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  1. Are you aware of which registry entries if deleted will cause problems? if so does CCleaner flag them to be deleted? if not then the program is working for the average user, if it does flag them then it should not, or take the option away to delete the entries altogether. Users are just following the steps that the program options offer and if delete registry entries is there then they feel they can delete them. You can't put a penney in a fuse panel anymore because people did when they ran out of fuses, if you feel it is so dangerous to delete entries then take the option away it is so simple. remove the option or don't flag the entries that can cause problems.
  2. If Windows 10 recreates these two registry entries: activeX/COM InProcServer32\C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ConnectedStorageService.ProxyStub.dll HKCR\CLSID\{B2D2142A-9055-4C37-B3FA-EEFDD4C1DC59} activeX/COM InProcServer32\C:\Windows\System32\ConnectedStorageService.ProxyStub.dll HKCR\CLSID\{B2D2142A-9055-4C37-B3FA-EEFDD4C1DC59} then CCleaner should flag the entries and not redisplay them in successive runs. This would eliminate confussion and distrust of the program. Answers like the user needs to right click and add them to the exclude list is not acceptable. Users use this program with limited knowledge of registry entries and rely on the program to do what is gennerally percieved as correct and will cause no harm to their system. If each person were to explore and try to determine if an entry is ok or not for each and every entry they will stop using the program. It has no value to them in time spent or knowledge required to determine so. FIX YOUR PROGRAM !
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