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  1. "Local Storage" simply means 'saved somewhere on your computers drive/a physically connected drive' - as opposed to being saved online on a server.

    It doesn't actually specify any particular location where on the local storage, just that it's there somewhere.

    You would have to ask the game developers, or maybe other players, just where the game/character data is stored 'locally'.

    I'd take a guess that it will be somwhere in 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Local' or '...\AppData\Roaming' (or both), probably in a sub-directory with the name of the game?
    Note that 'Appdata' is usually a hidden folder so you will need to set File Explorer to show hidden items (using an admin account) if you want to try and find it yourself.

    Like many things computer though if you are not sure then don't mess with it or you could lose more than just some character attributes - those hidden folders are hidden from non-technical users for good reasons.

  2. CCleaners settings are saved either:

    1. In the ccleaner.ini file if you have enabled Options>Advanced "Save all settings to INI file", this is saved in the same folder as the main CCleaner programme,
    2. and/or in the Windows Registry.

    If you turn on "Save all settings to INI file" then CCleaner will update that file whenever you change a setting and each time you close CCleaner.

    You wouldn't normally want to clear CCleaners own settings, you want it to remember your preferences.
    You can change them at anytime and CCleaner/Windows Registry will remember the changes.

    However if you do want to set CCleaner back to defaults then you can delete the .ini file, and or uninstall/reinstall CCleaner.

    TIP- Turn saving to an INI on and make a manual backup of your INI file so that you can restore your settings if lost unintentionally.
    (Or intentionally - when answering questions here I'll often set CCleaner back to default, and then later restore my own settings from an INI backup).
    You can make a copy/paste backup to a different directory, or make a copy in the CCleaner directory and rename it. (or do both to make sure).

    You can see here my renamed ini backup in the main CCleaner folder, I Iast backed it up in February but it's the same as my current settings from today which you can see lower down (I also have another copy of the backup in my documents folder).


  3. That sounds more like the data was lost because that particular tabs 'session' was closed rather than cookies being cleared.
    (If you look at the Custom Clean options you'll see that 'session' and 'cookies' for a browser are different settings).

    Things already entered onto a webpage will be saved in the session information, unless you specifically save it elsewhere in which case it will usually be saved as a 'form' which again is a different cleaning category for browser cleaning; or saved as a file on your computer or the websites server.
    (Many multiple page forms for example have a 'save and continue later' button for doing just that).

    Closing a session (usually by closing the tab) will lose the information entered in that session, it doesn't need to be wiped because it's temporary data so just closing the session/tab loses it unless it's been saved.

    I see that it's a character attribute editor for a game, hopefully you had your character(s) attributes saved/backed up? At least to a certain point.

    Why/how that session got closed and so the information in it lost I don't know.

    Chrome can restore the previous session if you lose it for some reason, say because of a crash, but it you have opened/closed it multiple times since then that's not going to be an option for you.

    I've never know it to happen like you describe with just doing a CCleaner analyze and not a clean, and AFAIK Health Check doesn't close sessions or clear forms anyway, (but I think that sessions might get closed if you force close the browser during an analyze), which is why I was asking just what steps you took to see if it could be replicated.

    I'll flag this up to the staff to see if they have any comments, but unfortunately I think that the information has been lost.

    The only advice I can give is to make sure in future that you have your characters' attributes saved, because anything that closes the session will lose that information if you haven't saved it.

  4. Sounds like a corrupted recycle bin, or bins plural if you are seeing it on more than one machine.

    Although the bin is empty a bytes counter in Windows has not been reset to zero and so the counter just keeps climbing.

    It seems to be becoming more of a recurring problem for some (Microsoft) reason.

    But it's not a great problem and if you were not using CCleaner (or similar) you would't even notice it and the next Windows update should usually clear/fix it.

    See the second post at the top of this thread, made by Hazelnut, for how to fix a corrupted bin yourself.

  5. We can rule out Smart Cleaning then if you have the Free version.

    I'm not sure just what happened, but CCleaner would not remove anything if you just analyzed and didn't then follow up with a clean.
    (If it did that then we would see many more people shouting about it).
    I often do an analyze on it's own (both with Health Check and Custom Clean) when checking things to answer questions here and it never removes anything if I don't follow up with a clean. (I've done it a couple of times on this thread to check/screenshot the messages).

    The one thing from what you say is that you told Health Check to close Chrome after it prompted you.
    To try and get more information did it just close it, or did it then say it was taking a long time closing and ask you to 'force' close it?

    And when you say that you 'backed out' of Health Check how did you do that?

    I'm just trying to find exactly what you steps you took to see if it can be reproduced.

    If you could tell us what website it was, and maybe indicate without detais what type of data it was, that could also help.
    (PS. User data is not usually stored in Cookies, so it may have been something other than a cookie such as a form or session info).

    Have you checked that Chrome setting?
    Browsers will sometimes change settings on their own without telling you.


  6. If you had only run the Health Check scan and hadn't clicked on 'Make it better' then it would not have removed anything.

    Do you have Chrome itself set to clear your cookies on closing?
    If you don't want Chrome to do that then check this and turn off 'Clear cookies and site data when you quit Chrome'.

    Another possibility is that if you have CCleaner Pro and have Smart Cleaning's 'automatic browser cleaning' set to clean Chrome (without notification) when you close Chrome then it will do just that and clean Chrome whenever you close it using the Custom Clean rules that you have set for Chrome.
    eg. Similar to this but set for Chrome (and not Firefox as shown in this example):


  7. Chrome can/will run background processess even when it is closed, and it's those background processes that can prevent CCleaner from cleaning it.

    But it does usually tell you that it's Chrome and not just 'The application', so as you say it may be some other app.

    One step at a time, let's rule out Chrome first:
    See this article on how to stop Chrome running background processes when it's not open:

    PS. Please tell us which Windows version you are using (eg. Win 10 20H2), which CCleaner version, and which antivirus you are running if it's not Windows Defender.

  8. There is a reported bug with the new Windows "News and Interests" widget and the latest Windows preview update.

    Some users are reporting that following the new update then if  "News and Interests" is disabled/turned off their System Tray icons go weird and start to overlap or dissapear off screen.


    Could it be that Microsoft don't want you to turn it off?

  9. They are being removed - but Windows 10 puts them straight back again because it needs them.

    This is one reason why we recommend not to regularly use the Registry Cleaner with Windows 10. - Windows 10 changes the registry often which can give false results.
    See this: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59952-i-get-a-registry-error-on-ccleaner-on-windows-10-i-have-scanned-5-times/?tab=comments#comment-326804

    Here is Microsofts stance on using any Registry Cleaner:

  10. As the Slim installer works for you then that indicates either your antivirus (Defender) settings or your firewall settings is blocking the Standard installer from reaching those particular servers.
    Using the Slim installer doesn't try to reach those particular servers and so doesn't get blocked
    Without being able to see your settings it's difficult to say just which one is doing the blocking.
    (Plus ocassionally Windows will change what it blocks for a while, and then changes again and stops blocking what it did) .

    I'd bookmark that 'Builds' page in case you need to use the Slim installer in future, or as said you could disconnect from the internet while using the Standard.

    PS. The CCleaner that gets installed is exactly the same whichever of the two installers you use, there is only one CCleaner, it's just the installers themselves which are different.
    (The main difference is that the Slim installer doesn't include any advertising).

  11. I think you may be clicking the wrong button?

    Now that you have a registration key you don't click the 'Upgrade' button again - instead you click on Options>About and then the blue 'Upgrade to pro' there; that's the one that brings up the box to enter your number.
    Enter you number (copy/paste it from the email) and click 'Register'.

    This is from the Windows version but it should be similar on a Mac.


  12. This is from 2018 and was a short lived issue with Defender when Win 10 updated to 1803.

    Has you Windows also just been updated?

    Win 10 21H1 is rolling out automatically at the moment.

    Try going to Windows settings and doing a check for updates to make sure that Defender is up to date.

    I've not had problems with 21H1, but a couple of recent posts may point to something happening for some users because of it.

  13. Defender doesn't usually block CCleaner, and from what you say it seems not to have installed at all which is odd.

    As trium says it's worth trying the 'Slim' installer, third one down here:

    It installs the same CCleaner but does it slightly differently, (it doesn't try to contact certain servers),  so can often work where the 'Standard' installer gets hung up.

    Another tip that sometimes works for problem installs is to disconnect from the internet before installing CCleaner.
    (Again, if you are not on the internet it doesn't try to reach any servers).

    Some other tips for overcoming install problems have been collected here:

  14. From what you say it sounds as if you have it ticked to wipe free space everytime you run CCleaner and then interrupt it to save time?

    I'd untick the 'Wipe Free Space' in the Custom Clean options so that it doesn't run at all - and you don't have to interupt it.

    It's not something that you need to do unless your are selling or passing on the computer/drive to someone else.
    You wipe the free space so that the new owner can't use recovery software to see the contents of your old deleted files.
    That's it's only function, it doesn't speed up your computer in anyway or free up any space.

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