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  1. I just use the 'Unread Content' button, and set the time period to 'Since my last visit'.
  2. I just filled in, yesterday, the 2017 questionaire of a long term Imperial College study into the health effects of mobile phone use. http://www.ukcosmos.org/Participants?open=WhatIsCosmos#StudyPanelParticipants I had wondered why this questionaire now included a section on wifi usage as well as the phone use. Sorry, but you can't join the study now - it's been ongoing since 2009 and should finish in 2021. PS. That cress experiment was carried out by 15 y/o school girls, and while the results were interesting the experimental conditions were not very rigorous. Made a great sca
  3. Mine used to hang for a while on IE history. As I never use IE there was no history to be cleaned so I just unticked it.
  4. Changing the skin makes no difference to the prong, it's just not there for me on the desktop version. Like I say I've worked out a couple of other ways to link a particular post if I want to so it's not a big problem. (Right click the post time and 'copy link location' is easiest). Interestingly I had another look on Malwarebytes, they used to show both the prong and the post number, but now I don't see the prong there either. Might be something that changed on my computer, maybe during the FCU? I still see the prong on both forums when using my Android phone.
  5. If there are unread posts then you should see a black 'dot' (or star) at the left of the thread title in the forum or activity listing. Clicking on that should open it at the first unread post. (The star shows if you have made a post in that thread).
  6. I see the three prong 'share link' thing on mobile and it works, but not on Windows? And clicking the date on Windows just refreshes the page to that post. (So you could copy the link to a specific post from the browser address bar). Right Click on the date and 'copy link location' also works. It's got to be a setting somewhere. EDIT Just been over to Malwarebytes who are using IPboard version 4.2.5 and they are showing the # numbers for the posts. A little strange becaues you have to move your cursor into the post to see "Report Post" and the
  7. Don't like it. Not too bad on the laptop. (Malwarebytes forum has been using this Ipboard version for a while so sort of used to that). But on the mobile/Android version it's horrible IMO.
  8. Yes, its not very clear on the purchase page(s) is it. The Pro version itself, (with the additional features of monitoring, automatic updates, cleaning multiple user profiles, etc.), is a 'lifetime' purchase. Oh, after a year the automatic updating stops and you have to update manualy, hardly a big job. The priority support via emal is yearly however, and so your licence needs to be renewed every year to continue to have access to priority support. In effect you are paying once for the Pro version of CCleaner, + one year of priority support. If after a year if you want to continu
  9. v56.0.2, first offered to Release chanel users on October 26, 2017 FixedDisable Form Autofill completely on user request (Bug 1404531) Fix for video-related crashes on Windows 7 (Bug 1409141) Correct detection for 64-bit GSSAPI authentication (Bug 1409275) Fix for shutdown crash (Bug 1404105)
  10. Put it on earlier today. It changed my 32-bit to 64-bit, but haven't realy noticed anything different.
  11. In the old days this may have been true, but with newer Windows operating systems (since Vista) the registry is stored differently and does not need regular cleaning. Microsoft themselves no longer supply a registry cleaner utility, and their official stance is not to use one on a regular basis. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/microsoft-support-registry-cleaners-windows
  12. It''s not so much Windows 10 as the whole concept of registry cleaner. Registry cleaning is a technique used for cleaning up a computer that has problems, eg. after malware etc. has had to be removed. It's not something to do on a regular basis. It won't speed up your machine or save much space, and as you have found it can cause problems sometimes.
  13. A year and a half ago I registered my own domain, in order to have an exclusive email address me@mysurname.uk I do not have a website, there is a 'parked' advertising page put there by the provider. The provider now keeps sending me a reminder that my SSL Certificate will soon expire and asking me to renew it (at a cost). (This is not the domain itself, that's paid till April 2018, they're asking extra for the Certificate). Fair enough if I had an active website on this domain then I would want a security certificate for it. But I'm thinking that as I don't have a website on the domain, an
  14. Statement from Avast: https://blog.avast.com/update-to-the-ccleaner-5.33.1612-security-incident
  15. According to this article on bleepingcomputer there will be a registry entry left behind if you were actually infected. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/how-to/security/ccleaner-malware-incident-what-you-need-to-know-and-how-to-remove/ I have checked my 64-bit Windows 10 and even though I do have the compromised installer (I've still got it saved) and did install 5.33 I do not have that registry entry. So the answer seems to be to check for this registry entry. If you do not have this registry entry then you were not infected.
  16. That's easy enough to test, Go to the CCleaner folder and delete CCleaner.exe, just leaving CCleaner64.exe. Then launch CCleaner from the desktop or taskbar. It still runs even without the 32-bit exe being there at all. So I would say the assumption is wrong.
  17. Yes, I also have that installer version saved and Malwarebytes is now showing it as infected with "nyetya". (It didn't before so I guess MB have now blacklisted that installer, shows that they are on the ball).
  18. From the release notes for 55.0 And yet on my 64-bit 4GB laptop it has updated to 55.0.2 (32-bit). So does the release note only apply to new installs and not to updates? EDIT Answered my own question - It is only for new installs in 55, but when 56 comes out it should migrate to 64-bit on the update if your system is compatible.
  19. 55.0.2 now released. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/55.0.2/releasenotes/
  20. HI Jeannejeannie, You should realy have started your own thread. Yours is a different issue altogether. You have Windows 10-S, which is a cut down "student" version of Windows 10 Pro. It is mainly meant for use in schools but you can buy it for home use. It will only let you install programmes (apps) from the Windows Store. Read more here- https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/windows-10-s These FAQ's explain the differences- https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4020089/windows-10-s-faq Please start a new thread if you have further questions about this. (It's no
  21. Wondered why I was not being offered 55. They are getting a bit to frequent with pulling updates and issuing a .0.1 a day later. Maybe a bit more testing is needed before release release rather than rushing to get it out on Patch Tuesday?
  22. So the short answer would be to make these 'favicon' files an exception in CC (Options>Exclude) so that they don't get cleaned. But if a bug in FF is deleting them itself then this would not help, and all bets are then off until FF fixes the bug.
  23. If , just after the application had been updated, CC starts removing things it didn't before then I would first suspect that is the application update that has changed something rather than CC. A couple of things you could look at- Are you using an add-on for the favicons? If so then I suspect this could be Firefox changing the way it handles add-ons and extensions. They have been doing this by stages for the last few versions. It's possible that they have changed the location where the files used by add-ons are stored so that they are stored in with the history. I do know that they hav
  24. Apparently you can't go back a version from FF55. (and/or will have problems if you try to). From the release notes- https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/55.0/releasenotes/ More info: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/02/you-cannot-downgrade-firefox-55-profiles/
  25. Sorry but I disagree. If you blithely run a programme without knowing what it does / could do then that is your carelessness. There are enough warnings on the internet about using registry cleaners - if you are not sure what you are doing Reg cleaners have their place to do a specific job If you use a tool to do the wrong job, or without knowing how to use it, then don't blame the manufacturer when it goes wrong. (I cut my arm off with a chainsaw - they should not have let me use one). I do agree that the reg cleaner included with CC should not be as prominent, and hav
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