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  1. I have 5.43.6522 of CCleaner Pro. When I open it there is a notice that an update to 5.44.6575 is available When I try to update I get an error message something about the file not working. So I cancel the update. However, I have to search for the exe file for the older version and reload it since the update goes far enough to delete the old version. Is this just me or are others having problems trying to update? PC with Windows 10. Any suggestions.
  2. I want to delete the TOP file in each File Count group. To speed things up rather than clicking on the box for the file I want to delete in each group I click on file name of top photo in first group and then use Shift/click on the bottom file name in the group to highlight all the files in the groups. Then by clicking in one of the delete boxes on the left all of the corresponding delete boxes are selected. SOMETIMES! Sometimes clicking on the bottom box places a check in the top box of each group instead. Other times clicking on the bottom box places a check in all the bottom b
  3. Recently installed Windows 10. Updated CCleaner to version 5.10.5373. Whenever I try to run it it gets to the 7% mark and freezes up everything on my computer. I have to do a hard restart to run anything.
  4. I have three hard drives and have duplicate *.pdf files on them. How do I set up the duplicate file finder to only look for duplicate *.pdf files but on all three drives in the same search? In Duplicate Finder under "Include" I have selected the three hard drives. Then I click Add, enter under "File Types" *.pdf but the OK button is grayed out.
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