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  1. Check your Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar. Click more details if you don't already see the details. Look to see if maybe there are multiple instances or even the google update tool running. Somthing makes me think that another program is interfering. Try maybe reinstalling CCleaner.
  2. It has got to be with the sytem or advanced settings... I'm going to find the issue before they do... Unless they find it before tomorrow.
  3. I would also like to help with this issue as I have been using CCleaner and other Piriform products for at least 5 years. It seams as if it has something to do with the apps because even Edge isn't working properly after a full clean (not including registry cleanup). When I would try to restart I would get a "service exception error". I know Advanced Systemcare is also experiencing the similair issues right now. I'd like to offer more assistance, but this is now my 4th recovery (basic recovery doesn't work I recommend using EaseUS Todo Backup) and I thought same as above that 5.08 would fix your compatibitly issues with Windows 10.
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