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  1. I have an SD card known to have about 200 files when I removed it from my MP3 player. When I put it in my PC to copy files I wanted, a message came up saying that there was a problem with the card, and the PC immediately trashed the directory, as best I could tell. When I put it back in the MP3 player, the player showed "Unsupported Card Format". I installed my licensed copy of Recuva on my Windows 10 desktop and ran it with the deep scan enabled, and it found only one file. I wonder wy Recuva didn't find more files. Any help to recover the card will be appreciated.
  2. I am totally blind, and I bought a license for Recuva. I was able to run the Advanced Mode and get about 400 items that could be recovered. I was able to press Spacebar on each entry, and it showed as selected; but when I tried to operate the Final button required to begin the actual Recovery, I found that NO Keyboard function (Spacebar or Enter) would begin the recovery. I was very angry because I had to find a sighted person to make that Mouseclick for me! It should be possible for a blind person to press Enter or Spacebar to begin the recovery. I do not understand why that one necessary function had to be Mouse Only. It would be better to make it so that either mouseclick or enter would begin the recovery process. My sighted friend also observed that it would be nice if there were a "one-button" control to select All the items which Recuva found. I managed the separate selections, but I had to wait a day or so to find sighted help for that "final click" and that is what annoyed me very much.
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