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  1. I'm not sure if you are talking about recent files ir recent apps?


    That registry entry though indicates recent apps.


    I assume that you haven't got the Creators Update yet?

    With the Creators Update you have more control of the start menu.
    Among other things you can-
    Turn off the display of Recent Apps altogether. (Which modifies that registry key so it has no entries).
    Turn off the whole annoying display of the Apps list on the start menu so that they are minimised to a small button at the top left.

    The settings are found in Settings>Personalisation>Start

  2. Presumably these engineering drawings are images embeded into the Word document?


    So it may be better to extract the images rather than splitting the pages.


    Saving the document as a webpage is a good, easy trick to extract all the images from a document in one go.

    Of course this gives you images not seperate word documents.


    See here for an explanation of how to do this, and another couple of methods.


  3. Two years ago the DWP were advertising jobs for 'retired' programmers to help keep their 1970's Fortran and Cobol routines 'up to date'.

    They were also looking for people with Primos and Unix experience.


    Guess those systems are pretty safe from todays teenage hackers who've probably never heard of Primos.

  4. Didn't MS know that there are large organisations (like the NHS) that are still using the XP OS ?

    Yes they knew, and have been warning them for years that XP was no longer secure.


    The NHS / UK Government (and plenty of others) chose to ignore the warnings, with inevitable results.


    You can't expect MS to keep supporting an outdated product, for free, just because someone refuses to get a newer product.


    (There is probably some government bigwig sat in a comfy office saying right now- "We don't need to do anything, MS provided a free patch so we are safe now").

  5. Yes, last night I was talking to a friend who is a medical secretary at the local hospital.


    She got a BSOD at about 11:30 yesterday morning, and sent home at lunchtime.


    Her XP machine is due to get updated (in six months or so) - to Windows 7 which will be out of support again in a couple of years.


    OK it will cost a lot to get the whole NHS up to date, but maybe the cost of the work they'll have to do this weekend would have paid for a lot of it.


    Will see her again tonight, it'll be interesting to see what she did at work today. LOL.

  6. Thanks Hazelnut, that information has been shared.


    Bit of a surprise move with the XP update.


    There again knowing these big organisations, like the NHS, the IT department will want to 'evaluate' it for a couple of months before installing it on anyones machine.

    It is the main reason that these big organisations are always the ones that get hit, they take months to apply security updates.


    It's the same with Windows 10, only one version can block automatic security updates-

    Windows 10 Enterprise, only used by the big organisations.

  7. I often see the onenote invalid icon notification when running the reg. cleaner with Windows 10.


    Delete it and it comes back again (after the next update?); so I think that it is a MS thing.

    (There is probably something in the updates registering the location where it is expected to be, even though it's not physically there).


    I'm not sure about the vlc, it could be the pathname as you say, have you tried rebuilding the icon cache?

  8. OK I know what cruft is, but the origin of the word still makes me chuckle.


    Wiki will still tell you that the origin is unknown.


    I like the explanation that goes as follows-


    Crufts is the worlds largest pedigree dog show.

    As you can imagine after such a show there is a lot of dog cruft to clean up.

  9. "One other question - do you have Cortana running?"




    "If Cortana is running then URL's from Edge can/will be saved to the Microsoft cloud, where CCleaner can't get to them."


    I did not know this.

    There is the reason why CCleaner cannot clean the URL's, they have been saved to the cloud.

    Obviously CCleaner can't access your Microsoft cloud account to delete them.


    Try reading that link I gave above.

  10. The usual culprits are files that cannot be defragged because they are in use,  system files, and/other files that you do not have permission to change or possibly read only.



    Make sure you are running defraggler as Administrator.

    Close all other applications before running.


    Run Analyse- then View Files, highlight (or check) them all and then click defrag highlighted (or defrag checked).


    It will report if it can't defrag them all and you will be able to see which files are being a problem and are still fragmented.



    Just to check- you are not trying to defrag a solid state drive (SSD) are you?

    SSDs should not be defragged, they don't need it.

  11. I have the creators update, as do friends computers that I have looked at and none of us have this skip UAC problem with Ccleaner.


    I have had a problem with it in the past but this was well before the creators update.


    In concentrating on arg0 you may be missing the real problem.


    Have you tried any other troubleshooting, other than arg0?


    I'll see if I can find my old posts from when I was having problems with skip UAC.


    Just to ask though- is your Win10 Home, Pro, or Enterprise?

    Obviously they do have differences so for troubleshooting you should say which one you are using.



    Looking back it was in 2015 that I was having problems with SKIPUAC, and with delayed starting of CCleaner.

    It may have been a different problem at the time but-

    The solution found back then was to make the CCleaner folder an exception in your anti-virus.

    (Yes sounds a bit odd, but it worked which is what matters).

  12. It will show any wifi network that your PC / laptop is currently picking up.


    At the moment my laptop is showing mine plus three others, and all also show in speccy.

    (All neighbours, and I do have the passwords for two of them).


    If you have unlimited broadband it's can be a good idea to share passwords with a trusted neighbour who also has unlimited.

    Then if something happens to yours you can use theirs while you sort it out, and vice-versa.

  13. No problem here.


    I follow your first link, click on the portable download, and it starts the download and takes me to your second link both at the same time.

    The installer downloads without any problem.


    It may just be a server issue wherever you are in the world.

    (A site I visit regularly has just been down for an hour).


    Whats the saying? "Try again later".

  14. To expand on what TwistedMetal said.


    If the drive is not what caused your old laptop to die then it can be put into a case and used as an external drive, connected to a USB port on your new laptop for example.


    New external HD cases can be bought for peanuts, try amazon or your local computer shop.


    With luck you should be able to pull your old files straight from it, if not then you would have to try some recovery software.


    This article gives the basics of how to put your old HD in an external case:


  15. Hmm,  I don't use Opera but I do know that some browsers and/or websites put passwords in 'Saved Form Information' you could try unticking that if it is shown for Opera.


    Hopefully someone who does use Opera will be along.


    PS. You havent got Opera itself set to delete passwords on closing?

  16. I've been using Softmaker Free Office for a number of years now. (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint clone).


    Works fine, very compatible with MS office (and the other clones).


    I don't use PowerPoint, but the Word and Excel versions have given no problems whatsoever when opening documents in the 'real' MS Office.


    You don't have to install the full suite, just the parts you want, so could just install the Word clone, and not Excel or PP, if that's all you want.

    (Personally I install the lot and just delete the desktop icon for the PP, its then there if I do want to look at a PP slideshow for any reason).



  17. I did a similar google search after reading the OP, and the very first hit that was not Piriform gave a prominent contact number.

    (I won't give it here).


    Putting this number back into google came up as 'Tech Support' for various and sundry applications, Microsoft, Ccleaner, Gmail, hushmail, Outlook, Norton Security, AVG, Mcafee, Trend Micro, Kapersky, etc., etc.

    All listed from various websites.


    Must be a good company if they are doing tech support for all these major players. post-73689-0-00853500-1492768245.gif


    Sorry mainman407, I'm not laughing at you but at the scammers.

    It can't be nice to be caught out like that, which is one reason I posted a link to that video so hopefully ohers won't get caught.

  18. And just to add, presumably you use a credit/debit card to pay?
    Get it cancelled before they also clean your account out, or rack up a huge credit card bill.
    For anyone who wants to see what one of these scams looks like there is a video here of when a MalwareBytes security researcher got cold called and played along with one, and recorded it all.

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