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    Also, you can remove my acct and issue me a refund for the professional version.
  2. thenaikan


    I did, but is that really the point? Sorry for trying to bring a business-killing error to the forefront; my mistake, won't happen again.
  3. thenaikan


    No, one version back of that.
  4. I saved them to a folder on C: drive, and thanks.
  5. I did do the backup actually, I do the backup every time. I lost access to it because of a system restore that erased it.
  6. Just an FYI, if you go ahead and "clean" the WIndows installer issue with the problem named "C:\Windows\Installer\_{ECE5B218-A086-4E18-A362-D11181681457}\OlderProductDrivers" you will never be able to install any Intel wifi driver (see attached screenshot). You will also not be able to uninstall an older Intel wifi driver. That directory that CCLeanner wants to empty is critical to Intel wifi drivers... CCleaner needs to be more careful what it marks as removable, as I just went through two days of hell trying to recover my wifi drivers from that cleaning. For the first time ever I am now afraid of CCleaner, and I have been a paid customer for quite a while.
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