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  1. OK thanks for letting me Know i didnt know that
  2. Hi What i ment was was an uninstall option in the startbar/programs as it only has speccy and a link to the website and i have used it under windows xp and 7 and neither has a uninstall option so i just use the unistall tool in ccleaner
  3. Hi I have tried speccy on a few different machine and it has always done what it says on the tin, Until i tried it on the SD32G5 I thought maybe it was because i was still using XP so i installed Window 7 and low and behold still doesn't work Under both versions of Windozs it gets as far as recognizing the OS then crashes.
  4. Hi I do think you should include an uninstall as i have installed it on a couple of machines now that it doesn't work on.
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