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  1. Great- like I say we can often see a lot from screenshots. Firstly your ESET seems not to be the latest version, their website says the latest is v14.2.19.0 (released on 28th June 2021) https://help.eset.com/latestVersions/?lang=en You might want to check that out and download the latest version from the ESET website. Your Health Check appears to be stopping as it gets to the 'Security' section, which is the software updater. I'm assuming that it has found some software that has an updated version, but is having problems actually getting that update. (Which could be the AV/firewall blocking it, or a problem with the updates own website). What you can try: Option 1: Run Health Check and before clicking on 'Make it better' click on the 'Security' button at the bottom right to see more about what it has found to update. (If you could let us know what it is, maybe screenshot it, then we can tell the staff/developers that there may be a problem with it). Untick the blue box so that Health Check doesn't try to update it, then go back to Overview and click 'Make it better'. Health Check should then complete without trying to update that particular software. Note that you will have to do this everytime that you run Health Check until the problem with that particular software update is resolved. Option 2: Don't run Health Check, run Custom Clean instead. Custom Clean just clears junk and doesn't look for software to update. (There is a seperate 'Software Updater' for that in Tools). You can set Custom Clean to be the default that CCleaner uses by setting Options>Settings>CCleaner Home Screen to 'Custom Clean'. Please let us know how you get on.
  2. Hi Piu, Make a copy of your registered name and licence key. You can find them in Options>About>License Information. Be careful when copying the key, do not mistake numbers for letters. Uninstall CCleaner Pro from the laptop. (You can put CCleaner Free back on there). Open CCleaner free on the Desktop and go to Options>About>Upgrade to Pro Enter your registered username and Licence key when asked. Click on 'Register'. Traduit avec google, désolé pour les erreurs. Faites une copie de votre nom enregistré et de votre clé de licence. Vous pouvez les trouver dans Options>À propos>Informations sur la licence. Soyez prudent lorsque vous copiez la clé, ne confondez pas les chiffres avec des lettres. Désinstallez CCleaner Pro de l'ordinateur portable. (Vous pouvez y remettre CCleaner Free). Ouvrez CCleaner gratuitement sur le bureau et accédez à Options> À propos> Mettre à niveau vers Pro Entrez votre nom d'utilisateur enregistré et votre clé de licence lorsque cela vous est demandé. Cliquez sur 'S'inscrire'.
  3. Lots of things use IE's storage locations as a convinent place to put junkfiles, even if IE is no longer on your system. CCleaner itself puts a couple of files in there every time you launch CCleaner. Which is why CCleaner always finds something to clean in 'Internet Explorer - Temporary Internet Files' - it's put them there itself. You can tell they are from CCleaner if you open them and read the contents.
  4. I'm trying to help you; which I why I need to ask the questions to try and work out what may be happening. Everyones computer is different, with different setups and different apps, so what affects one may not affect others. One important question there can help narrow down what may be going wrong for you - Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? And can you give us a screenshot of when CCleaner 'stops at 85%' we can often a lot from a simple screenshot. AV's change their definitions on a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. It is not unusual (with any software) to suddenly see an issue crop up from multiple users who have nothing in common except that they are using the same AV which has just updated itself. And just as a PS. 'The latest version' is often missleading, it's best to give the actual version number. We found this a while back when there was an issue with Trend Micro AV - users of TM were reporting that it was up to date when asked; but there was actually a later version on the TM website that wasn't being offered to them for some reason. When they updated to that later version their problem went away.
  5. Your screenshot seems to show Speccy using just under 9 MB of RAM. That is only 0.05% of your 16 GB. Can you give more details of your problem? Su captura de pantalla parece mostrar a Speccy usando poco menos de 9 MB de RAM. Eso es solo el 0.05% de sus 16 GB. ¿Puede darnos más detalles sobre su problema?
  6. As I said, looking at the numbers on your tickets they were dealing with over a thousand tickets a day during that week. I don't know how many work on support, but if you say an average of 15 mins per ticket one person could get through about 32 tickets in an 8 hour day, if they didn't go for a coffee or a toilet break. So you'd need 32 people to do a thousand a day. They usually seem pretty quick to reply and sort things out, from the user feedback we normally see. But of course we do see a few like yours where something went wrong. I guess glitches happen when you are dealing with that many requests. (PS. I know on another forum I frequent, of another software company, that their user support are currently backlogged and taking 5 to 7 days to even reply to tickets apart from an automated acknowlegment - so CCleaners support seem to be doing well).
  7. I think we are best to leave it for Megan to look into with support, before we make it any more confused..
  8. @iansn It could be using different email addresses that is causing some confusion. I believe that the email address is the primary way of identifying a particular customers request/replies, so two (or more) different email addresses would be seen as different requests from different customers, so would not get connected as being the same ticket. Indeed you give two different ticket numbers above and were thus answered by different people for each ticket. (Incidently from the numbers you can see they they were getting about 1,000 support tickets raised each day of that week). Megan on the staff has said she is looking into this, and will follow up with you. (Apparently support do have a log of your initial contact dated 16th June and say they replied but never heard back from you, that could be because you replied from a different email and the two haven't been connected). We don't have access to things like this on the forum, (mods are basically just users, but trusted to ban spammers and keep the forum tidy), which is why we have to flag such issues up to the staff.
  9. Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean? What antivirus are you using, and have you changed any of your firewall settings? If you are using Health Check then try a run with Custom Clean instead. Alternatively disconnect from the internet temporarily while you run CCleaner. I'm trying to see if it's a connection issue, Health Check needs to connect to a couple of servers so possibly your AV/firewall is blocking it.
  10. You are the second to report this unwanted updating of Dropox, it's obviously a glitch with those version numbers being the same but with a different format. Until it's fixed there are a couple of ways you can stop it happening, see the reply here:
  11. @chokito This is simply a change to how CCleaner v5.83 reports cleaning Firefox (and Thunderbird which is also bt Mozilla). It is still cleaning Firefox cookies, but mozilla have changed where and how they are stored. See this for more details:
  12. CCleaner v5.83 'Custom Clean' is reporting something different than previous versions when cleaning Cookies for Firefox. This is because of the new way that Firefox now handles cookies. A few users have already noticed this change and asked about it. Firefox cookies are still being cleaned by CCleaner v5.83, it's just being reported differently by Custom Clean. Here's an analysis done with CCleaner v5.82, you can see that for Firefox it's finding:- Internet Cache, Cookies, and Session. Here is the same done straight afterwards with CCleaner v5.83 this time it's finding:- Internet Cache, and Session, but now finding 1 file in 'Site Preferences' instead of 9 'Cookies'. (Registry Cleaner and Drive Wiper have also swapped places, but that's not relevent to Firefox). As said above Firefox has been changing the way it handles cookies, and it now stores each one relative to the website that it came from. It does this using what it calls 'Partition Keys'. The 9 cookies found by CCleaner v5.82 are now actually being stored in one file in the Site Preferences, and so CCleaner v5.83 is simply reflecting that change and lists them as that one 'Site Preferences' file where they are now kept. If you look at the file found under 'Site Preferences' for the analysis above it does indeed contain references to 9 Partion Keys which is the new way that Firefox handles cookies. To check it even further I let CCleaner v5.83 delete the Firefox 'Site Preference', and then ran a new analysis with CCleaner v5.82. NO Firefox cookies were found, showing that they had been removed CCleaner v 5.83 deleting the 'Site Preference' file. CCleaner v5.83 is still deleting Firefox cookies - it's just listing that cleaning differently, because Firefox has changed how/where it stores cookies. PS. You may also notice that the partitioned Firefox cookies are no longer listed as 'Cookies on computer' in Options>Cookies, that's because they are now in Firefox's 'Cookie Jars' referenced by that 'Site Preference' file. PPS. If you want to know more about how and why Firefox has changed the way it handles cookies: https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2021/02/23/total-cookie-protection/ ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I have noticed that there is still an occasional cookie found by CCleaner v5.83 in 'Firefox - Cookies'. This appears to be a cookie from Firefox itself, which would explain why it's not tied to a specific website like the others.
  13. I've flagged this for staff attention.
  14. I've flagged this for staff attention.
  15. I'm not sure where we are up to here now, are you saying that CCleaner is now working properly for you? If not then what are you seeing now?
  16. email support@ccleaner.com , preferably from the email you used to buy Pro (or give them that email so they can track down your registration) and ask for their help with upgrading to a bundle. Don't forget to say if you want a 1-year or 2-year bundle.
  17. Occasionally there is a problem with a file CCleaner is trying to analyze/clean and it just baulks at the problem file, either freezing or more often crashing out. You can usually clear the blockage by running Windows built in Disk Clean-up. Use the 'Clean up System Files' option. It will take a while to clean, up to an hour in some cases (especially if you clear old Windows updates), but will usually clear whatever is causing the block and then CCleaner can run properly again (and run much quicker than DisK Clean-up does).
  18. There is very little user control over Health Check, it's designed that way, but there are a few things you can do in it. After analyzing with Health Check you can click on 'Security' and in the screen that opens untick any apps that it has found to update so that it won't update them. You will however have to do this every time that you run Health Check. (If you forget just once it will update them). Alternatively you can use Custom Clean rather than Health Check. Custom Clean will just clean junk etc. and won't try to update your apps. (There is a seperate 'Software Updater' tool for if you want to do check for app updates). You also have much more control of what gets cleaned or not when you use Custom Clean. To set Custom Clean as the screen that CCleaner opens with go to Options>Settings and set 'CCleaner Home Screen' to 'Custom Clean'.
  19. OK, are you now saying that the UI won't open for you at all? (That's often an Antivirus stopping it, but you're using Defender which isn't known for doing it). And you say that it's doing this even with a new install? So then let's do a bit of testing to track down what the problem may be. The answers to these will help tell us what the possible/probable problem is. Let's rule out opening it from the recycle bin first, and open CCleaner in the normal manner. If you have a desktop icon for CCleaner double click on it, if you don't have a desktop icon then open File Explorer and go to C:\Program Files\CCleaner and double click CCleaner64.exe (you may not see the '.exe' part of the name, that depends on your Windows settings). What happens? If you get a spinning circle again then open Task Manager, right click on CCleaner and End Task, then disconnect from the internet and try launching CCleaner again. What happens? If you are still getting a spinning circle then boot your computer into safe mode, and try again. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/start-your-pc-in-safe-mode-in-windows-10-92c27cff-db89-8644-1ce4-b3e5e56fe234 What happens? One more question - Do you have Controlled Folder Access turned on in Security Centre>Ransomware Protection? (That can sometimes stop apps from running properly).
  20. As above open CCleaner (if from the bin then 'Open' and not 'Run') and change the Home Screen to be Custom Clean and not Health Check. If you have not used it for 'a month or so' then CCleaner will be checking for a new version (and there is one, there is usually a monthly update). If your antivirus or firewall is blocking the update that could explain the spinning circle. Can you tell us: Your Windows 10 version, your antivirus and what version it is, and your current CCleaner version.
  21. Let's take those one at a time: 'It's time for your PC's Health check..." is the loading page for, - you've guessed it CCleaners Health Check cleaning routine. Health Check does a clean using it's own rules, (and if you have bought CCleaner Pro also checks for unwanted startup apps and for some software updates). It has very few things that you can change and any changes only apply for that one time. It is meant as a quick way that inexperienced users can do a quick clean. If you want to run Health Check then just click on 'Skip to start Health Check'on that screen and Health Check will run without showing the introduction screens first. If you are running Health Check and you have a browser open then Health Check will tell you it needs to be cosed so that Helath Check can analyze and clean your browser - if you don't want to close the browser then untick the blue box(es) and CCleaner will 'Skip' it for that one time, so wil leave it open and not clean it. It will ask you this everytime that you run Health Check with a browser open. If you don't want to use Health Check at all and want to use Custom Clean instead then set Custom Clean as your default. To do that go to Options>Settings and change the 'CCleaner Home Screen' to 'Custom Clean'. You can set your own rules for Custom Clean, those rules only apply to Custom Clean and not to Health Check. CCleaner's Custom Clean will empty your recycle bin according to the setting you have told it to use. If you want to shred files so that they can't later be recovered by recovery software then set Options>Settings>Secure file Deletion to 'Simple overwrite (1 pass)'. There are options for more than 1 pass, but they are not needed with modern computers and just take longer. Not sure about your spinning circle because I don't know just what you had done before you got it. A spinning circle simply means an app is busy, it could already be running, or trying to connect to the internet, or ...... The general enquiry form isn't showing any error for me: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Was this the form you were trying to use?
  22. It's normal computer behaviour to see things come back straight after you have cleaned them. It gets asked about so often that I put a link to an explanation in my signature, which shows at the bottom of every post I make. But I'm aware that if someone is using a phone/tablet they may not always see the signatures. Here is the link that explains why it happens, and what you can do to stop some (not all) of it: Scroll down to "Files and 'Trackers' that re-appear straight after cleaning"
  23. Flagged up for staff attention. PS. I note that the files found to remove are located in "D:\Software\" not "D:\Programs\" as you said. Not sure if that makes any difference, but it may do depending on just where CCleaner was located.
  24. It isn't a bug, it is intentional by Apple. Big Sur is offically both v10.16 and v11.#, which one you see depends on where and how you look. It's for legacy/compatibility reasons, see this for a fuller explanation: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/60444-need-help-understanding-top-right-corner/?tab=comments#comment-328971
  25. It's not necessarily about writing, CFA may be stopping it from deleting things. (Cleaning junk). If you have Smart Cleaning enabled then that could be why you would see that message when CCleaner isn't open as such. Smart Cleaning has tried to clean something but CFA stopped it? Or possibly if you have check for updates on CCleaner is checking every couple of hours and then trying to make a note of the time it checked but CFA is stopping it making that note? PS. I think by 'Memory' it just means storage memory - it is Controlled Folder Access, and Folders are file storage on your drive.
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