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  1. 33 minutes ago, johnccleaner said:

    As far as I'm aware, you can't install a TPM; the board needs to be designed for it, and if it's designed for it, it'll almost certainly have one installed already.

    As that Bleeping article alludes, many MB's are designed to take one but the manufacturers penny pinch by not fitting one.

    Whether any particular MB has been designed so that you can retrofit a TPM may be a bigger problem for laptops than for desktops.

    Oh well we've got four years to save up before Win 10 becomes EoL, and then probably another 4 or 5 years at least until apps stop supporting it.

    Microsoft do seem to be shooting themselves in the foot again with these new hardware requirements.

  2. I've just checked and the MS app says this laptop is not compatible for Win 11.

    Checking tpm.msc and the UEFI there is no TPM showing, so now I'll have to find out what this motherboard is and if It has a 'slot' for one.

  3. Well as you have probably seen it's now official and Windows 11 will be released to market later this year.

    The good news is that it's a free update to Windows 10, maybe less welcome is that there are new minimum system requirements.

    A kicker is that as the requirements currently stand Win 11 will require a 'Trusted Platform Module (TPM)'  chip.
    Newer computers may/should already have one but expect TPM chips to be a hot topic in the coming months.
    It's possible that MS may drop that particular requirement.

    Another annoying requirement for those who prefer not to have a Microsoft Account is that you will need one for the initial setup of Win 11 Home.
    (Presumably you can switch back to a local account afterwards?).

    You can see the new requirements here:
    and there's an app to download to check your computer for compatibility:

    (mmm, PCHealthCheck - now why does that sound familiar?).

    Stupidly if that compatibility checker says that you machine is not compatible with Win 11 it gives no indication of why that is and what you need to do to make it compatible.

    The compatibility checking app may say your computer is not compatible simply because an installed TPM chip has not been turned on in the BIOS/UEFI
    Turning on an already installed TPM chip should make it compatible.

    You may be able to install a TPM chip if you don't already have one.
    (Or get someone to install it for you, computer repair shops are probably already rubbing their hands).


    Windows 10 will still be getting updates if you can't move to Win 11, Win 10 is expected to be End of Life in October 2025.

  4. Hi @OldMike65

    This has in fact been reported before and it is easly reproducible.

    We are assured that it is on the list of small things to be looked at, however although it is strange behaviour I don't think that it's very high on the list.

    The thinking has to be that if you have clicked on 'Check for updates' and been told that you are up to date then why would you click on 'Check for updates' another 2 times or more?

  5. Of course with his previous antics you have to wonder a bit if this might not turn out to be a 'fake death' story.

    He wouldn't be the first to fake death and go into hiding to try and avoid legal problems, and a few million euros in a couple of prison guards pockets .......

  6. Thanks @Dave CCleaner

    I fully accept your correction about the 'bouncing arrow' when downloading CCleaner, and have edited the post accordingly.

    I was going from the following which I have observed in the past (I've now tested it some more):
    In Firefox if you are late in clicking on the arrow tag, or click where it has just bounced from, then you actually click the Browser banner and get taken to the page to download the browser.
    (You don't actually have to click the blue 'Download Free' button in that banner, it's a graphic and not an actual button and clicking anywhere on the banner will take you to the browser dowload page - maybe that could be changed to an actual button).
    The unobservant may then think they are still downloading CCleaner and so click the green 'Free Download' button for the browser as well.
    Admittedly though that still shouldn't install the browser, just download the installer.

    Can I aslo point out that that arrow can have another glitch in Firefox; if the menubar has had other add-on icons loaded.

    As you can see here, on my Firefox it's pointing to Malwarebytes Browser Guard rather than the download icon.
    (If I didn't have the Browser Guard add-on it would be pointing at AdBlock).


  7. I had similar with Irfanview last December - On further investigation Windows showed that I had both 32-bit and 64-bit versions installed, but at different versions.

    I simply uninstalled the 32-bit version and that solved it, because the 32-bit Irfan view is no longer installed CCleaner doesn't try to update it.



  8. Could you give more details?

    Eg. When you say "follow" that usuallly means follow another users posted content - is that on a specific website or with specific software?


  9. That was timely, I was just doing some testing and uninstalled/reinstalled CCleaner.

    I realise that you say you hadn't installed again yourself, but this may help show others how it could happen.

    This is the offer screen that I was refering to above.
    You can see that if the graphic was missing (as it is in my screenshot above) and you just clicked 'Accept' without seeing what you were Accepting then you would get the browser, and it would set itself as default because you couldn't see that little tickbox to untick it.


  10. I'd never say 100% sure of anything like that.

    One thing that I will note is that if you installed CCleaner a year ago and hadn't been updating it then it WILL have force updated itself.
    This has been going on gradually for a couple of months to make sure that everyone who can be is up to date (Win XP/Vista have to stay on old versions): https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360052107891-Why-have-I-been-updated-to-CCleaner-v5-74-#why-have-i-been-updated-to-a-newer-version-of-ccleaner--0-0

    We have had previous reports of the Browser 'installing itself'. (I've had a search and the last one I can find before yours was from January).

    However when investigated it's usually been one of the above two causes, or likely that the user has clicked through something on a webpage (or a pop-up?) quickly without reading and accepted the Browser as an offer that way.

    If it was something that happened regularly, without user intervention (mistake?), then we would see a lot more such reports.

    CCleaner does have a habit of offering things in pop-ups, (which often annoys some users).

    It can be annoying to get something you didn't want (I once got Chrome browser installed by not paying attention to what I was clicking).
    It's easy enough to reset your default browser and uninstall the CCleaner Browser.

  11. Quote

    Why does this happen?

    The Browser has probably been installed when you installed/re-installed the new CCleaner version.

    And although many don't believe it, you probably asked for the browser by mistake not realising that it was being offered.

    There are a couple of ways I know of that can happen without you realising that you have asked for the Browser to install.

    The first is from the CCleaner download page - when, in some browsers notably Firefox, you see an arrow 'tag' bouncing up and down in the top right corner saying 'Click here to install'.
    If you try to click on that arrow itself you could hit the advertising banner underneath it and get taken to the download page for the Browser.
    If you weren't paying attention you could think you were still downloading CCleaner and so click the download button there.


    The second way it can happen is an occasional bug in the standard installer.
    The standard installer shows you an 'offer' for another Piriform/Avast product with big blue 'Accept' and 'Decline' buttons, very occasionally the image for the offer doesn't load and you just see the two buttons - if you then click 'Accept' you will get whatever should have been showing as offered. (You should click 'Decline', but of course you have to know about the bug).
    I've seen it happen a few times myself, and saw it again last Friday, I've told the staff that it's still happening occasionally.


    Just set whatever browser you normally use to be the default again. (And uninstall the CCleaner browser if you don't want it).

  12. Can't see the log on this phone but that sounds like it is unable to reach the server(s) needed for the Speed and Security checks.

    Might just be a temporary issue either with the server or with your AV not recoginsing the new CCleaner version yet and so blocking it.

    Try updating your AV and see if that fixes it.

  13. Download the 'Slim' installer from here (3rd one down) and double click 'ccsetup582_slim.exe' to install it:

    It should pick up your existing licence, but if not and it installs as Free then simply go to Options>About and click on Upgrade to Pro, enter your current licence key in the box, and click register.
    (You may want to make a note of your licence key from 5.81 before installing 5.82, just in case. It can be found at Options>About>License Information).

    PS. Once you have 5.82 I'd avoid the new Driver Updater, it's causing serious issues for some users.

    If the above still does not work for you then it looks like something may be blocking the install, please come back telling us which Windows version you have and what AntiVirus you are using.

  14. It's an intermittent bug that has been going on in every version for a while now.

    Sometimes each the items is listed in two's, sometimes the whole category is repeated one under the other.

    Being intermittent, and displaying two different behaviours, it seems to be proving difficult to track down what causes it.
    Plus as you say it doesn't affect functionality so it's probably not a high priority to fix.

    We've just got used to ignoring it when it happens.

  15. You cannot set Health Check it will always do it's own thing.

    If you want to customise what is cleaned or not then you have to use Custom Clean where you can change the settings.

    You said as much yourself in your first post.

    If Health Check used the Custom Clean settings then there would be no point in having the two different cleaning methods - Health Check would just be the same as Custom Clean.

  16. SpeechRuntime.exe -ToastNotifier is a new registry entry related to Windows 10 21H1.

    It's also now used by certaing components of Win 10 20H1 and 20H2.

    Windows has put it on your computer because it is needed, and if you remove it then Windows will put it straight back.

    Right click on it and 'Add to exclude list' then CCleaner will ignore it.

    We recommend that you don't regularly use the Registry Cleaner with Windows 10. Windows 10 changes the registry often which can give false results.
    See this: https://community.ccleaner.com/topic/59952-i-get-a-registry-error-on-ccleaner-on-windows-10-i-have-scanned-5-times/?tab=comments#comment-326804

    Here is Microsofts stance on using any Registry Cleaner:

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