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  1. Hi, It works with this update It take about 20 seconds to scan my 5,51 GB internal storage. Thanks Do you plan to add a "order by date" ?
  2. always "scanning..." at 4:11 PM, so there is a real issue...
  3. Hi, Several minutes, and i finally stop it manually.. I try a new scan now at 2:54 PM ...
  4. Hi, I have this message and i don't know why the topic about this same issue has been closed. So i use ccleaner on my Moto G2 with android 5.0.2 and when i try to manage app, it says "scanning, please wait.." but it doesn't finish. I have the same pb on my second phone, a Samsung S3 mini. After contact by mail with piriform, i tried to uninstall then reinstalla the app but it didn't resolved the issue. Do you have any other idea ? Thanks
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