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  1. go sleep and shuttt up noob u dont knows anything hy6 i hate u i go cry i want someone replyyyy plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i cant playyyyyyyyy plz heeeeeeeeeeeelp i dont wants u shut up
  2. when i play game i get black screen i want good reply
  3. dooont reply here plzzzz i dont knows graman i dont knows anything with lagnues i want 1 speak english like USA and solve my problem not u ---- u dont knows i want staff heeelpppp meee
  4. i get a fatal tilt error after playing for a while, i get a black screen, i hope someone can fix this issue, thanks in advanced, regards this has nothing with cclenaer, it only when i play game any game i got black screen.. i love u guys and girls i think u knows to fix it my problem plz i beg u answer me anything u knows plzzzz
  5. dty


    1- Does ccleaner clean computer? 2- Does ccleaner clean browsers?? answer all question with 2 answers not all 1 thanksz
  6. whyyyyyyyyy u hate me???????????????????????????????? u be good
  7. i dont knows what he said in video in english. cuz i dont knows english like u USA. can u tell me what he said in these video????
  8. dty

    Everybody problem

    u made ma a vry sad........ i go crying
  9. dty

    Everybody problem

    ok i will answer it and i will post it here and you write it in english better ok???
  10. dty

    Everybody problem

    هل استطيع انا كتابة نص باللغة الأنجلزية وثم شخص ما يصحح الأخطاء الإملائية وإلخ؟؟ انا لا استطيع كتابة ذلك في المنتدى
  11. dty

    Everybody problem

    okayh, can i answer it in english and u Correct it with wrongs in english language okk???
  12. dty

    Everybody problem

    learn me english plezzzz
  13. dty

    Everybody problem

    i dont knows, i want this staff mod
  14. dty

    Everybody problem

    TO is tanki online http://tankionline.com/en/ i cant tell developers i love u i love u plz answer u from USA <3
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