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  1. Since CCleaner claims to be compatible with Win10 then NO I don't expect it to repeatedly crash my pc, and I really didn't expect to recieve such a useless attitude filled response from a so-called moderator who's clearly bleeding out of their.. wherever!
  2. CCleaner Free v5.08.5308 (64-bit) Windows 10 64-bit Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @3.50GHz, 16.0GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 When I just hit analyze my screen goes black and pc is unresponsive. Although the pc seems to still be running (fans & lights) if i look inside at my digital cpu temp it is very high as if my water pump stopped working so its definetly crashing the pc. I even deselected nvidia from the scan thinking thats why my screens were losing the display. My memory usage is only at 11% when started. Never had a cleaner program cause this especially just from an analysis scan. Really want to use this software since its so highly recommended. Update: I ran it again but first i disabled most other running programs. When i hit analyze the screen went out again but this time it came back on and I was able to see in task manager what happened. The scan pushed my memory usage from 9% up to 98% and stayed around 85% until scan completed. This time I was able to complete the clean function, and all scans now seem to use a normal amount of ram like only 1% instead of 100%. The registry scan worked well also. I'm not sure why this happened.
  3. Hi, I really want to use CCleaner with Win10 but each time I run the cleaner even on the default settings my pc just restarts or crashes. When I run analyse or clean a warning on my taskbar first pops up saying my memory is being used too much and suggests closing ccleaner, though if I look in taskmanager my memory is fine at only 11% in use during the scan. When I click clean about halfway through my pc restarts or my display stops working and I have to press off button on pc. If you can't help me I'll be going back to SlimCleaner & SlimComputer. Thanks
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