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  1. Peter - the trick is to uninstall Avast simply from Control Panel.. (bit late now but may help other users)...
  2. Hi All, I find the Avast Install "option" (default Alredy selected) to be most annoying! Much as I like CCleaner... I have a strong dislike for being expected to say NO to any adverts or "affiliate" offers... It should be the choice of the CCleaner User to accept should they require any such add-ons... ... such that they do not have to unistall having inadvertently chosen the CCleaner update! Please; - the "option box" should be UNTICKED by DEFAULT. Regards, Bebbspoke
  3. Hi Peoples; - suspect I've found a problem here - I'll explain my actions (Win 7 64-bit) Due to a necessary re-installation I had an old and damaged version of Windows 7 in the C drive. When I had extricated all that I required - I dumped it in the Recycle Bin as I then wanted to destroy it using a 35 pass overwrite. Instead of Opening CCleaner and then running it - I simply clicked on Run CCleaner from the Recycle Bin dropdown menu; - the folders and files totalled some 50G of rubbish - much to my surprise the Recycle Bin emptied immediately! - surely a 35 pass wipe on ~ 50G should t
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