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  1. Did you use the registry cleaner? Or did you just hit the 'Delete' button in CCleaners uninstaller? If you just used the 'Delete' button in CCleaners uninstaller then they have only been removed from the list in CCleaner - Windows will still uninstall those apps. In CCleaner you have to use the 'Uninstall' button to actually uninstall things, 'Delete' just removes them from the list. If you want to get them back showing in the CCleaner list then the easiest way is to uninstall and reinstall CCleaner itself.
  2. It has been a while since an update to CCleaner, but expect a new CCleaner version once the devs have checked out that the official Edge Chrome has not made any sudden changes from the beta version of Edge Chrome. Probably in the next week, unless Edge Chrome has done something unexpected?
  3. The pop-up is the Microsoft User Account Control, you can turn it off for CCleaner (Custom Clean) by ticking Options>Advanced>Skip User Account Control warning. Monitoring is a different thing and has been renamed to 'Smart Cleaning', the documentation hasn't been updated yet.
  4. Not a problem, I was probably too quick doing the Patch Tuesday updates and so missed the Edge. As I say I don't use the thing anyway - which may well be why they have not sent me an update yet, update the people who do use it first.
  5. Mine is still showing the old Edge icon following yesterdays Patch Tuesday updates rather then the new Edge Chrome icon. (Never use Edge anyway). I'll give it another update check later but am having wifi problems at home at the moment so am tethering through my phone.
  6. It is not a problem with CCleaner, it is a problem at your Internet Provider. You have been allocated an IP that was previously issued to a banned country, probably Iran, but has now been re-issued to Spain. We have seen this happen with a few users - Spain and Italy seem to be the most affected. You will find you have the same problem with other programmes as well as CCleaner - they will all think that you are in Iran and not Spain. You will need to contact your Internet Service Provider to get this sorted out and maybe a different IP allocated to your router connection. (An alternative is to use a VPN to change your IP to a different country). See this earlier post about this subject: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/54041-vpn-connection/?tab=comments#comment-306534
  7. I've just done the Patch Tuesday update. I had a problem with the Malicious Software Removal Tool - It seemed to have got stuck in a downloading loop. I let the other KB upgrades go to 'Pending Restart' and then restarted, all looks fine.
  8. I feel like that at times, wait for me and I'll spring into life again, must be my age.
  9. Can you see its icon on the taskbar? It may be starting minimised.
  10. Reply from the staff/developers:
  11. That was myself who flagged those two threads. The developers have been working with the original posters to resolve the issue. That particular issue appears to be a problem with Bitdefender, especially on 32-bit Windows, causing some apps to crash (not just CCleaner).. CCleaner developers can't change Bitdefender, that's up to Bitdefender to fix. If you have Bitdefender, especially on 32-bit, and CCleaner is crashing then try making CCleaner an exception in Bitdefender.
  12. My current wireless mouse is made by "Bongem". It took me a while to work out that it a translation from Chinese to a mixture of French/English. "Lucky Jewel / Fortunate Jewel" = Bon Gem. Nice mouse for a very cheap price and has lasted well, the right button is getting a bit erratic but it is 14 months old.
  13. Ah I see, you want to licence multiple devices on the same account. Support should be able to help you out. At the very least they should be able to refund your renewal so you can purchase Pro Plus instead. There used to be a licence for more than one device, (usually sold in-store in boxed Pro editions), although not advertised anymore support will know if this is still available. Of course you could always simply buy Pro Plus as well as your current licence and use that on the other 2 devices with the option to add another device later.
  14. This is an official Piriform company forum, suggestions for rival products are obviously not going to be allowed on any company forum. In other words - Don't waste your time posting a suggestion for rival software here, any such suggestion will be removed.
  15. CCleaner Professional Plus is simply a bundle of CCleaner Pro plus the Pro versions of Defraggler, Recuva, and Speccy. It doesn't add any more functionality to CCleaner Pro itself. (I probably shouldn't say this, but I'd just use the free versions of the others). If the bundle is what you want then you would need to contact CCleaner support to ask about getting your current licence upgraded. We can't deal with licencing issues on this forum, obviously that's sensitive information. There is a contact form at: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Or you can contact them by email: support@ccleaner.com
  16. Disabling it means that it will not run at startup. Isn't that what you wanted to do?
  17. It's a badly worded message that they have promised to change. It doesn't actually mean that you are offline, it means that Health Check cannot contact CCleaners server for some reason. Those 2 functions need to contact the server to check against the database for any updates available to applications on your computer. (Note those 2 functions are only available in the Pro version). It may just be a connection problem in which case try again later, but more often it is your Anti-Virus blocking CCleaner from passing through the Firewall to contact the server. Try making CCleaner an exception in your Anti-virus, - google for how to add an exception in the particular AV that you use. (eg. google- "Add an exception to Avast anti virus" would find instructions for Avast).
  18. Hazelnut's suggestion is what I was going to say to try next. Uninstall/reboot/reinstall often works to solve links that have gone missing and other glitches.
  19. I suspect that they may be waiting for the official release of Edge Chrome, which should be next Tuesday/Wednesday, before releasing the next CCleaner version. They have also been working on a few other things for the next version. (Health Check, new installer screens, etc.). You can see what should be included in the next release, what is being worked on, what is being considered, and make your own suggestions here: https://ideas.ccleaner.com/roadmap
  20. So you've got a new phone. I'm still not sure where the SSD comes into things? Are you connecting it to the phone? If not then what is the SSD connected to? (What computer, what operating system?). We don't/can't know just what you have downloaded/installed. For the phone have you run CCleaner for Android to see if it will free up space for you? https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner-android Then I would get Malwarebytes for Android (Free) on the phone and run a scan to see if anything you have downloaded/installed is malicious. (or just dodgy). https://www.malwarebytes.com/android/ I suspect that you are saying that you have downloaded applications for the phone to an SSD connected to your computer, is that right? Did you download then from the PlayStore, or are they apk's from somewhere else? It might be useful to know what warning messages you are seeing, can you post a screenshot of one of them? Second issue: Emails coming in twice - Is that all emails? or are you talking about emails from a specific source? (Maybe you mean emails from this forum?)
  21. Windows 7 built in defragmenter: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/17126/windows-7-improve-performance-defragmenting-hard-disk You can also right click on a drive in File Explorer and select Properties and then the Tools tab, which will also give you an option to run the built in defragmenter. Drive letters do occasionally go missing from various softwares, even from Windows File Explorer itself. Here are a couple of ways to try and fix it: https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/330140/my-drive-does-not-appear-in-windows-explorer-view
  22. You need to give more information. iPhone, Android Phone? What do those have to do with a 240 GB SSD? Where are these 'warnings' comming from? What is issuing warnings? And where does CCleaner come into this? Can you explain better what the problem you are seeing is?
  23. That is interesting information that may help the developers track down what the issue may be. I would suspect that not many people leave CCleaner open for later, most will open it and run straight away.
  24. A bit of extra information might help someone pin it down: Can you still see the C drive in Windows own defragmenter? Is it an HDD or an SSD? Which Windows version are you running?
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