it was created. It isn't a full registry backup, only the items that CCleaner removed/changed. To restore a registry backup you simply right-click on it and select 'Merge' from the pop up menu; that merges the backup into the main registry.
  10. That looks like a memory error on your particular computer, they can be hard to track down but sometimes it's just a simple case of having too much running at once. So try the easy stuff first. The most usual cause of such errors is that something else is using all your RAM and so leaving no memory for anything else to launch. Browsers with a lot of tabs open? Lots of documents or a very large document open in a word processor? Game paused in the background? You get the idea - something using a lot of memory. But firstly I would make sure that your Windows Updates are current, there have been some recent fixes for .netframework that included memory fixes. (Settings>Update and Security>Check for Updates). If the error happens again then right click on your taskbar and launch the Task Manager. If it looks like this: Then Click on 'More details' to get it looking like this, and then click at the top of the 'Memory' column to get them sorted in size order. This one shows that Chrome is using over 2 GB of memory in 40 processes (lots of tabs open) so maybe it should be closed (or at least some of the Chrome tabs should be).
  11. Check that in Settings>Apps & features you have 'Choose where to get apps' set to 'Anywhere'. There was a glitch in one of the recent Windows 10 updates that, for some people not all, had set this to 'The Microsoft Store only' - which meant they couldn't download/install anything that didn't come from the MS store. Setting it back to 'Anywhere cures that problem (If it is what is affecting you).
  12. Recuva will not 'decrypt' files following a ransomware attack, it is not meant to do that and cannot do that. Recuva is used to recover files that you have deleted (by mistake). Your files have not been deleted or corrupted, they have been encrypted by the ransomware. Forum rules mean that we cannot directly help with malware removal here, but can point you to where you can get help. I suggest that you go to : https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/7-windows-malware-removal-help-support/ and read the topic "I'm infected - What do I do now?": https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Follow the instructions there to get one-to-one help cleaning up your computer. Other malware removal help websites are available and can be found in part 10 of our forum rules. https://forum.piriform.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/ Any one of those sites will help you clear all remnants of any malware/virus from your machine. They should also be able to advise if there is any chance of decrypting the files. However following a ransomware attack unless you have a backup of the files then they are probably lost to you.
  13. You may want to check your firewall settings to make sure that it is not your computer that is blocking the connection. We have been told by Admin in another thread that you should specifically check that the 'healthcheck.ccleaner.com' web service is allowed through your firewall.
  14. If you have bought the 'Professional Bundle' then it can be installed on 3 PCs. Simply download CCleaner and install it on the other computers(s) which will give the Free version. You can download from here: https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Then go to Options>About and click on 'Upgrade to Pro'. In the box that comes up enter your licence key and click on 'Register'.
  15. Good to hear that you got it installed. That would indicate that your Bitdefender did not like the 'bundled' offer in the Standard installer, so removed the entire install. The Slim installer doesn't have those bundled offers. (Which is why it's 'slim').
  16. I think you are using the new Health Check feature. The last 2 sections need to connect to the Piriform server to work properly. That message means that it cannot connect to the Piriform server for some reason and not that your internet is not working. Yes it is a confusing message and they have promised to change it.
  17. Sorry I don't know why CCleaner can pick them up but Windows can't. (Can CC actually uninstall things for you though?) AFAIK CC just picks up the list of applications directly from Windows itself and uses Windows own routines to uninstall. But I'm not a CCleaner developer. Win7 is only going to get more 'buggy' now that is out of official support.
  18. Without having Outlook here my next best suggestion would be to run an Analyze and look at the file list to see if you can spot what is getting cleared from Outlook. If you go into Options>Advanced you can set the 'Cleaning results level of detail' to 'File list'. (Or alternatively right click on any section in the normal Advanced Report and 'View all files' for that section). If/when after the analyze you spot an entry for Outlook then you can right click on it and 'Add to exclude list'. If there is more than one then you might want to try them one at a time to see which is the offending entry. If you exclude one but later want it back the Options>Exclude will let you remove it from the exclusions.
  19. The installation error is probably because CCleaner is already running in the background, usually because you have Smart Cleaning turned on. Open Task manager and End Task for all instances of CCleaner that are running, then try the install again. See here for more information: AFAIK as of last Monday the scripting error has been replicated by the devs and is still being worked on as stated in the last post of your link above.
  20. Isn't that 2003? (Three months early). AFAIK 1909 (19H2) is still due for RTM on November's Patch Tuesday.
  21. Cleaning of outlook searches was 'improved' with v5.62 of CCleaner. I assume that if you do have Outlook installed then there will be a tickbox for it, somewhere in the Custom Clean options, that you will have to untick if you don't want searches to be cleaned. Unfortunately I don't have Outlook myself so can't tell you if it is on the Windows or the Applications tab, but I'm guessing it will be on the Applications tab under Applications (along with the entries for Office, etc.). Hopefully someone with Outlook will be along to confirm where it can be found. Just to add that you have to use the Custom Clean for CCleaner to respect your ticked/unticked items - Easy Clean/Health Check does it's own thing and does not respect those choices.
  22. 1 pass overwrite is sufficent. Have a read of this : https://www.howtogeek.com/115573/htg-explains-why-you-only-have-to-wipe-a-disk-once-to-erase-it/
  23. Answered in your other thread. PS. There is no need to post twice, just once is enough to have you question seen.
  24. Isn't it just a case of clicking on 'Programs' in Win 7 ? (Don't have Win 7 to hand). Icons can occasionally go missing from the CP. As a workround in this case you can press 'Windows Key'+'r' to open the 'run' window and type in appwiz.cpl That should open the Windows uninstaller for you. You could make appwiz.cpl a desktop shortcut, I'm not sure where it is located on Win7 (it's usually in the system 32 folder) but a search in file explorer should find it.
  25. Did you already pay for and recieve an activation key? Unfortunately a PC key won't work with a MAC version, or vice-versa. So you can't just download the other version and put your key in. Fortunately if you contact Piriform support they should be able to transfer your a current valid MAC key to a PC one. You can contact support using the form at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or just by emailing support@ccleaner.com
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