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  1. Yup it showed the wrong temp in 1151. That was fixed. Now it's showing the wrong temp in Redstone (14393.10). It shows 120-121 degrees. for the mobo. CPU ( 21 ) is fine, and so is storage (17) Mobo is:: ASUS H97M-E - Built by me. Chipset Vendor: Speccy says Intel. Chipset revision: 06 (Haswell is the chipset model)
  2. Change the resolution then. It'll be like looking at a dot
  3. Installed Speccy after installing Win 10. It's got a G3240 CPU in it 3.1 ghz Just ran it about 5 mins ago It's a built system Manufacturer ASUS Model: H97M-E Version ? Dont know. But it's got the lastest BIOS on it 2404 Chipset Vendor. Intel H97 Chipset Model. No idea Chipset revision No idea BIOS shows 18 c. Mobo 16. In windows speccy says 121 c for the mobo Thought Win10 was the prob. But it shows normal on here 31 c.
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