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  1. I'm not sure if this is the same problem but I had occasion to run 5.46 in safe mode, no networking, (boot option 4) a few days ago. (Win 10 home 64-bit, 1803, build 17134.254) I tried an analyze and CC closed as soon as the analyze completed, before the results could be read. I tried this twice and then left it at that and did not bother trying a clean while still in safe mode.
  2. I've never seen it happening elsewhere on other IPB fora, so I would guess at a forum setting.
  3. The emergency updater installs itself when you install, or update, the standard or slim versions of CCleaner. So even if you remove it manually, it will come back when you install an update to CC. You won't get it with the portable version as that does not have an installer. Just running CCleaner.exe would not install the emergency updater, it's the CCleaner installer "ccsetup###.exe" or "ccsetup###_slim.exe" that does that. A scheduled task is created to run it about 5 minutes after you boot, and twice daily at 12 hour intervals. You won't see this task in CCleaner itself, you have to use the Windows task scheduler to see and remove it. The installer also gives it access through your firewall by adding it your firewall rules. (At least it does with Windows firewall, I'm not sure about 3rd party firewalls). A number of users have" C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCupdate.exe" and "C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\CCleaner Update" as 'includes' in CCleaner itself, so the first run of CC after an update will remove it. It can't run if it's not there.
  4. Well I've now seen 3 reports of an unwanted update to 5.46 since ArchAngle first posted here. 2 on this thread and one in another post. I've reinstalled 5.38 and turned off the update prompt, just to see what happens. I'll also reboot my machine which should cause the emergency updater to kick in five minuites later, if it's going to. EDIT- After installing v5.38 the emergency updater was scheduled to run at system startup and at 07:32 and 19:32 daily. I overrode that and ran it manually. It did not update my installed CCleaner (v5.38). Not conclusive and I'll keep an eye on it, but it does seem to indicate that it's not the CCleaner emergency updater at work here. However I do know that since Wednesday Avast have been using their emergency updater to push a 'microfix' (their word) to their AV's. As both reports here do have Avast AVs I'm wondering if that has anything to do with it? You could check to see if your Avast AV got updated at the same time as CCleaner?
  5. It's still not clear just what happened and what all those pop-ups you saw were. Running CCleaner shouldn't do any harm, (but I wouldn't run the registry cleaner), but it wouldn't 'fix' anything either. It's a junk cleaner not a repair tool. I still think that you should get free one-to-one help from one of the sites listed in the forum rules. These people are specially trained experts in fixing problems like yours, whatever they have been caused by. They will also make sure that it is not some malware that is the cause. As I said above we can't give specific help on this forum, only point you to where you can get it. Personally in your situation I would firstly download Malwarebytes, if you don't have it already, and run a threat scan to eliminate any nasties that may have infected your machine. https://www.malwarebytes.com/ Then if you are still having problems I would join the Malwarebytes forum and reach out to an expert to check your machine over. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Your other options would be to: Restore your PC from a system image backup - if you have made one. (I expect that you don't). Try restoring your computer to a point before the problem happened using the Windows built in restore point. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-system-restore-windows-10 Use the built in troubleshooter to refresh Windows 10 keeping your files, or reset it which will lose all your files. https://www.howtogeek.com/131916/how-to-use-the-advanced-startup-options-to-fix-your-windows-8-computer/
  6. Got to say that I like that translation "Way of Encircling", it sounds a very zen. (or maybe Yoda). Interestingly paste the russian, Путь окружения, into google translate the use the swap arrows to translate it back and forth. It goes to- Способ окружения Which goes to- Environment mode (Which is closer to the original Environment path). Then settles down at- Режим окружающей среды and Environment path. I just find it interesting how these online translators work, or sometimes don't.
  7. We have seen this issue with the 'Do you want to close....' message reported for the first time the other day. I can confirm that the 'Do you want to close....' message no longer seems to be obeying the 'Hide warning message' setting. (It used to). Once you have turned it off the only way to get it back is to 'Restore to default settings' (Options>Advanced) or to reinstall CCleaner. Either of those will lose your custom settings, includes, excludes, cookies to keep, etc. I'm not sure whether this is also affecting other warning messages, and don't want to play about too much. Hopefully the devs have seen these threads and will correct it. As for CCleaner updating itself despite your settings, this is the first report I've seen of that behaviour. BUT - Do you have Avast AV installed? All Avast AV's have a 'software updater' that will update other applications, CCleaner is now on the default list in that software updater. So it may be Avast AV that has updated your CCleaner rather than CCleaner itself. There is a way CCleaner can update itself despite your settings, but it is only supposed to be for 'emergency' use. (Leaving the open question of what do Piriform/Avast consider an 'emergency'). If that method has been used in this case then we should soon see more reports/complaints.
  8. It would be interesting to see the latest download figures, maybe compare download figures for each version in the past 18 months? But I'm not holding my breath, with most companies that will be classed as 'comercially sensitive information'.
  9. There has been no major shouting about 5.46 yet. (And you can bet that people have been looking for things to shout about). There are a few niggles about some reported functional issues not being fixed yet while they concentrated on the data collection/monitoring fiasco. But no major moans about data collection or advertising. It seems that Piriform's changes have satisfied most, if not everybody. Read about the v5.46 changes, and the new 'Data factsheet' here:
  10. Is this a tablet? I ask because you seem to have the start menu in full screen mode. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/make-start-menu-full-screen-windows-10 I'm not sure just what you mean by these, did you have the app for eBay downloaded? Displayed as a 'tile'? (It's not a 'built-in' Microsoft app). If you mean that you can see apps in your second screenshot (the applications list) but want them showing in your first (the pinned tiles) then simply right-click on the app in the list and select 'Pin to start'. Not being sure just what you have done while "trying to get things back where they were" I'm unsure if you have reset back to Microsoft defaults, or even reset your whole Windows 10? If you have then you will need to go through the whole process of setting things back again to how you want them, as if you had just bought the computer. To be honest it sounds as if something more than just a failed install may be going on here. (Whether it's something you did while trying to get things back as you like, or something some software did it's impossible to tell yet. It may even be that Windows did a repair/reset itself when you booted, but you would have probably noticed that because it would take a long time). You don't say whether CCleaner pro did finish installing or not? And it might help to know where you were downloading it from. If you are worried that you may have someting 'nasty' or just 'broken' on your machine then you can get reliable, free, one-to-one help to give it a thorough check over and help you get it working 'properly' again. We can't do that here because of the rules on this forum, but if you look at number 10 in the forum rules it gives a list of 6 trusted places where you can get this help. They all say 'Malware Removal' which is their main task but they are all quite happy just to help check out your machine for you and gett it running right. https://forum.piriform.com/announcement/15-forum-rules/ Whichever you pick be sure to let them know you are not tech savvy and they will give extra steps to help.
  11. That has become the main question. I got to thinking about just why I am using CCleaner, and what does it do for me? The 2 questions can be asked for any cleaning (or other) software. The first answer came down to - CCleaner was widely recommended and it is convienent to use. The second was a bit more tricky and I am still analysing that one. I mainly started using it in the first place to clear cookies. I have already replaced it's cookie clearing functions with a browser addon, and have written a batch file to handle the cleaning of 'supercookies' and some other stuff. But there is still stuff that CC finds to clean which I need to investigate further. (And decide if it needs to be cleaned at all). The recent ability to schedule Windows built in Storage Sense may/should take care of Windows logfiles and temporary files. (And I only see Storage Sense being improved in the next major Win10 update). Some of CC's internal rules for which files to clean seem very odd, but of course I can only compare what if finds to what it leaves, and I just don't understand the rules yet. Then of course there is the question of the other tools included in CCleaner, if you use any of them. Overall I've decided that CCleaner, like any other cleaning software, is just a convienence - particularly convienient for non-techie minded computer users. It has it's place, but I'm no longer sure that it's my place. Everything it does can be done using other methods, usually by Windows itself, but may take a bit more knowledge/time. (or may even be faster if you can write a batch/script). A car is convienent, but you could still get there by train, or bus, or taxi, or walking. And if your car starts acting up then.....
  12. I wouldn't worry too much about it. It sounds that by letting the installer force Chrome to close it also closed/severed the links to eBay, (and 4 other somethings?), as well - so they complained. Reboot/restart your machine and they should just come back next time you log in, but you may have to enter your eBay (and the other 4?) password(s) again. However if you are still having trouble then give another shout.
  13. CCUpdate.exe is supposed to be a stand alone application to allow Piriform to force update your CCleaner in the event of an 'emergency'. It was introduced following last years malware hack in the installer. It will reinstall itself everytime you install CCleaner or Update CCleaner. I have recently discovered that as it installs itself it also changes your firewall rules to allow itself through. This behaviour is repeatable- remove the emergency updater 'allow' rule from your firewall, then reinstall/update CCleaner and the emergency updater is added to the firewall 'allow' rules again. Users who are using their firewall to block connections to/from Piriform/Avast might want to take a look at that. (I'm not sure how it would affect 'Hosts' blocking). Remember that this is NOT CCleaner itself. (It's the emergency updater and I can understand why it has to do it to work, if you want it to work that is).
  14. In the past you sometimes had to toggle it on, run a clean or analyze, and then toggle it off again to reset the dialogue. I'm not sure why its not working now, they must have changed something? (Maybe a bug?). As hazelnut says you could try resetting to default, but make a note of all your changes, includes, and excludes first in case it resets those as well.
  15. Try unchecking Options>Advanced>'Hide warning messages'. Edit - sorry that used to work but seems to have stopped? I'll try and find something else. (Because I've turned mine off now and can't get it back either).
  16. nukecad


    Because Chrome (or some part of it) is still open somewhere, either on screen, minimised to the taskbar, or as a running background process. CCleaner cannot clean things that are still open so asks if you want to close it or skip cleaning it.
  17. I note from your screenshots that in the shot showing your Include rules there is a scrollbar at the right of the list. This indicates that there are more rules in that list if you scroll down. How many of those rules are selected? (I know that at least one is). All the files you show found as duplicates are on your J:\ drive. - That's how I know that at least one other rule is selected, probably J:\*.* (I guess John K wasn't looking closely enough). PS.1 - Make sure when setting the rule for C:\*.log that you change 'Include files only' to 'Include files and subfolders'. PS.2 - To get a single line return (rather than a paragraph space) in the post editor here you have to use shift+enter.
  18. Try deleting CCupdater.exe (The 'emergency' updater they brought out following last years hack). It's probably that which is hitting your firewall rather than CCleaner itself. (It reinstalls itself when you install/update CCleaner. Tip- Make it an 'include' in CCleaner and CC itself will delete it when run)
  19. I posted this in another thread yesterday, I'll repeat it here for ease of reading: As I see it then if you have unchecked the privacy/data collection setting, unchecked the 'Inform me of updates', and deleted the 'emergency' updtater (CCupdate.exe) then there is no reason whatsoever for CCleaner to be phoning home and I have not seen 5.46 do so (yet).
  20. It's been pre-selected like this ever since they started offering Avast. (They had started doing the same before that when they used to offer Chrome or the Google toolbar). Many people have complained about it, many have had unwanted installs of Avast (or Chrome) because of it. But Piriform have done nothing and obviously don't want to change it. (There have also been problems with the Avast install happening even when the offer was never even shown. I've had that one twice myself). Either be very careful when installing or updating CCleaner, or block connections to Avast in your firewall.
  21. I suspect that may be CCleaner checking home to see if there is a new version (but I could be wrong). It is probably also the 'emergency' updater - 'CCupdate.exe' - Checking home. That one allows them to push an update (or anything else) to you in an 'emergency' such as last years hack. Try going to Options>Settings and unchecking 'Inform me of updates to CCleaner'. Then delete C:\Program Files\CCleaner\CCupdate.exe. Check again if it is still hitting your firewall. I have 'inform me of updates' unchecked, and always delete CCupdate.exe (I put it as in 'Include' in CCleaner itself). I am currently not seeing any connection to Piriform/Avast when running 5.46. I'm using netstat in a powershell to monitor it. https://www.howtogeek.com/98601/easily-monitor-your-computers-internet-connection-activity/
  22. Cheers, Just thought I'd mention it, but if it's an IPB issue then it's up to them not admin.
  23. Just a report that the forum glitch that I first reported in June, with MrG showing as making multiple replies on the announcement thread, is still with us in the v5.46 announcement.
  24. Sorry I'm not familiar with that app. However many apps store things in the Internet Explorer settings. Try disabling cleaning of those in CC and seeing if that works. (If you have Win10 try the same with Edge cleaning). Did you check if the app has changed its own policy about saved logins?
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