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  1. I should have noted the date on that Kaspersky article, it is a couple of months old. Checking here I did make a post about it at the time. (Must be alzheimer's kicking in).
  2. Very similar to the CCleaner hack - many infected, but few targeted: https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/shadow-hammer-teaser/26149/ (My thanks to exile360 at Malwarebytes forum for flagging this).
  3. As I say the display of Easy Clean (and Software Updater, and ....) is controled by a registry entry. I know this because I have played with them and can turn them off/on at will by changing the value of reg. entries. Although if I turn them off they will sometimes (not always) come back after a restart, which shows that CCleaner will modify them itself at times. I guess that in your cases some component of CCleaner is turning them off by mistake? We'll have to wait for Dave or the devs. to track it down. PS. I've also got 1903 on and haven't had any issues.
  4. Whether it's displayed or not is controlled by a registry entry setting. Which is why Dave CCleaner was asking above. If you haven't been 'playing' with the registry then it sounds like something else is changing it, which may be a bug in CC (probably is) or may be something else. I suppose the next relevant question is are you using the registry cleaner? It would be ironic if CCleaner was deleting it's own registry entries.
  5. It's been discussed before and it was a deliberate decision by Piriform to make it a bigger minimum size. They have said that they are "working toward" making it more responsive to the actual display size in use, but no timescale has been given and I wouldn't hold your breath. If your CC window is going off screen so that you can't get to the 'clean' or 'analyze' buttons then this post explains how you can fix that:
  6. Because as explained above in APPichaels' first post if you had installed it once then it had set a flag in the registry to tell CCleaner not to show you the offer again. To avoid any issues with unwanted Avast (or google toolbar) installs most regular users here use the 'Slim' installer from the builds page, that does not contain any offer. https://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/builds
  7. Have you raised a support ticket using this form? https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Whilst we try to help here (for both free and pro versions) this is a user forum and not the official Piriform Support which you have paid for.
  8. Using the Easy Clean or Custom Clean sections of CCleaner will not affect already installed updates. (And probably not downloaded/pending updates but why take a chance?). However you should not use the Registry Cleaner, especially following a major Windows Update In fact you should be very careful of using the Registry Cleaner at all with Windows 10. Windows 10 can change the registry frequently with any update, and updates happen at least monthly. Registry Cleaners will/may not recognise what these changes are and may remove the new/changed registry entries by mistake. Microsoft themselves recommend that you don't use any Registry Cleaner: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/2563254/microsoft-support-policy-for-the-use-of-registry-cleaning-utilities
  9. I wouldn't run any cleaner between downloading and installing anything not just Windows updates. PS. If you are still on 1803 then you will no longer be offered 1809; you'll jump straight to 1903. 1803 is coming to EoS and Microsoft have said it will be automatically updated to 1903 (in the next month).
  10. You'll jump 1809 (they stopped pushing it out on Automatic Updates some time ago) and go straight to 1903: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3396660/microsoft-orphans-windows-10-1809-prepares-to-jump-1803-users-straight-to-1903.html
  11. I have a qualcom wifi driver so was a bit wary of that issue, I checked for an update for it before installing 1903 and it said it was up to date. So I went for it and it wasn't a problem.
  12. There is probably one or more left over registry entries for Opera somewhere. Revo is good, but like any uninstaller it can sometimes miss something. (Maybe you set something somewhere to open in Opera? Uninstalling Opera wouldn't clear that setting). If you have Revo Pro then you could try a 'Forced Uninstall' to see if that will clear it. Otherwise if you are comfortable with using the registry editor you could search the registry yourself for anything that mentions Opera. Usual warning - If you don't know what you are doing with the registry editor then don't use it, you could brick your computer.
  13. It's more likely the mouse itself. (Unless you have somehow affected the mouse driver). They can start acting funny at times for seemingly no reason. If it's a wireless mouse then try unpluging the dongle and plugging it back in again. (And change the mouse batteries or make sure it's charged). If it's a wired mouse then unplug/replug the lead. Have you tried a different mouse? It's always a good idea to have a spare mouse handy, because they do break down You could also try going to the device manager, right click the entry for the mouse, and update the driver.
  14. Sorry for the delay, I got stuck helping/serving in the pub (Travellers on their way to Appleby horse fair). 1903 installed with no problems, download was fine once I'd got a fast conection, but install took it's time. Looking round the settings obviously there are changes, but no problems that I can see yet.
  15. Just installing it now. Had no problems apart from the slow wifi at home, (5-6 Mbps max), so I brought the laptop across to the pub (any excuse). Wifi 60+ Mbps, downloaded in no time. Now at 82% updating.
  16. Even more so now that Windows 10 Home will let you defer instaling downloaded updates for up to 35 days. So if you do defer the installation then you are taking a risk of losing the downloaded files if you run any cleaner other than Storage Sense or Disk Clean-up.
  17. They removed the cleaning of Windows Update files from CCleaner a while back. Specifically because Windows 10 handles update files differently from earlier Windows versions (It installs some of them over time rather than all at once) and so Windows 10 updates could be / were being affected by the cleaning. To be extra cautious though I wouldn't run CC between downloading and installing Windows updates. Windows 10 will remove the update files itself when they are no longer needed. (Or you could use Storage Sense or Disk Clean-up which both know which windows update files are safe to clean at any time).
  18. Interestingly the Update Assistant in the UK was still offering 1809 until just minutes ago. It's got 1903 now. (Hazelnuts' link above is the US site). They are releasing 1903 slowly, so it may be weeks or months before you are offered it on the normal release channel. There are also still a few outstanding hardware/software issues that need to be resolved before it will be offered to some machines. eg. You can find a list of all 12 of the known issues here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-1903 If you install 1903 using the Update Assistant rather than waiting until it is offered then be aware that one or more of these issues may affect you. Your choice whether to risk it or not, you know your own machine.
  19. LOL, yes restoring the list from a backup of CCleaners settings would be simpler. I guess that we just get used to people who ask for help here because they haven't been doing backups.
  20. It's usually a good idea to have think now and again about the way you are working, we all get stuck with habits. TBH I only ever open Firefox with one tab set at my homepage. (Google search). With broadband speeds these days it's easy and fast enough to just open another tab/webpage when you want it rather than having it loaded all the time. Having your regularly visited sites in your bookmarks/favourites means two clicks and your wanted site is open in a new tab in a second. Of course everybody works differently, and we all have our own preferd methods.
  21. Pretty conclusive that it's something that CC is cleaning from the Chrome Cache that is closing the tabs then. (The logging into youtube and running may be something else, see below). As no one else has responded it looks as if you are going have to find the problem file yourself. I don't have Chrome on my computer, but here's how I would go about it. (It's a bit tedious/repetative, most troubleshooting usually is): In CCleaner Right click on Chrome 'Internet Cache' and select 'Analyze Internet Cache' from the pop-up menu. It should report so many KB in so many files,. Double click that line and it will list the files. (Don't worry if you can't see the full names). Right click any of the files and it will give you an option to 'Save to text file', which makes the next bit easier. The names themselves probably won't give you much of a clue as to what they are. I would now start adding the filenames to the 'Exclude' list in CCleaner Options. You can cut and paste the full path/file name from that saved textfile. (Doing a few at a time is probably quicker than one at once) Then ope/ close Chrome, run ccleaner and see if the problem still occurs. If it does then remove those entries from Exclude, and try the next few filenames. And so on until the problem stops. Once the problem has stopped then you can look at those few Excluded files and try them one at once to see which is the one you need to leave as an Exclude. An alternative method would be to put ALL the filenames into the Exclude list and remove them one at once until the problem starts again, then the last file that you removed from the Exclude is the problem one. Either method is tedious work, but it should pinpoint which file you need to Exclude to stop CCleaner clearing it. Of course there may be more than one file involved which could make it trickier. The logging into, and running, the youtube videos may be because of something else (I came across it yesterday). Youtube is owned by google and they have a habit of syncing their programmes without asking you. eg. Gmail, youtube and Chrome are all synced, logging into one logs you into the others. This article talks about Gmail and Chrome, but also mentions that youtube is involved. https://searchengineland.com/when-users-log-into-gmail-or-youtube-theyre-now-also-logged-in-to-chrome-305801
  22. That's different from the taskbar jumplists, there is no way they would log you into anything they are just a list of where you have been. TBH that does sound like something (Firefox or youtube) is syncing your login. You machine is cleared and you aren't logged in from your machine itself, but then suddenly something syncs and logs you in. If clearing through Firefox itself clears the problem then that to me would suggest that it's Firefox that is syncing. Alternatively youtube may be saving a cookie on it's own servers that recognises you machine and logs you in when you visit. Youtube is owned by google and they have a habit of syncing their programmes without asking you. eg. Logging into Gmail automatically logs you into youtube and Chrome if you have them. All 3 seem to be synced like this. This article talks about Gmail and Chrome, but also mentions that youtube is involved. https://searchengineland.com/when-users-log-into-gmail-or-youtube-theyre-now-also-logged-in-to-chrome-305801 Again that login behaviour seems to point to something syncing (without you telling it to?). Obviously CCleaner can only clean your machine, it can't touch somebody else's servers.
  23. Windows itself will still see the 'deleted' apps in the control panel (and/or settings) and you can still uninstall them from there.. If you''ve deleted the names from the list in CCleaner's Uninstall option then the simplest way to repopulate it should be to uninstall and then reinstall CCleaner itself. You'll need the uninstall or CC will just remember what you have 'deleted' from the list before. Of course uninstalling/reinstalling will also lose any other changes you had made to CCleaners default settings and you'll have to set them back again. Here's the CCleaner documentation on the Uninstall tool. (Not that it helps much in this case): https://www.ccleaner.com/docs/ccleaner/using-ccleaner/uninstalling-programs
  24. Is this only happening after you have run CCleaner? If you have CCleaner Pro then do you have Automatic Browser cleaning selected? If so then turn it off while you try the 2 things below. What happens if you close Chrome, don't run CC, and then reopen Chrome? And what happens if you uncheck 'internet cache' and do run CC then reopen Chrome? Just trying to work out if it is CCleaner causing the issue, or if it may be something in Chrome itself.
  25. That's one of the reasons I got my own web domain with my own '{firstname}@{myname}.uk' email address. I don't have/need a website, I just use it for the email. Fair enough my Internet Service Provider could snoop it if they wanted, but they would soon lose customers if they started that. (Unlike google, microsoft, etc.)
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