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  1. Just in case we start to get posts about Firefox saved logins and passwords being cleared - It's not CCleaner doing it, it's AVG's password protection being too zealous: (They are still there, just being blocked). https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/avg-password-protection-blocked-firefoxs-access-to-saved-passwords/
  2. If you've not run CCleaner before, or if it's been a while since you cleaned, then it may simply be that there are a lot of them and so it's taking time? We've seen this before and one trick that usually works is to use the built in Windows Disk Cleanup to clear the initial backlog of temporary system files. (Disk Cleanup will also take a long time). After doing that then run CCleaner to get rid of the things that Disk Cleanup doesn't. CCleaner should run normally from then on.
  3. I notice that you have 'Custom files and Folders' unchecked in that CCleaner screenshot. It might be a good idea to check it if you are specifying custom locations to be cleaned.
  4. Are you absolutely, 100% sure? Many things 'Windows' will use IE files or storages spaces, it's simply a convinience for them to use the same files. eg. Skype, OneDrive, and many other applications use IE storage, even Edge uses some of the same files as IE. 'Live' tiles (Weather, news, etc.) on the start menu in Win8 and 10 will often be using IE files/cookies. Fair enough you have Win 7 so won't see those. But if something like one of those is running in the background then CCleaner will see the IE files as being open.
  5. You can do it manually using the disk management tools built into Windows. But it's a bit of work and entails deleting D (or another partition) to create some free space, then expanding C into part of that free space, then re-creating a smaller D. Here's a guide to doing it (from a company that has it's own repartitioning tool): https://www.disk-partition.com/tutorials/allocate-free-space.htm I've never used one of the advertised tools, the few times I've wanted to repartition a drive I've used the built in Windows tools. I have seen decent reviews about the one in the above link
  6. As noted on a previous thread quite a few of these reported 'breakages' are caused by doing something that no everyday user would do. It's almost as if someone was deliberately looking for glitches in odd corners so that they can then shout 'It's all broken'. OK these things probably shouldn't happen, but have you ever seen any software without a glitch or two? Usually they are not as big a problem as some would like you to believe, in fact most people would never even notice them.
  7. Yes, but when you start with variant browsers then where do you stop? The programme database (and so the downloads) would get massive, for things that most people don't even use. Piriforms (sensible) solution is to cover the standard browsers in the main product and allow the community cover any variants by use of .ini files - notably winapp2.
  8. I can see mozilla being interested. But TBH if I was selling it I'd be talking to Malwarebytes. Pretty sure that Norton, Kaspersky, et al, would also be interested, but personally I see MB as a better fit.
  9. I've never seen the brush 'sweeping' on the taskbar icon. In my Win 10 the background 'square' of the taskbar icon slowly fills with green from left to right when CC is actively scanning or cleaning. (And turns yellow if it halts for user input, such as an open browser).
  10. It simply means that you can't host a download of the Slim or Portable installer on another website (eg. Filehippo, and other software distribution sites can only offer the Standard Installer). Only Piriform themselves can host/distribute the Slim and Portable versions. Anyone can download them if you know they are there. (Knowing they are there makes you an 'Advanced User'. ).
  11. That has been known about since before it was released, it's an issue with old Qualcom wifi drivers. It's one of 12 known issues, most of which are not serious. If you have one of those old Qualcom drivers then you will not be offered the Automatic Update to 1903 yet, - of course if you download/installed it yourself then you took the risk. NOTE- Since June 6th if you 'Check for Updates' you will be offered 1903, check that the known issues will not affect you before doing this. I suspect that is why we are now seeing some complaints about it on youtube, they didn't know to check an
  12. Because Microsoft are playing Big Brother again? Try going to the CCleaner 'builds' page and downloading the 'Slim' installer. That doesn't have the bundled offer so Windows should allow it to install. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  13. Just checking back a few couple of CCleaner versions (installed and then removed them) and they are all the same as you have noted with the extra ".0" shown in the Windows properties that is not shown in the GUI , or in the version noted on filehippo. It's never known it be a problem before which would suggest that filehippo are doing/have done something different with their version check this time round? (It might be tied in to the new CCleaner Software Updater, which uses filehippos listings and has been having issues of the same kind with wrong version number format showing for va
  14. That error message is interesting in the way that it says "full administrator rights". Are you using the special "Windows Administrator" account in Win 10? That account has very special privileges and should not be used as a normal Administrator account. Most people don't even know that it is there and will never see it except during the initial Windows installation. Assuming that you do have other accounts set up: Open a command window and type in "net user administrator /active:no" - without the quote marks. Then reboot and use a normal Admin account, or a user accoun
  15. That is a consideration if you have old software. I still have a Win98 PC, simply because I occasionally use a full copy of AutoCAD on it. You can get updated AutoCAD, they bring out a new version each year, but it's a yearly license now rather than buying it outright, and it's pretty expensive for a license. (Free alternatives are available, but they are not AutoCad if you get what I mean).
  16. With Win 7 coming to end of support have you considered upgrading to the latest Windows 10? We've just been discussing it on another thread and have found that you can still upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 for FREE.
  17. I found this article (updated last week) about it: https://www.zdnet.com/article/heres-how-you-can-still-get-a-free-windows-10-upgrade/ It doesn't seem to happen for everyone though. So officially you need to buy a Win 10 digital license, unofficialy it will still update your valid Win 7 (or 8.*) license for free.
  18. It is probably due to a Windows update. (There have been quite a few in the last month or so). I've just updated my Win 10 to 1903 and following the update CCleaner showed hundreds of 'issues' in the registry (including many firewall rules). I left it alone and just looking again now CCleaner is only showing 50 or so 'issues'. Obviously Windows has been cleaning itself up in the meantime. I'd just leave them alone, it won't make any difference to your computers performance, and Windows will probably cleanup what is not needed when it gets around to it. In fact don't run t
  19. It's been suggested many times by many regulars here, as you say it's just too tempting where it is as a big button. At least if it was in the tools section inexperienced users may not be as quick to click it and clear their registry willy-nilly. (We frequently see posts from users who have done just that and 'broken' their computer). As of yet though Piriform have not taken any action on this. I believe that at one time they said it was too dificult to modify the sidebar, obviously that's not true as evidenced by the new Easy Clean button. Edit - That just crossed with Dave
  20. With Win10 MS keep changing how/where things are strored in the registry and/or adding new keys all the time. (monthly with the cumulative updates). No 3rd party reg cleaner can keep up with those changes, by the time they've worked out what has changed there are probably more changes, and so they may not recognise the new/changed keys and remove things that Windows 10 needs to work properly.
  21. That's news to me. May be what I said above about trying to get more users on 10. Not doubting you for a second. I'll do some searching when I get back home, but it's Friday night and I'm in the pub for a while.
  22. Where are you trying to download from?
  23. That's what I thought, you have to buy a digital license. There again I could sort of see them offering free updates including a license again - just to get the 'hangers on' to update to 10.
  24. Realy? Colour me surprised?
  25. 1- There was a legal way to get a free upgrade to Win 10 for about 2 years after the mainstream offer ended, but that eventually also ended. You simply had to say that you used "assistive technology" (disability aids) and the upgrade was still free. They never checked just took your word. I don't know of any currrent way to get a free, legal, upgrade. 2- If you still have Win7 installation media (discs) then you could still use those to roll back.
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