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  1. Hmm,  I don't use Opera but I do know that some browsers and/or websites put passwords in 'Saved Form Information' you could try unticking that if it is shown for Opera.


    Hopefully someone who does use Opera will be along.


    PS. You havent got Opera itself set to delete passwords on closing?

  2. I've been using Softmaker Free Office for a number of years now. (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint clone).


    Works fine, very compatible with MS office (and the other clones).


    I don't use PowerPoint, but the Word and Excel versions have given no problems whatsoever when opening documents in the 'real' MS Office.


    You don't have to install the full suite, just the parts you want, so could just install the Word clone, and not Excel or PP, if that's all you want.

    (Personally I install the lot and just delete the desktop icon for the PP, its then there if I do want to look at a PP slideshow for any reason).



  3. I did a similar google search after reading the OP, and the very first hit that was not Piriform gave a prominent contact number.

    (I won't give it here).


    Putting this number back into google came up as 'Tech Support' for various and sundry applications, Microsoft, Ccleaner, Gmail, hushmail, Outlook, Norton Security, AVG, Mcafee, Trend Micro, Kapersky, etc., etc.

    All listed from various websites.


    Must be a good company if they are doing tech support for all these major players. post-73689-0-00853500-1492768245.gif


    Sorry mainman407, I'm not laughing at you but at the scammers.

    It can't be nice to be caught out like that, which is one reason I posted a link to that video so hopefully ohers won't get caught.

  4. And just to add, presumably you use a credit/debit card to pay?
    Get it cancelled before they also clean your account out, or rack up a huge credit card bill.
    For anyone who wants to see what one of these scams looks like there is a video here of when a MalwareBytes security researcher got cold called and played along with one, and recorded it all.

  5. It sounds to me that you have fallen for a "Tech support scam".

    As Hazelnut says- where did you get that number?


    No real tech support would remove your AV and other anti-malware programmes without reinstalling them once they had finished.


    I would immediately get your PC checked out to see if "Mr Bradford" has kindly installed any malware nasties on your PC for you.


    Take a look at item 10 here for where to get free help checking out and cleaning up your PC



    Did you have a paid subscription to MalwareBytes? Are you already a member of their forum?

    You might pick them from that list of helpers, if so heres a quick link to get you started


  6. It's just the bundled google toolbar option in the download, some AV's get a bit over enthusiastic now and again.


    Interesting to note though that on the virustotal report you link to Bitdefender shows it as clean.


    I'm guessing that it was a false positive in Bitdefender's definition file at the particular time you downloaded it.

  7. You can use almost any picture format for an icon, it's more a question of the size of the picture than the format.


    Try putting "Icons for mac" into your browser, you will find literally hundreds of libraries.


    Or you could draw your own, using paintbrush or any similar drawing programme.

    (or open the original icon, change its colours to monochrome, and save it with a new name).


    As for associating an icon with a file or programme on OSX:


  8. Something I noticed yesterday;


    Even though I had turned off access to the laptops webcam and microphone in the Win 10 privacy settings, Microsoft seem to think that this shouldn't apply to their own software.


    I noticed when I looked at Silverlight (for a different reason) that it was still using the camera and mic. even though I had turned them off in the settings.


    Simple solution to that one, go into the device manager and disable them.


    (Of course don't do that if you use Skype or similar that needs them).


    It makes you wonder just what other privacy settings MS don't think should apply to them or their software?

  9. I do use Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit as another on-demand scan.




    As I said above MBAE does not scan on demand, it runs all the time and watches for malware trying to run on, and make changes to, your machine.


    Again from the MBAE FAQ's -

    MBAE does not need to scan your hard-drive in search of malware. MBAE is a real-time only permanent protection against vulnerability exploits and malware execution.



    If you are only turning it on at certain times then it is not protecting you the rest of the time.

  10. I've never bothered with the USB 'eject' for years.

    (I just tried it, and I don't get a message in win 10 either, it just shuts the file explorer window if it was open showing the stick).


    Normally I just unplug any USB stick when I've finished using it and it's not a problem.


    (My old Win 98 PC still doesn't like you doing this though and complains if there was a file open from the stick, but that's all it does).

  11. I currently use MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit 'stand alone beta' version. (Alongside Windows Defender).


    This works by constantly looking for 'unauthorised' activity on your system and stopping it.

    So rather than scanning your PC for malware it stops malware from running - whether it tries to run from your PC, from a browser, or from a downloaded document that you open.

    When MBAE detects a shielded application being exploited it automatically stops the malicious code from executing. Once the malicious code is stopped, it will close the attacked application. We do this for stability as an attacked application might not function properly after experiencing a vulnerability exploit attempt.




    At the moment this free version limits it's protection to the more popular browsers (and their plug-ins), and to javascript, but it will become fully functional when it updates to v1.10. in the near future.


    What has happened is the previous paid for version of MBAE has now been incorporated into the full MalwareBytes v3.

    So the free stand alone will get all the functionality of the previous Premium version, in perpetual beta status.



    You can download the latest (v1.09.1.1386) from here:


  12. I see what you mean the download page still says 8.1.2

    I've sent the devs a PM.


    When you run JRT it checks for any update and applies it straight away for that run, even if you have not downloaded the latest version.


    If you don't download the latest then it will just check and update every time you run it, but only for that run.

    It won't download the new version and save it, you have to do that yourself.

  13. I agree but I still run it once a week as part of my regular routine.


    (One reason I run it as part of my weekly maintenance is that it closes down some process who's files would otherwise not get scanned by other programmes).

  14. Good heads up on JRT nukecad.


    Will follow the thread over at the MBAM forums.

    I assume from that you have JRT yourself, have  you tried running it in CU?


    It would be nice to know it's not just my machine that is doing this.


    As I say a restart cures it, I've done it ten or so times while testing the effects, but I understand if you don't feel like taking the risk.


    As I said over at MBAM I reckon it's to do with the change of emphasis from command window to powershell in the creators update, but we'll see what the developer says.

  15. Update to my previous post-


    It's not just notepad that is affected; EVERY programme I have tried, as well as Internet Explorer, and EDGE (but not Firefox for some reason) gets it's display corrupted after running JRT in the Creators Update.


    A reset or reboot of the computer puts things right again.


    The JRT developer is looking at it. But for now I wouldn't run JRT or at least do a reboot straight after.



    I have NumLock on all the time and have not noticed that problem, it's still on afetr every boot.

  16. I have also seen some saying that they have 15063.14.


    (It's not clear though if thats a new patch,or the difference between Home/Pro builds, or maybe USA/Rest of the World builds?)


    I've only come across one glitch/clash up to now;

    If you run Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) in Creators update you can't see the JRT report file that opens automatically in Notepad, and it messes up the notepad display until you restart your PC (No text visible at all in notepad, not even in the menus or dialogue boxes).

    The developer of JRT has been informed.

  17. From todays playing about:
    Acrobat Reader DC seems pretty unstable, keeps crashing. (There again its was doing this before but not as much as today).
    Loading of some (not all) webages I visit regularly seems slow.
    I'd like to get an Icon for the security centre on the desktop but haven't managed to find a path to it yet to set up a shortcut.
    It seems to be built into the OS.
    I can pin it to the start menu, (sort of) it still takes a couple of clicks to get to a scan, and it is also in the system tray, but I would still like a desktop icon.
    Everything else seems to be working fine but I have noticed that boot times seem to be slower.
    May just be a settling down thing, or it may have added some things to the startup.
    Just checked and it has added some startup items, in particular a "Security Health" in windows, a "Onedrive standalone update task" in scheduled tasks, & a couple of "Open powershell here" things in context menu.
    Need to check if they are needed or not. (The Onedrive crap is definitely going for a start).
    It seems that the powershell stuff is two changed entries in right click start menu that have replaced the previous 'Command prompt' entries.
    It will probably get incorporated properly later without the need for the startup items.
    Command prompt is still available from run if you want to use it instead of powershell.
    PS. I'm not sure about the Night Light thing, seemed to make my display get a funny purple'ish tint. May just be my personal colour preferences.



    This thread has gone way of topic from the original thread title about defender update fails, but I don't seem to be able to edit my original title.


    Can a mod do it, or maybe seperate out the Creators update stuff from post #15 onwards and merge it into the thread that Hazelnut started.


  18. More about the Defender thing-


    It seems that because I don't want to share everything in "The Cloud" then the new security centre considers that I am  'vulnerable'.


    Sorry I don't agree, I'll keep my stuff out of the cloud as much as I can.

    I've seen too many hacks from cloud servers reported.


    More about the new Security Center (I've not read it all yet).




    Mmm, seems like some file associations may have also been lost.

    (First noticed it when double clicking on a PDF.).


    And I've found that you can turn off that annoying list of apps in the start menu.

  19. OK got home and finished the setup, took about 5 mins to refuse all the tracking nonsense and then remove other stupid stuff from the taskbar.


    Edge fired itself up, no thanks go away.


    Control panel is still there, I had it pinned to the taskbar before and it kept it.


    Some desktop icons have gone blank, may need to reset the icon cache if it a reset dosen't do it.


    One Drive looks like it's trying to be a pain again.


    Windows Defender in the system tray is showing some 'Actions needed', I know that this has had major changes so I'll look at that next


    Everything else looks fine for now, I'll dig more through the settings to check what they have changed, and see how it goes for the next couple of days.

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