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  1. Until they fix the tickboxes (if they ever do), I will stick with v5.40.6411 and leave it at that. Free users or not, I think it's pretty stupid putting in a couple of tickboxes that can't be unticked. You might as well just leave it as a policy note or not tell anybody about your privacy policy at all.
  2. It used to be I could download the "Slim" version and the "Portable" version as separate options. I don't see that anymore. Granted I haven't been to your site in awhile but where can I find them?
  3. I predict CCleaner will turn into bloated adware eventually. Why? Because when it comes to $$, they (Avast) can't help themselves, that's why. Speccy gone Defraggler, gone Recuva, gone Yup... Thing is, Windoze Defender is junk. It hardly detects anything. I know after using it for a year and having to switch over to Bitdefender. So far, M$ isn't blocking 3rd party AVs from installing, but like with the Kaspersky example, I hope they get sued and let the courts have the final say.
  4. Right now it's 5.30.6063 because I updated. I prefer not to be nagged. The point is I turned the reminder off and it's not off. Or does that selection (or deselection in this particular case) not work anymore?
  5. Hello, Why am I getting prompted to update when I have "Automatically check for updates to CCleaner" unticked and disabled? Thanks
  6. Well before I do all that, is there any way you can tell me what the size limit is? And would the Pro version be any better? If there's a definite limit then this is probably why I'm having this problem.
  7. Well I appreciate that, thank you. Look forward to the answer.
  8. I currently have two 5.0TB HDs and it seems Defraggler can't fully read them. It can detect that they're there but they don't seem to do anything when I initiate the program.
  9. My problem here is the graphics card which is showing 952 degrees F https://imgur.com/WsKturT Latest BIOS has been installed Manufacturer: Dell Model: 0CD3KR (U3E1) Version: A00 Chipset Vendor: Intel Chipset Model: ID1910 Chipset Revision: 07 Please fix. Thank you.
  10. ​I'm sure that's technically true, but this forum is directly linked to piriform.com's website, so they are in some form or another sanctioning this forum in some way. And I would find it hard to believe "they" aren't reading this and getting feedback from it even though "they" claim not to directly participate here. ​ ​I did find the HKCU\Software\Chromium entry in there and deleted it, but it still shows up in the menu so that didn't solve the problem. I suspect this is a bug and hopefully it will be corrected at some future date.
  11. Sounds like other people have had this problem too. Yeah, I would rather see the developer (I think you're one of them, right?) see if they can fix this with a future update. These empty ghost entries that can't be removed. Another suggestion would also maybe at least allow us to see where those entries are pointing to when right mouse clicking (for example) the "Google Chrome" main heading in CCleaner to Analyze or Clean, even if there's no data in that entry to clean out. Just an empty pathway or position being pointed to. That would give us a clue.
  12. ​ ​I already did that and it's not. It doesn't find a thing. ​ ​If only I could find out where that's pointing to, I think it would solve this whole thing.
  13. Yeah I opened cc > Tools > Browser plugins > Chrome > right click any plugin/extension > Open containing folder and the chrome tab is empty. I don't know what you mean by "Custom Location" And when I Analyze and watch the paths go by real quickly, I don't see anything with "Chrome" listed in there.
  14. ​Screenshot of chrome section here: ​ ​http://i.imgur.com/PBQ8FYj.jpg ​ ​ ​After changing winapp2.ini to Xwinapp2.ini, the Chrome section looks like this ​ ​http://i.imgur.com/lPCvE8M.jpg ​ ​ Smaller, yet still there
  15. ​ When I used to use CCleaner Portable, I knew where to find the .ini file, but on my desktop I don't know where it is. see image (I've un-hidden the folders/files under the Tools menu) http://i.imgur.com/2fDpaWi.jpg I should also mention that I use Opera and Vivaldi on my portable apps drive as well. Do they show up as Chrome cloned settings under the Applications tab? Because I don't see them as distinct and separate. In fact I don't see entries for them at all. If not, then why weren't they detected? The reason I ask is I still only see one group for Chrome and none of these browsers are installed natively on my C:\ which is the reason why I started this thread in the first place. The Pale Moon settings were easy to remove. Google Chrome is not.​ ​
  16. ​The reason I ask is I would think having an "Optimized detection and cleaning of portable browsers" would be useless, unless it had some kind of automated path detector to go with it. Altering the .ini file all the time would be time-consuming, especially with a portable who's drive letters will vary.
  17. So it will automatically detect it and clean it, even if the path is G:\ or H:\ or I:\ or whatever the next letter is available? I don't have to go into the .ini (?) file and manually change the path each time?
  18. Yes it was a PortableApps version. I also recently found out about having your Settings Locked Per PC by plugging my flash drive into another PC and seeing my stored Chrome extensions disappear right before my eyes. Still yet another reason to get rid of crapware Chrome off the flash drive and installed portable Chromium to take it's place instead. Is there anything else you would suggest? Thanks
  19. ​No response about WINAPP2? ​I've already deleted Portable Chrome since it's causing these kinds of problems. I don't like the way it embeds itself in my system and I can't get rid of it if I want to. I realize all browsers leave some kind of trace, but I was able to easily delete traces of Pale Moon through the registry and that removed it's entries from CCleaner's Application Tab. Why not Chrome's? ​
  20. Interesting older thread. Nothing is showing up in Autoruns, Control Panel, regedit (except for lower case chrome Zone entries), Revo and msconfig. Only shows in the CCleaner list under the Applications tab. I also un-hid whatever hidden files and folders that were there and did a search. I then did another search focusing on the User/Appdata folders & files that Andavari was pointing out and nothing there. The only thing showing up is (lower case) chrome entries for Firefox and Ironkey backup. I did notice they appeared not long after I updated WINAPP2 to the latest version. I had an old one in there that was a couple of years old, so I updated it. I also have the trim.bat file in there as well in order to compact the entries and ran it. Would that have something to do with it?
  21. It's quite possible is was installed by accident but I don't see it in CCleaner's list of installed programs ​I did see one folder under C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\ ​that I deleted. Restarted CCleaner and the entries are still there. Anywhere else I should look? ​ ​
  22. As a followup, I went into regedit and removed all the Chrome entries and the Chome options in the CCleaner list are still there. I'd appreciate any help on this, thanks
  23. I never installed Chrome. I do use Portable Chrome from time to time but I never installed it on my C:\ drive. I'm not sure how this happened. Now all of a sudden I have Chrome entries in CCleaner. Is there any way to delete these? And block future entries from occuring? Thanks
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