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  1. The PC I use most often is my office PC. The operating system on this PC is Windows XP Pro SP3 x86 32-bit. My CPU is an AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz (Socket A) with 2.5GB memory with a Nvidia GeForce 2200 Graphics card. When I first installed CCleaner on my PC if ran and performed as expected, even after installing several updates. However, about three months ago I was downloading the latest update. When the download was finished, I installed CCleaner and proceeded to run the program. But when I clicked on the CCleaner desktop icon a dialog box immediately appeared saying that CCleaner had performe
  2. Yes, first of all, allow me to provide system information in order for any serious responders to properly assess issues described hereafter. My system is Windows XP Pro. My CPU is an Athlon 1.2MHz Socket A, and I have 2.5 MB of RAM. And yes I know it's old, very old. As a matter of fact, I thought I say a tag somewhere inside which read: Shipped by Mayflower express. Anyway, the last version of CCleaner that actually worked on my system was v5.28. All future versions have downloaded without problems and I think the installations were successful as well. But as soon as I clicked on "
  3. I need some help!!! About 6 months ago my HDD went south. After replacing it, I began reinstalling programs such as Ccleaner and others. Yet, after the software installed (the installation went like clock work) and I clicked to RUN the software, a dialog box appeared with the following notification: Opening ccsetup533.exe The exception illegal instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction. (0xc000001d) occurred in the application 0x0053e693 Click on OK to terminate the program Click on CANCEL to Debug the program I've tried to DEBUG the program by cl
  4. This is not per se a Ccleaner bug report. But when one has been trying for days to discover why my Ccleaner (version 5.25.), since this is the last download that actually worked, and was working up until I downloaded 5.27. Now each time I attempt to initiate the software (Ccleaner v 5.27)all I get is an Application Error stating that an "illegal action " has been detected. Thus, if this is not a "bug" I don't know what is. The actual message reads as follows: Ccleaner.exe - Application Error The exception Illegal instruction An attempt was made to execute an illegal instruction, (0x00000
  5. Hi all; Ccleaner has been working on my Windows XP Pro (SP3) system ever since it was released. Yet, just the other day I saw that there was a new version (v5.29), so I downloaded it from Piriform website. However, as soon as I installed the software a dialog box pops up informing me that Ccleaner had initiated an illegal access. I wrote the message down in its entirety but have misplaced it. Anyway no matter what I did I could not get Ccleaner v5.29 or any of the previous versions to work. So, I decided to contact Piriform Support to see if they could make heads or tails regarding th
  6. POST from Mainman407: Permit me to clarify once again the issue I am experiencing with CClearner Registry application only. Up until about two, possibly three weeks ago, when I used CCleaner I would always access the program via my Administrator account. Sometimes I would merely click on the Desktop icon and click on "Open" and the program would open. I have never experienced, since installing CCleaner, issus with Cleaner application. That application works great. Yet, however, when I click on the Registry application and press "Scan for Issues," the process runs until about 17-perce
  7. Yes, my post is similar to this post but different in various ways. After installing the latest update of CCleaner, I ran a scan and removed the items or issues listed. Then I attempted to run a Registry scan.. The scan started like it should. But when it reached 17-percent, it just locked up. Before I could run Ccleaner with Administrator privileges, and when I clicked on Registry, the process would run flawlessly. Yet now when I click on Run As then type in my Administrative password and click on Registry, I get an error message box: F:\Program Files\Ccleaner\Ccleaner.exe .... The servic
  8. Yes, I have been using, and have been very pleased, with CCleaner for several years now. However, the only reason I have not purchased the CCleaner's professional version is the "few" problems I have been experiencing. In the past, I could run CCleaner Registry and the software would run as expected. Yet now, when I click on the Registry catagory the software the scans runs to about 17% then freezes and my system has to be re-booted in order to unlock it. Does an administrator or senior user offer any suggestions on what could be causing the problem?
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