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  1. Oops! Interesting that this seems to be testing code from 5.47, and regarding "Expired Licence" renewal pop-ups which have been an issue on the forum this week. I'd also like to know more about the comments "..which tells CCleaner to ignore click .." and "..if link should NOT be opened by CCleaner". There seems to be two contentious statements there.
  2. That's right. Well not quite, it depends on how you have you computer/apps configured to use you email. But if there is nothing showing as 'sent' in your email account then they have used a contact form and not your email. Many websites have forms that will send them a message without gathering your details. (Always providing this was CNN).
  3. How about a chimney with a 'pop-up' Santa?
  4. It would depend on how the website has configured their contact form. It could be sent straight from their wepage with no reference to your email unless you provide it. If it does rely on your email then it would usually open your email editor and pre-fill their address for you to send them an email. If it doesnt open your email application then they won't have your address unless you give it. There are still many out there who don't have or never use email.
  5. You should be unticking and/or excluding these recent file lists in the cleaning section and not in the registry section. Registry clearing is a different function and is not recomnended as a regular practice.
  6. nukecad

    Black marks.

    Up to now this discount offer has been- A summer Sale, A xx billion download party, A gift for you, and now a Black Friday sale. No doubt it will be a Christmas Present next. (Then New Year sale, spring discount, Easter gift, etc). Why not just cut the standard price and stop bugging people with pop-ups?
  7. nukecad

    Black marks.

    Another unwanted advertising pop-up. Tolerance is wearing very thin.
  8. If you have Revo pro, or the trial, then you can do a 'Forced Uninstall' (or similar wording?). That lets you use their log database to remove leftovers of stuff you had installed/uninstalled before you even got Revo. As long as you know the programme name there should be a log to get rid of it's remnants. But yes, the free version can only remove what it has 'seen' being installed.
  9. Revo uninstaller will do that job. And clear registry entries left behind by the uninstalled programme. I'm not sure if Piriform want to add that functionality but it would fit well with the other tools in CCleaner.
  10. Occasionally you can be too quick - and Firefox slow to fully close. The cache in particular can sometimes take 5 to 10 seconds before it has closed. But disappears from task manager before that. So if you're quick and try to clean it before it has fully closed you get that message. Or as Nergal says some add on could be keeping it open.
  11. Probably not, but: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/tinnitus/
  12. Something is still using the ie files when you are cleaning, because of this they are still 'open' and so CCleaner has to skip them. Firstly I would check in Task Manager that ie and Edge are not still running in the background. But it's not just ie/Edge that could be using those files, many other Microsoft applications use them as a convienient place to temporarily store things. (Some 3rd party apps will also do it). So even if ie itself is closed, something else may be using it's storage files and preventing them from being cleaned/deleted. I've never seen a full list of all applications that can do this, but Skype, Outlook, and other MS applications are (have been) known to do it. Just which applications are doing it on your machine will take a bit of investigation. Again Task Manager is a good place to look and see which MS applications are still running in the background.
  13. That will be the 'builds' page, where you can download: The 'Standard' installer, with the bundled offers for Avast or Chrome. The 'Slim' installer, without the bundled offers. The 'Portable' version, which does not have an installer at all. It's the 'Standard' installer that some AVs/AMs don't like because of the bundled offers. The 'Slim' installer doesn't have those so the AV/AM accepts it. You usually have to wait a few days/week after the release of a new version for the 'Slim' and 'Portable' versions to be available. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds Most 'experienced' users have that page bookmarked and download their installers from there rather than upgrading from within the programme itself.
  14. They have quickly taken it down following complaints on the forum. However they are still saying that marketing popups may come back in future releases, but with an 'opt out' if you have a paid for version.
  15. Fine, it was just a suggestion. I never get logged out automatically like that. I only get logged out if I click the 'Sign Out' button, or if I close my browser and clear the cache. You seem to have 2 problems here, The automatic logging out. Your password not being recognised when you try to log in again. It's going to take someone with Administrator access to the forum software to sort out just why this is happening, Nergal says he has already asked them to take a look.
  16. Very strange, as suggested it seems like it may be something other than the PC that is making the noise. Do you have anything battery powered in or around that area that may be buzzing periodicaly to indicate a low battery? Central heating pipes expanding/contracting? One off the wall thought is that you may have a bug - a real one like a cricket, beetle, wasp, inside the PCs casing. About the only thing to suggest now is to move the equipment elsewhere for a while to see if the noise is from the equipment or just from the area where the equipment was stood.
  17. Sorry those are a bit small and hard to see. I'm not even sure which Windows version you are using, looks like Windows 10? From your second screenshot CCleaner seems to be 'sticking' early in the cleaning process. Without being able to see the screenshot properly you do seem to have a very, very large amount of Microsoft files. (And also quite a lot of Firefox files). I think that what is happening is you have a lot of junk Microsoft files to clean up, and so it's taking a long time. There may be too many files to remove for CCleaner to handle, I'm not sure what CCleaners limits are. I would suggest that you use the Disk Cleanup built into Windows to get rid of all those Microsoft files to start with. This will also take a long time, I'm talking up to an hour or more, you have a lot of junk to clean out there. https://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-10/how-to-run-disk-cleanup-in-windows-10/ Once you have run that and got rid of all those old Windows files try CCleaner again for the other files.
  18. I think that what Leon is attempting to describe is the automatic logout after a period of 'inactivity'. (Translation Problem?) I think that when he says 'make a new password' he is meaning he has to re-enter his password and log in again. Leon, Tick the 'remember me' box when you are logging in, this will stop you from being logged out automatically.
  19. Could you give more details of just what is happening, and when it 'stops'? A screenshot of when it has stopped working would probably be helpful.
  20. 1809 is back on general release again. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 If like me you already have 1809 then there is a cumulative update to fix the glitches, and there are a shedload of security updates and patches. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/microsoft/windows-10-cumulative-update-kb4467708-kb4464455-and-kb4467702-released/ https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/microsoft-november-2018-patch-tuesday-fixes-12-critical-vulnerabilities/
  21. I suspect that is a False Positive from Norton. Virustotal shows the installer to be OK with one detection out of 67. https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/4816c7962091d7043cf54373a4a7aa1dfda007bd18a1963a9767dd56b51c824b/detection Try downloading the installer again and see if Norton still says the same. https://download.ccleaner.com/cctrialsetup.exe
  22. AFAIK the first/only/current 'feature preview' is "Quick Clean". Stepen Piriofrm has a few comments about it in this thread: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52831-quick-clean/?tab=comments#comment-300832 I'm not sure if the feature previews are included (randomly) in the portable or not? I would suspect not, I'm guessing that the feature previews will get added by the installer, which portable doesn't have. (But that's only a guess, how can you reliably test something that is random anyway?) And of course unless you have the feature preview yourself then you have no chance of helping someone who may have a problem with it. If you don't have the fearure then you can't even do any testing to see if you can replicate their problem. As JDPower says- At the moment it's beta testing new features - without even telling the user that they are beta testing features. And of course the only way that can work is by collecting 'anonymous' test data without telling the user either. (Maybe if you have data collection turned off in the privicay tab you won't get the feature previews?). Piriform realy must try harder and give more relevant information and explanations when/before adding things (or making changes), and also be a lot quicker to answer questions about any new features when asked.
  23. Hi, First thing to say is that the forum is a user forum. The members here are users helping each other. If you have a paid for version then there is "official" support by email. So if you ask a question here it's other users that answer you, and if nobody knows then you may not get an answer. If you have a paid version then you cam use the the email to get official support. Having said that it sounds like your computer is going into sleep or shutdown when you are not avtively using it yourself. If you are not moving your mouse or touching/clicking anything then it may do that. You need to go into your settings and tell it not to.
  24. With Firefox it's a setting in About:config. https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/internet/firefox/quick-tip-turn-off-prefetching-in-firefox/ More detailed info about how Firefox automatically connects to and load things (and how to stop it) can be found in this: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-stop-firefox-making-automatic-connections
  25. It's a question that comes up now and again. The images being found have been cached there by your browser 'pre-loading' (or pre-fetching) them. Most modern browsers do this, they look at links on a webpage you are visiting and 'pre-load' images etc. from those linked pages so they will open faster if you do go there. So even if you never click those links images from them can get saved to your drive in the browsers cache. The browser usually removes them later (when you close it) without you even noticing that they were there. But of course a file recovery programme can see that they have been there at some time and then later removed. You can turn off this pre-loading behaviour in your browser settings.
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