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  1. Yes, that's fine. Apologies that I wasn't clearer. Defender turns off real time protection and lets the other AV handle that if one is present, but Defender will still run scheduled scans about once a week as a double check that the other AV hasn't missed something. The cloud thing is a definition update so it's scanning for the latest nasties, and if it finds anything it will report it to MS with a sample of what it found during the scan. It's up to you whether you stick with Avast or uninstall using the utility. If you do uninstall it then Defender will turn on again and take over the real time protection.
  2. TBH I've never timed it, I was merely repeating the advice from Malwarebytes about scanning for rootkits: I do note that they now say a weekly rootkit scan is a good idea. https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1311
  3. The standard MB3 now includes a scan for rootkits, (it got built in when they changed from MBAM2 to MB3), but because it's an advanced option that's usually only needed in extreme cases it is turned off by default so as not to slow scans down. In MB3 open the settings and go to the 'Protection' tab. 'Scan for rootkits' is the first entry in the 'Scan options'. (Don't forget to turn it off again after using or all your scans will take longer). Or of course you could still use the stand alone anti-rootkit beta. It's in beta for testing features that may later get incorporated into the main MB3.
  4. When/if you install a third party anti-virus Windows Defender turns itself off. If you remove the other AV then Defender will turn itself back on again. (An exception to this is Malwarebytes antimalware which is designed to run happily alongside Defender to give extra protection, Defender 'knows' this and stays running as well). If Avast has actually installed then there is an uninstallation utility to remove it: https://support.avast.com/en-gb/article/Uninstall-Antivirus-Utility Be aware though that there are reports that it still leaves a few things behind. There's a bit more about that here: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51836-avast-ye-landlubbers/?tab=comments#comment-295751
  5. As Andavari says Edge and Internet Explorer provide convinent storage locations that other programmes do use. So even if you are not using Edge/ie as such, something you use is probably using their temporary storage locations. PS. I have all CC entries in Edge and ie. unchecked except for "Internet Explorer > Temporary Internet Files", (I know other programmes store temporary files there so clean it). I was doing some testing earlier this week and was quite surprised to find that Firefox had stored something there.
  6. I believe that in a small number of cases the floxif issue put a couple of keys in the registry. They were just junk and could not do any harm once the rouge server had been shut down. But if they were on your machine then until they were removed a decent malware scan would still flag them as suspicious/nasty. MB anti-rootkit seems to have got rid of them for you. (It's an advanced tool that is not needed most of the time, but as you have found somtimes it is good to know about).
  7. There seems to have been a slight issue with a time delay between the update being released and it becoming available on the download site linked to by the update pop-up (filehippo). So those who tried shortly after the update was released found that they were downloading the version that they already had, instead of the updated version. And of course this reported again that there was a newer version available. As you found the 'builds' page on the Piriform site did have the new vesrion, it was just the distribution site that had a delay in making it available.
  8. Like I say I think it was just unfortunate timing, an hour later it probably wouldn't have happened. TBH, I never use filehippo. When CCleaner prompts that there is an upgrade available I decline it, and do my cleaning with the version I already have. Then I go the the official Piriform CCleaner builds page and download the new version from there. Put this page in your bookmarks/favourites: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds (And always be aware that the 'standard' installer for CCleaner from the official buids page still contains a bundled offer (Avast or Chrome) that has to be unticked during the install if you don't want the offer).
  9. It's likely that the upgrade link from the running CCleaner points to the filehippo page, which usually has the latest version, but as the minor upgrade had only just been released the filehippo page had not had time to automatically update itself. Just a timing blip between things updating tthemselves. I'm not sure how filehippo works but imagine it is scanning for new versions all the time and has a lot of programs to scan and check for updates so that it can then update its own page.
  10. Ooops. I may be (partly) responsible for making the changelist change a bit this week.
  11. Have you actually read the above posts? There is a change promissed for the next update which will let you pick which screen you see.
  12. I'm not entirely sure but I think it's more likely to be with chrome syncing to your google account. You delete the files with CC and Chrome resyncs some of them from the cloud. You could try testing this by disconnecting from the web then cleaning and see if it still happens. If they don't come back when you have no web connection then it shows that they are being restored from the web.
  13. One of the MB staff has said that they will be in contact with Piriform about this issue.
  14. It's a question that gets asked now and again. The 'cleans everywhere' means that the pro version can clean all user accounts on a machine. The free version (and some other programmes) can only clean the one account it is used from.
  15. Cheers Stephen, You've probably seen that I've added over there that it's the removal of database file 'permissions.sqlite' that seems to be the problem. It's only in their latest beta version, v1.0.21, that the issue arose, which suggests that it's something that they changed in that version. Clicking 'remove' then 'undo' to breifly stop then re-enable the extension, (which takes less than a second), in the Forefox add-ons manager cures it. Both of which suggest that coding a solution may not be that difficult. (Although of course I don't know the code). If they can reload their extension database when Firefox starts then that should solve the problem, for any cleaner not just CC. I'm sure they will reach out to Piriform if needed. It's worth pointing out again that the Malwarebytes for Firefox extension is a BETA product, so it's going to have some issues like this whilst it's still in development. (That's the point of a beta, so that users/testers can pick up things in 'everyday use' that may not be seen by the development team). Looking at the add-ons page the MB for Firefox (beta) extension has only been downloaded 3,774 times so it's not a huge userbase as yet, not all of those will be using CCleaner as well, and not all will be providing feedback to Malwarebytes. (There was only one 'me too' post confirming the issue before I tracked down just what it was). I still thought it was worth pointing out the issue here though, for anyone who does have the beta.
  16. There you go, I'll leave it at that for a while. (Apart from going and putting it on MBAM as well - no I won't, I forgot that avatar editing has been blocked on MBAM except for higher groups).
  17. Well the MBAM forums got the Invision update earlier and seem to have sorted out more of the problems. They also don't have that cropping thing when you load a new avatar image, I think it's that that cause the problem here. My avatar here is slightly different, and you may note that I've played some more and animated this one. TBH The MBAM one may animate even better, I'll give it a try.
  18. Not sure what you are meaning there, but my Apps for websites shows 2 entries for maps and one for Edge, and those are all turned off. I've been working on padding the white space around my favourite avatar images and seeing if the forum will then accept them without cropping too much. Edit - That's better.
  19. They are are little glitches, just about what you expect when coders are working in a rush. You tend to miss/forget little details. PS. Do you like my new avatar? (The old one didn't fit properly in the circle, this one's better but still not quite right, I may have to play a bit more).
  20. I suspect that you are looking at the Windows tab, which shows Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Other browsers you may have installed, Chrome, Firefox, etc. are shown on the 'Applications' tab.
  21. Well the black screen for a second or so during games came back and is worse, it happens more than once now and seemingly randomly. It's not a great problem once you know that it only affects games and that it's only going to last a second. Although it still makes you wonder every time it happens if it is going to come back. There are a few strange non-critical oddities with 1803. For instance Settings tells me at times that "These settings are controlled by your organisation" (or similar wording). That's a message you see on Windows 10 Enterprise or Pro editions - but this laptop is Win10 Home so there is no 'Organisation'. I've not had the one where it says I'm on the Insider programme (yet). I expect they'll get patched over the months, just in time for Redstone 5 to come along with a new batch of quirks.
  22. nukecad


    That sounds as if Thundebird is still running (maybe as a background task?). CCleaner can't clean applications that are open/running so it skips them. Task Manager should show you if it is running in the background, and you can force it to close from there. You don't say what OS you have, if it's Windows 10 try taking a look at: Settings > Privacy > Background apps
  23. Nope I don't have that, probably because I caught things before Avast actually installed. (And didn't use the Uninstall Utility, which I believe can also leave it behind). The only thing on my laptop that even mentions Avast in the name is a screenshoot I of the CC installer, and that I named myself. More, "official", information about what Avast Overseer is can be found here, especially note the posts from 'drake127' who says he was one of the key authors: https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=210028.0 In his first post he says: So he admits they released/installed it without telling anyone, inspires confidence doesn't it? I think the piratical theme of my title for this thread is appropriate for Avast's behaviour.
  24. So it finally happened. Today I've been trying to track down a software clash, part of which involved installing different versions of CCleaner. I was using different CC installer versions that I have saved on my laptop. Having finished my testing I noticed an orange blob on my desktop, I've been Avast-d for the first time ever. The icon has the name "avast_free_antivirus_setup_online" Looking in Apps & features (and in the old style Control Panel) Avast is not showing as an installed application. It's not showing in the task manager, but looking in CCleaner there was a file in 'start-up' called something like "......avast-repair" with a /wait parameter - this entry was quickly deleted. I'm guessing that Avast needs you to click that desktop Icon, or do a restart to run that file, to fully install it. Looks like I may have dodged a bullet there, especially as I was doing various restarts during my testing. Deleted it from C:\program files, and C\program data. Did a search of 'This PC' for anything 'Avast' and deleted those. Will check the registry next. And may then run the Avast Uninstall Utility. (Or may not, I didn't want anything Avast in the first place). Edit. Looks like I've got it all because it never installed, time to wait and see. There's always that uninstall utility if needed.
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