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  1. The Big Windows 7 Defragmenter Test www.hofmannc.de/en/windows-7-defragmenter-test/benchmarks.html A test of many defrag tools, and tips
  2. How can I create a USB boot disk with windows to run recuva from?
  3. Recuva created the file download-3.pdf which is not a pdf file (when viewing it does not start with %PDF-1.3) Why create junk files? If the file is not a pdf, why give it a pdf extenstion?
  4. Boot from USB drive? Would it be better to run Recuva from Windows on the drive with deleted data, or to shut down windows and boot from a USB drive?
  5. It seems like Advanced mode is much better. Can you ask as soon as Recuva starts "Would you like to use Advanced mode?"
  6. How does Recuva compare to other recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?
  7. Does Recuva restore directory structure?
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