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  1. Hi SO, I am still having this problem too. I have also had it corrupt Excel as well. My way around it is I have Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint open at the time of running ccleaner, and this has prevented the corruption happening. It of course has its own limitations on clearing recent file histories etc for these applications. When I have forgotten to open these before running ccleaner it occasionally again corrupts the files and needs re-installation. I have always taken One Drive off and this has never been installed whilst I have had these problems. @scoobydog , yes I am puzzled by the lack of progress on this, I wonder it is even on the to-do list?
  2. @Andrei CCleaner. ah, yes! That's my problem. I had Taskbar Jump List unchecked in the Windows tab. So now that I have checked this it all works OK. Thanks for your help. I had unchecked this recently to try to prevent ccleaner corrupting office which it had done numerous times (but that's for a different thread). Thanks all!
  3. Yes I can use incognito or guest mode for the time being. I just wanted to make sure the cc developers knew about the problem. Thanks for the link re guest mode. Interestingly enough when adding -guest to chrome shortcut, all my shortcuts reappear on right click. Something interesting going on there. Thanks for your advice/help.
  4. Before chrome V77 it worked fine clearing down the most visited and recently visited pages
  5. All 64 bit, Windows 1903, Google Chrome V77. ccleaner 5.61.7392. All options selected for cleaning in Google Chrome app tab in ccleaner. When I right click google chrome icon in taskbar after cleaning the most visited sites and most recent sites are still listed. Tried this many times. It could be to do with latest Google Chrome V77 as I have noticed that right clicking the taskbar icon doesn't always show collated shortcuts either. Anybody else seen this, any plans to fix it?
  6. V5.6.7307(64 bit) I have had to reinstall office several times recently and I have just realised it gets messed up after I run ccleaner. Happened again just now, it didn't messup excel because I had it open at the time. All the rest rendered useless. Custom clean mode. Nothing special in my settings for ccleaner. Is this a known problem?
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