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  1. That's part of how they justify calling all cookies 'Trackers'. It's just a language thing. Yes, location data could literally be said to be tracking you by saving your current/last location in a cookie. Many websites you visit will leave a cookie on your computer to say that you visited there (and maybe store how you set the page up, etc. so it's the same if you visit again). Your browser history could also be said to be tracking which websites you visited. But historicaly 'tracking files' meant keyloggers, screengrabbers, and the like that tracked/recorded your every activity.
  2. The 'Trackers' that CC reports as found are not what you or I (or anyone else) would call trackers. The summary report screen used to report every file that it found to clean as a 'tracker', regardless of what the file was. That's now been incorporated into the new 'Easy Clean' and it now seems to report all cookies as 'Trackers'. (Rather than just saying that everything is a tracker). A slight improvement, but I doubt that many people would regard any but a very few cookies as 'tracking' what they do. It's just a marketing ploy. CCleaner is a junk file cleaner, it is not
  3. General rules of thumb- Software on ebay and similar sites is often (I'd even say usually) counterfeit or hacked, avoid it. If it sounds too good a deal then it probably is. Always get your software direct from the developer, even free software. Do you need the pro features. (Virtual disc support, automatic updates, 1 years priority support)? If not then just download the free version from Piriform, it does exactly the same recovery job as the pro. https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva For your particular ebay link I note that it says there are 7 copies for sale. Is it
  4. That shouldn't make a difference. I ony have CCleaner64.exe and uninst.exe. - Because I deliberately deleted all the rest as not needed/unwanted. (especially CCUpdate.exe). CCleaner runs fine on my machine with just the one executable present. There must have been something odd about the exe you originally had. Or maybe the registry entries hadn't installed properly last time and installing the slim corrected them?
  5. More to the point I wonder why the slim worked and not the standard? Once installed the .exe files are supposed to be identical. (It's only the bundles/offers in the standard installer that are supposed to be different). Maybe your AV was blocking the Standard installer because of the bundles and so it wasn't installing the main programme properly? Then as there is no bundle in the slim your AV let it through? Only guessing.
  6. How are you trying to launch CCleaner, Desktop icon?, Taskbar icon?, other? And is it in the standard directory? (C:\Program Files\CCleaner\) It sounds as if the shortcut linked to the icon may be pointing to the wrong thing. (Unless it's actually opening and closing immediately for some reason, or something else is blocking it) What happens if you navigate to it's location in File Explorer and double click on CCleaner64.exe (or CCleaner.exe) ?
  7. Firefox v66.0.5 released with further fixes for 'broken' extensions https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/66.0.5/releasenotes/ A further update to ESR is expected today, and they are working on updating older FF versions for those still running them:
  8. You'd need one of the developers to answer that, and although we're told they do read these posts they don't often comment. I'd suspect that it's probably because it wouldn't be easy to clear just the Firefox jump list on it's own without clearing all the other jump lists. (TBH I'm not sure exactly how the jump lists are stored by Windows, but I know from writing my own Firefox cleaning routine that it's always easier to delete a file thus clearing everything than it is to edit the file to remove selected parts).
  9. You should be able to get the official ESR update to fix the problem if you are using the ESR on an older system. If youre simply using an old version then it's going to depend if that signature setting is in the same place (but there should be an equivalent somewhere in about:config). PS. I just updated my FF Android from the play store. It's cured the problem but I had to reinstall my extensions. (Didn't have to do that with Windows).
  10. The automatic hotfix is because they pushed it out on the studies channel which is enabled by default when you install FF. It was just the quickest way to get it distributed. If you have disabled studies in your privacy settings then you won't get the hotfix unless you enable it for a few minutes. You can disable it again afterwards. TBH it shouldn't be long before they issue a full fix.
  11. It's being reported that the 'studies' hotfix is not available to all FF users. And it's only for desktop users, it won't work with FF Android. (It worked fine on my laptop and I have extensions back on that, but my phone still has no FF add-ons). If you have left 'studies' turned on (the default) then you should already have got the hotfix automatically in the background. Here is the official FF blog about the problem which is being kept updated. It tells you how to enable 'studies' to get the hotfix, it should be enabled by default (which is why they used this channel to rele
  12. It is now supposedly out of Beta which is why there's no yellow dot, but you are not the only one to report that it still isn't working properly (yet?). Empty windows like you report are just one of the reported problems. (Along with wrong version numbers being found and 'Unknown' programmes being found to update). I'd just ignore it, even if working it only finds/updates certain 'selected' apps anyway. (The ones hosted on Filehippo).
  13. Some applications/websites don't save your passwords as passwords, I found this out a while back when I had a similar problem. CCleaner will clear the saved passwords in your browser if you have that option checked, and won't if it's unchecked - but that's only the passwords that are saved in the browsers password file(s). I found that certain apps, and websites, that I used saved the login details, including the password, elsewhere as 'Saved Form Information' and If I cleaned that with CCleaner then the saved login details were lost and had to be entered again. Other apps saved th
  14. Ah, I see the misunderstanding. That's the taskbar jumplist, which is saved by Windows itself and not by Firefox. You need to tick 'Taskbar Jump List' in the Windows Explorer section of CCleaner to clear that right click listing. Or simply turn off Taskbar Jump lists in Windows itself. Settings>Personalisation>Start>Show recently opened items in Jump lists in Start or the taskbar. Turning that switch to 'off' will mean that no recent files/locations are saved by Windows jumplist, so they won't be listed when you right click a taskbar icon. (That will mean that non
  15. OK, then that will be why you can't clear it. (Well you can clear it off your machine, but it gets synced back again from the cloud). If you clear anything that is synced (Timeline, browser history, etc.) from your machine then it will just get synced back again from the cloud server. That's simply how syncronisation works - info about your activity, settings, etc. is saved in the cloud and then downloaded to your device(s) when you visit (log into) that synced service again. The software (Timeline, browser, etc.) looks at the device you are using and if the info saved in the cloud
  16. Is your Chrome synced? (To share your history between devices).
  17. As far as I am aware CC does not at this time clean the local Timeline - unless you add its files as an 'Include' to the cleaning. Even if you did then it would just get synced back again if you have sync turned on. (There may be an addition in 'winapp2', but I don't think so for that syncing reason). The last 'official' statement I saw on this was from @Stephen Piriform in June 2018 - If you clear anything that is synced (Timeline info, browser info, etc.) from your machine then it will just get synced back again from the cloud server. That's simply how syncronis
  18. Good to hear you found the problem. I'm still not clear what they were saying (translation problem?) but it sounds like your hard drive is/was full and there was no space to save other programmes (or much else). Windows 10 itself takes a lot of disc space, and if you only have a small capacity drive it can mean there is not much left for files and other programmes. I'd run the built in Disk Cleanup as a first step to clear out the operating system junk and see how much space you have saved. You'll probably save enough that you can then install CCleaner to clear out some more junk
  19. If other things are also being stopped from downloading then I see 4 possibilities. You internet provider has given you an IP that was orginaly from one of the 'banned' countries. Did you use the IPlocation tools I linked above to see what country they say you are in? Your antivirus is blocking the downloads, try turning it off and see if you can download then. There is something wrong with your browser, you could try resetting it. https://www.winhelponline.com/blog/reset-microsoft-edge-browser-defaults/ You have a virus/malware on your computer that is blocking the dow
  20. You can try using Internet Explorer, it's already on your machine but you won't have a desktop icon for it. Open the start menu and type: internet That will find internet explorer for you and you can click it to use. Are you saying that you cannot install Chrome or Firefox either? As said above, it may be that your IP address is on a block list for downloads. However if this is happening to you then you should get an error saying something like "This product is forbidden in your country". Some internet service providers have acquired some IPs that were orignal
  21. As you say that you are not fluent in English could I ask what country you are in? It may make a difference. There is a problem at the moment with some countries using IP adresses that were originally issued to other countries.
  22. I believe there has been a previous thread about this and it's simply a typo that hasn't been corrected yet.
  23. You may know that Google is reknowned for their hidden 'Easter Eggs'. (Clicking things in a certain order, or typing a particular phrase, will launch a hidden game or other feature). Today they have a not so hidden one, it's bouncing about on the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Try clicking it a few times to fill your screen with images of bunnies, eggs, flowers, hot cross buns, simnel cakes, and so on. Probably the most intriguing one for most will be the 'Easter Bilby'. Then click on an image to read about why that item is associated with Easter. One way to pass a bit of
  24. I think you meant to post that in your other thread rather than here? https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53837-clean-windows-10-activitiestimeline/?tab=comments#comment-305606 I'm not sure if the Piriform developers would be interested in doing that. (We are mainly only users on the forum, the Piriform staff do pop in and read posts but don't always answer). I think a potential problem would be that people would start complaining that it wasn't being cleared, simply because they've forgotten (or don't know) how syncing works. We already see some of that with Chrome users complaining
  25. Unfortunately it's just the way that the Timeline feature in Windows works. If Timeline is set to syncronise then the data is saved on Microsofts' cloud servers, and no third party cleaner will be able to touch or clean it there. (You wouldn't want someone to be able to get into Microsofts servers and delete everything, by intent or by mistake). You can clear it locally, but sync will just put it back again. They are Microsoft's servers so you can only clear the stored data there from within Timeline itself. Go to Settings>Privacy>Activity history and click on the 'Cle
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