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  1. Glad you took my joke the right way Willy2. It seems to be a feature of any new OS, Browser, or Software release/upgrade these days. A day or two after the release the web is full of the 'tinfoil hats' telling everyone how much this new thing is spying on them. I remember the same hoo-ha with XP, Vista, 7, & 8, Chrome, Firefox, AVG, and Avast. The list just goes on and on. Usually, as with Win10, most of this 'spying' is settings that can be turned off in a few minutes. One of the first things I do after installing anything new is to go through the settings, especially the a
  2. Hi Willy, Nothing new there. Do you wear a tinfoil hat?.
  3. Windows 10 has always done this. But like Hazelnut I turned it off straight after installing Win10.
  4. Try unticking the option in CCleaner that deletes saved passwords in Google Chrome. I use Firefox not Chrome, but the principle is the same for all browsers.
  5. That's interesting to know. Just to clarify; do you mean the cleaning options in Edge itself, or in CCleaner?
  6. It was probably an expiring redirect. As a mod on another forum (vBullitin based) I occasionaly move threads from one forum to another. When I move a thread there are options to leave a redirect from the original location, and you can set these to expire after a set time (no redirect, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, permanent). This is partly so that anyone who has bookmarked (or subscribed to) the original location will be redirected to the new location. It does leave the same thread showing in both locations until the redirect expires, but there is only one thread in reality. As I s
  7. I have been using CCleaner daily, first with XP, then Win 8.1, and since last July with Win 10, as have many others, and have never had a problem like this. Indeed it is hard to see how CCleaner could be causing this problem in normal use, unless you somehow deleted a vital registry entry. There again I have used the registry cleaner, usually after large Windows upgrades/updates, and again never had this or any other problem. I still believe that this is a Windows problem rather than a CCleaner problem. It may be down to your system architecture, particularly if you have any kind of
  8. Are you doing a regular clean or a registry clean? Having said that it's probably due more to your Windows 10 install or a Windows update being not quite installed correctly, rather than CCleaner or any other software. There are known problems with the start menu on some installations of Win 10 (and 8, 8.1). If you google "windows 10 start button not working" you will get plenty of results and fixes for the problem. Try reading this for a start, which gives some step by step instructions to fix these start menu problems: http://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/computing/has-your-windows-
  9. It does seem to be just with IPboard forums, I don't have any problems with vBulletin or XenForo based forums. And just for interest I tried in I.E.11 as well as FFx, same problem with the greyed out paste icons. (I didn't try Edge, don't like the thing). Oh well, it's not that much of a deal, I was just wondering.
  10. Mmmm. Puting it into BB code mode on this laptop greys out all of the menu icons. BUT it does give a cut/paste context menu on right click so you can paste from there. (The cut/paste context menu is not usually available in 'normal' mode either, unless you have some existing text higlighted. It usually gives the browser context menu. Strange one that). Also if you click the BB code on then off again the paste icons become available for the one click. Still easier to use ctrl+v, I'll just keep doing that. I'll put it down as an IPboard thing, or a FFx thing although it doesn't affect me
  11. Hope someone can help a slight anoyance I am having when making a post or reply here. (and other IPboard driven forums). The paste options in the editor toolbar are greyed out, so I am unable to paste from the clipboard. (I know I can easily work around this using ctrl+v, but it's still a bit of a niggle). If I then go to 'more options' or 'preview post' the paste icons become available for one click only. If I click the paste icon at that time a small window opens that I can then paste my text into. This small window informs me- "Because of your browser security settings, the e
  12. It's all part of the masterplan. Google are taking over the world. (Millenium Hand and Shrimp - I told 'em). Forget the NSA and GCHQ spying on your data. Google already has it. 20 years from now all governments will be obsolete, big G will have taken over.
  13. Cheers Paul, I was writing tongue-in-cheek and having a bit of a joke. You should hear some of the gobbledygook spoken, and written, at meetings in the Nuclear industry.
  14. It could be something to do with the 'Snap' settings in Win 10 that puts new windows at the sides or corners of the desktop? I think you may have inadvertantly dragged it into a corner once over, so now it opens there by default. Try dragging it back to the middle and then closing it. (You may have to turn the snap off first).
  15. Well my name isn't Al, but I'll comment anyway. "formulating our product roadmaps" Do you mean looking at your business plans? Or are you bringing out a sat-nav application? First suggestion- try using plain English and not corporate buzz-speak, more people will understand you, especialy those who don't have English as a first language.
  16. Your slow to launch problem could be the one reported here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=44723 It seems to be a problem with the User Account Control, especially in Windows 10. It only happens on the first launch, or after a Windows Defender definition update. (If you close CCleaner and open it a second time it comes up instantly). As reported in that thread linked above I found a few workarounds, (one of which was to turn on active monitoring in CCleaner). What finally cured it completely for me was making CCleaner an exception in Windows Defender. I have had no problems
  17. Presumably a Windows setting? Possibly turned off- 'Show app notifications' (in the Systems > Notifications & Actions screen)? Would have been nice if you could have found just which app the message was refering to. At least the message has gone now, (if not the actual incompatability). Hope all stays well.
  18. The easiest way to find out what is in the start up list is to look in Task Manager. Right click in the Taskbar and select Task Manage from the pop up menu. Go to the Start-up tab and it will list your loaded start up apps, and tell you if they are enabled or disabled. You can try disabling them one at a time and re-booting to see which one is causing the error message. EDIT I have done some searching about and it seem that on certain PCs (not all) this message about 'apps not being compatible with Insider Preview' will display even when the PC is running a full market version.
  19. Are you sure that its CCleaner doing this? Have you checked your settings in Firefox itself? In Firefox go to- Options (the cogwheel at the top right, or the 'Tools' menu if you have menus showing). General 'When Firefox starts' set this to- 'Show my windows and tabs from last time' And as Nergal says: check your Firefox Add-ons to make sure one of them is not removing your sessions.
  20. If you don't have an insider build then "Get Started" is indeed what you see instead of "Stop Insider builds". Sorry about the confusion, but it makes it even more strange that the error message you are getting mentions 'windows insider preview'? Reading back to your first post you said: What made you think that this is a problem with CCleaner? Yes there is obviously a problem here, but that message just says "your app" it doesn't say which app. Indeed if you have removed CCleaner from your system and are still getting this error message then it must be some other app. that
  21. I keep seeing threads, here and elsewhere, where a user has junked their system by overuse of the registry cleaner. Despite all the warnings they blithely go ahead and delete all the registry keys with found issues, without making a backup first. And then start moaning that CCleaner has junked their computer. We have also seen the recent cases of Microsoft removing CCleaner during Windows Upgrades and Updates, because MIcrosoft don't like registry cleaners. (They dropped their own reg cleaner with XP). Maybe its time to move the registry cleaner and not give it a big, prominent
  22. There is a lot of debate about whether or not you should defrag SSDs. The general opinion seems to be not to, because: 'it does no good and shortens the life of the drive'. However it's worth noting that Windows itself will sometimes defrag SSDs as part of the "Optimize Drives" process (Win7 and above). http://www.ghacks.net/2015/01/20/windows-ssds-and-defragmentation-the-definitive-answer/
  23. I'm the OP of this thread and have since found and shared a couple of workarounds, and a working solution in post #62. Since making CCleaner an exception in my AntiVirus (Windows Defender) I have had no problem with the delayed launching of CCleaner. See also Andavari's comment in post #65. Have you tried making CCleaner an exception in whatever AntiVirus you are using? (Obviously the Piriform Devs can't make changes to your AV, you have to do it yourself).
  24. Well the message you say you got was: Which would seem to indicate that you are runing an Insider preview build? Did you go to Settings > System > About to check what version and build you are running? You might also want to look at Windows Updates >Advanced options, to see what the section about insider builds says:
  25. That message indicates that you have signed up to the 'Windows Insider' programme, which is a beta testing programme. Insiders get advance, possibly unstable, copies of Windows 10 for user testing. As these are not fully released versions you can expect to have some problems with them, that's why they need testing. Microsoft give a list of known issues with the version as they release it to insiders, and insiders then test it to try and find any other problems. As you seem to be running an insider build then your problem may well be with Windows rather than CCleaner. Did you m
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