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  1. A quick search shows that this issue was last brought up in 2011. It seems that the MRU file list in the VLC media player is still not being cleared. Any progress on this front? I don't want to set VLC back to defaul every time I run Ccleaner by clearing the ini, but it would be nice to clear the MRU list. Win7 64 bit/ccleaner v5.09.5343(64bit)/VLC2.2.1
  2. Same problem here. I am running CC v 5.07.5261 (64bit) in a new clean install of Win7 64bit. Also just to be clear, removing those reg keys does not cause Reader DC to re-install. It just does a reconfigure or setup. But, certian things I set in Reader Prefs persist across the Cleaner fix and the restart of Reader. So it is not clear what it is doing when it needs to re-setup, as those items in prefs do not go back to default. Also #2: I excluded the suggested key: HKCR\Interface\{9B4CD3E6-4981-101B-9CA8-9240CE2738AE} and it had no effect. Issue is still there. But, I am runni
  3. Yes, I am seeing the same issue. BUT, I am running: v5.07.5261 (64bit) and Adobe Reader DC does show in the applications list. However a scan of the registry, causes 16 items to come up, all related to Reader DC. And, if I remove them, on the next start of Reader DC it does the reinstall dance. Very annoying. bc
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