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  1. Again - CCleaner does not 'deal with' cookies other than deleting them if/when you tell it to.

    However I think I may have found what could be causing your issue, and you are not the only one seeing this behaviour.

    Wilders Security host the 'official' BrightFort/Spywareblaster forum and this thread there is about unprotected cookies suddenly appearing in Spywareblaster:


    A reponse there by the BrightFort moderator on 17 June indicates that it seems to be a bug in Firefox itself that is causing the issue, but there has been no update from them since.


    There appears to be a bug in the latest version of Firefox. We're investigating to try to determine whether it's just a UI bug, or it impacts behavior, but regardless - it seems fairly easy to get Firefox into a weird state where using its own UI to edit the Cookie Permissions doesn't load any changes you make after a restart of the browser.

    Whether the Firefox bug is the only issue impacting what you're seeing, or whether there's also a conflict with another tool (like Spybot) incorrectly messing with the same files (or trying to "clean" profile data), is something that remains to be seen.

    So we'll do some more digging on this. If it's something we can work around in SB we'll of course do that, if not we'll reach out to Firefox with a bug report and a proposed patch.


  2. Thanks for pointing it out.

    There are a number of things that could be worded better, we point them out to the staff and they do sometimes get changed.

    Sometimes it's simply a case of the same message being used in 2 or more different circumstances to save programme size, and maybe not quite fitting each circumstance.

    When changing wording you also have to be careful of how the new wording will translate to other languages.
    We often get posts about mistranslation in non-English versions.

  3. As said the attack was 3 years ago and was targeted at 40 or so very large IT and software companies. (Microsoft, Google, Samsung, etc).

    No home user saw any affect whatsoever on their computer or lost any information, the hackers were not interested in home users at all.

    Many/most CCleaner users got the 'bad' version but it was like they were just dangling lots of fishing lines out, they were only interested in the big fish not the small fry.

    It is speculated (and most likely) that it was a state sponsored attack to try and steal design/software secrets from those large companies.

    Obviously the way it was done has long been closed off.


  4. CCleaner does not 'block' or 'allow' anything, it is a junk cleaner and not a security application.
    CCleaner removes junk files - temporary files, logfiles, etc. - that are no longer needed by your computer.

    The fact that the number added to 'Lop.com' keeps increasing means that it is a the same as an existing file/cookie called 'Lop.com'.
    Which indicates that as Spywareblaster is blocking each one LOP keeps creating new ones, (each one with a higher number), which Spywareblaster then blocks again.
    So what you are seeing with the increasing numbers is simply Spywareblaster doing it's job properly.

    LOP.com , or 'Open Search Web', is malware that is installed on Microsoft Windows.
    Basically it's a browser hijacker, and you should remove it from your computer.
    Here is a more detailed explanation of what it is:

    You may not see the hijacked webpage as shown in that article if Spywareblaster is blocking it's cookies.

    We cannot give one-to-one malware removal help on this forum, but can direct you elsewhere.
    In the case of LOP then, as said in the above article, a scan with Malwarebytes will normally be able to remove it.
    You can download Malwarebytes 4 from the official website here: https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/
    The free download is a 14 day trial of the full, real time protection, version, - after 14 days it reverts to 'manual scan only' mode unless you buy a subscription.

    You may also want to get your computer fully checked over for free by their malware removal experts,
    If you do then start here and follow the instructions carefully: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/


  5.  That section checks for applications that are in Windows Start-Up,and which start and run in the background each time you boot your computer.
    Those applications may slow down the time it takes your computer to boot.

    Normally a person would only ever use it once to remove any unwanted start-up applications, but it runs with each Health Check to see if anything new has been added to Start-Up.

    So whilst I am not sure why it is showing you that server error, it is something that can be safely ignored without affecting the use of Health Check.
    It may be a problem with the server itself, in which case it will start functioning for you again once the server is fixed.


    Esa sección verifica las aplicaciones que se encuentran en el Inicio de Windows y que se inician y ejecutan en segundo plano cada vez que inicia su computadora.
    Esas aplicaciones pueden ralentizar el tiempo que tarda su computadora en arrancar.

    Normalmente, una persona solo lo usaría una vez para eliminar las aplicaciones de inicio no deseadas, pero se ejecuta con cada comprobación de estado para ver si se ha agregado algo nuevo al inicio.

    Entonces, aunque no estoy seguro de por qué le muestra ese error del servidor, es algo que puede ignorarse sin afectar el uso de Health Check.
    Puede ser un problema con el servidor en sí mismo, en cuyo caso comenzará a funcionar nuevamente una vez que se repare el servidor.

  6. Probably the biggest things that you haven't mentioned in all that.

    How old is this computer? You said you built it yourself but didn't say when.

    Which operating system (Windows version) are you using?

    To be honest it sounds as if  maybe your graphics chip has been overheating and has finaly failed.

    I had that happen a few years ago with a laptop the graphics chip failed. As it was an old one still on XP I junked it and bought a new laptop. If yours isn't that old then maybe a repair (under warranty?) may be in order?

  7. Yes,

    Simply go into Options>Smart Cleaning and change the cleaning options for both Junk and Browsers to clean without notification.
    Or turn off Smart Cleaning altogether?


    PS. if you change that 0.5 GB to a higher value then it will take longer between each automatic Smart Clean as it will take longer for junk to build up to the trigger level.

  8. Quote

    the middle was an artifact copy of the desktop and accept and decline buttons on either side

    There is a very infrequent issue where the offer image does not load and only the 'Decline' and 'Accept' buttons are showing.
    It is being worked on to try and find what may be causing it.

    There may or may not also be a circle of dots and some grey text showing.

    It happens so infrequently that it has been difficult to even capture a screenshot of it happening, but that has now been managed -

    If this should happen to you then simply click on the 'Decline' button and nothing other than CCleaner itself will be installed.



    The developers are looking into what may be causing it, but as it happens very infrequently it's proving hard to pin down any cause.

  9. Just to add that Health Check should not be cleaning any logins/passwords that you have saved to your browser. (Custom Clean can clear those if you tick the box).
    But it will always log you out of sites by clearing the cookies for that site.

    Custom Clean will also log you out of sites by clearing their cookies unless you have told it to 'Keep' (not to clear) those particular cookies.
    See Option 2 here for how to 'Keep' cookies:

    TBH I always let CCleaner clear the cookies and log me out of sites, it only takes seconds to log back in again next time.

  10. No there isn't.

    Health Check uses it's own cleaning rules, you can't change those rules.

    As you already know Custom Clean can be modified so as to leave things alone, or add things that you want to clean.

    If Health Check could be modified in the same way that Custom Clean can be then there would be no point to having both.

    You can change which one CCleaner shows you when it starts by going to Options>Settings and changing the 'CCleaner Home Screen'.

  11. So what you are saying is that another software took 20 minutes to defrag 8%; even AFTER Defraggler had done all the hard work.

    That's hardly an objective, or fair, comparison is it?

    I admit that defraggler can seem slow, but have you tried running Windows own defrag/optimise recently?

    I never take any notice of 'Esitmated time to complete' in any software - it's just a guess.
    TBH I don't know why programmers bother including it in any software.

    They are almost inevitably wrong, often wildly over-guessing by a factor of tens or hundreds.
    Watch even a Windows Update, it will suddenly jump from 35% complete (or similar) to 95% complete (or similar), it hasn't done that 60% in half a second it's simply made another recalculation (guess).

  12. I'm not sure what you are asking for?

    Any defragmentation app will analyse the drive and report the current level fragmentation, and then reduce that fragmentation if you tell it to.

    How fragmented your drive will get between defrags depends on how you are using your computer, ie. if you have saved/installed/updated something, if there has been a Windows update, etc.
    If you want to keep a record of that then you could write it down, or take a screenshot, each time you analyse.
    I'm not sure just how useful that would be for anything meaningful?

    PS. There are 2 different things that are called 'Defragmenting' depending on what you are trying to achieve, Defraggler can do either one or a mixture of both depending on how you use it.
    See this for more information:

  13. I'm only guessing here, but I suspect that CCleaner has cleared your connections/logins to those devices.
    Those are usually stored in cookies, and CCleaner will clear the cookies.

    So you will have to connect/log into the IOT devices again.

    I'm not sure if CCleaner Android allows you to set 'Cookies to Keep' like the PC version does?
    If it does then you could tell it to keep any cookies associated with those IOT devices.

    TBH I tried CCleaner for Android on my phone a few years back and decided that I didn't like it so uninstalled it.

  14. I don't know for sure but it sounds as if they are keeping that information in a cookie. (*unless you are running the Registry Cleaner)

    Are you using Health Check or Custom Clean?

    If it is a cookie then Health Check will always remove it, anytime/everytime that you run Health Check.

    Custom Clean can keep cookies so that they do not get deleted.

    You need to identify the cookies from that website, and in Options>Cookies move them to the 'Cookies to Keep' side.

    See 'Option 2' in this article, the article is a bit old but the option still works like that:

    Custom Clean will then leave them alone. (But Health Check will still delete them if it is run).

    To set Custom Clean as the default screen that CCleaner opens with got to Options>Settings and change 'CCleaner Home Screen'

    * If you are running the Registry cleaner then don't do that.
    It is not needed and is not recommended except as a technicians tool to help fix a broken computer.
    Running a registry cleaner when not needed can stop your computer working properly.

  15. Nah, I don't touch the active stuff, (well maybe a little active test/calibration piece now and again), I was an engineering designer for equipment/pipework/fabrications/robots/etc. needed on the site.

    My first job here was designing a new cooling system for the 4 decomissioned Calder Hall reactors, specifying the equipment/piping for it and laying it all out to fit in the old buildings.
    They haven't had fuel in for years but the casings are still radioactive and hot, I changed the old Carbon Dioxide cooling system which was used when it was active to a dried air system, much more environmentally friendly (and cheaper to run).

    Now beer I do touch, about an hour from now I'll be in the pub.

  16. Good to hear it seems to be sorted for you.

    Many of the people in my town work, or have worked, in the nuclear industry.
    We've not blown up yet, but a reactor did catch fire 63 years ago.

    It's an interesting story if you don't know it, - people in PVC overalls and WW2 gas masks pushing uranium fuel rods out of the burning reactor with scaffolding poles:
    More technical:

    We are still cleaning it up. (Not me personally).

  17. It's a known issue, Health Check does similar as well.

    The developers seem to be having trouble tracking down just what is causing it, or if they have found the cause then finding/implementing a cure.
    Or maybe as it's a reporting rather than functional bug it's just not a high priority to investigate the cause and fix it?

    I suspect that the majority of users never even notice it.

    Interesting that you say it doesn't happen on your laptop, it does on mine.
    That begs the question of what is different on your laptop to your PC?

    (I have my own suspicions of a few things that may be causing it, but I'm just a user and not one of the devs).

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