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  1. I'm sure people request this feature before and with their own reason. I'm requesting this because Recuva failed to run after a few recoveries. I do my recovery little by little. I'm guessing it stop because it was idle for awhile if I forget to check and ones I marked to recover are completed. I don't do the recovery all at once due to some reasons. One of the main reasons is the space. I want to make sure I have enough space on the drive I'm recovering it to. It took nearly a day to deep scan a 3TB HDD only use for storage. I formated it by mistake so it took a long time for it to go through the 3 stage process before I can recover it. I wouldn't be requesting this feature if I didn't have to deep scan it again because Recuva fail to continue after idling. This happen twice already. If there was a save session to resume, I won't have to spend another day just for a re-scan. Again, this is a storage drive and there will be no writing to it while trying to recover it first. I only want to use the save session if something goes wrong like Recuva crashing (happen twice). Right now, I'm about to scan again and will take another day just to continue where I last left off recovering. If the recovery drive somehow write hiddlen files, add freeze feature if possible to prevent drive from writing until all recoveries are complete. Thanks.
  2. I was recovering my files from a internal drive which I formated by mistake. Recuva works well in scanning and recovering until this issue happen. I was recovering my files little by little from a 3TB drive of storage. I step away for a bit and when I came back to check, I can see the Recuva listed files on the taskbar preview except the program disappear when I click on it. It's still running and still have the taskbar preview. It's just won't run when I click on that taskbar preview. If I click on the program itself on the taskbar, it will open a new Recuva and the one that's stall is still there. I don't know what cause Recuva to stop working and still show as running in task manager. I can only guess that because the hard drive I backup it to is an external hard drive. The external will stop running if there's no read or write to it. Recuva probably just have issue finding the external drive when it activate again. It's just a theory. To be clear, the drive I'm recovering is an internal storage only drive which doesn't have any system files on it. I'm restoring it to an external harddrive with USB 3.0. The external will stop/sleep when not active. Recuva stop responding probably if it or the hard drive is idle. It's just a guess. This is the second time this same issue happen to me and it's really a pain to spend one more day to deep scan it again because the program fail to continue. You may need to think about adding save session for those who backup little by little and want to avoid program crash. I will post a request for this feature and hope you can see why it's necessary.
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