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  1. Yes - when the card is in the camera which means the card is not bad! Cannot view images on card when the card is in the reader.
  2. In Explorer when reader in slot with no card - reads the same as when memory card is in reader - Removable Drive (E:) In Explorer when camera is attached to slot, turned on with NO memory card in it - camera shows up as Portable Device (1) and camera indicates "no memory card". So I do know that I'm looking at the images on the memory card - not the camera's internal memory. Result: personal computer will only read the memory card when it is in the camera - but Recuva does NOT see the camera - just verified all this again and this is the status that I reported originally. Ne
  3. No I cannot open the drive in Windows Explorer when the card is in the reader. I can open/view contents of the drive in Explorer when it is in the camera.
  4. I tried this previously - and when in Recuva - I click on E - go to proceed and then Warning unable to open drive appears
  5. I have put the card in the reader again for you. Card is in the reader and it shows up in Explorer as: Removable Disk (E:) Please let me know next step. Thank you.
  6. Been waiting for moderator to respond to my last reply dated August 1, 2015. Please, please I need help. Than you very much.
  7. Can't cut and paste screen shot of what I see in EXPLORER - so I'll have to painstakingly enter it manually -Computer + OS C -Canon PowerShot SX 210 IS -Removable storage - DCIM lists directions i.e. +104_____10 +MISC
  8. The card is in the reader. I've been doing this "operation" on several different cameras over the years so I know what to do and how to do it - i.e. get the pictures from the reader to my pc. I can't seem to be able to post screen shots of what I see right this minute using Explorer and almost my Recuva screen. I'm using Chrome and I had to download something to enable copy/paste from Windows - I'll shut down and retry
  9. I indicated in the beginning that the camera/card WAS, IS and ALWAYS has been visible via Explorer. That's what I couldn't understand - why it wouldn't show up in Recuva and now in "disk management".
  10. Okay ran disk management - did NOT see my camera drive. I can see it in "Explorer" though like normal. I'm using Windows 7
  11. Hi - sorry meant to say I'm able to "view" the camera/card drive in Windows so I don't believe the card is bad.
  12. I can still take pictures, upload pictures etc from this very camera/memory card so I don't believe it's bad ...
  13. Hi - I'm familiar with the usb reader and I have one and have tried my Canon memory card in it and the "PTP" does not show up on Explorer. I have another camera (Pentax) with a memory card and that card works great in the reader. The one that I'm trying to recover the file on is the one I'm having issues with. The light on the reader shows steady green and when I put the other camera's card in the reader it blinks green and it does show up as a SD, drive (e) in Explorer . So I know my reader is working properly, it's the memory card that's not. Should I format the "card" - my Canon has an
  14. I'm using the free version of Recuva and it's not recognizing my camera drive. I can see the camera/images using windows explorer (camera attached via USB ) and I can open images into Windows Photo Viewer. I deleted the image while I was viewing the camera drive using explorer. Do I need to "format" the memory card so that Recuva can see it so that I can try and recover the deleted file? Help please - thank you very much. recover deleted file.pdf
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