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  1. Total Virtual = Total Physical + pagefile.sys
  2. But why doesn't Speccy show the laptop model (Inspiron 3542) while msinfo32 does?
  3. Thank you guys. I wonder why the model shown by Speccy is different than the one shown by msinfo32 on my PC: Speccy: Manufacturer: Dell Inc. Model: 0926J6 (SOCKET 0) msinfo32: Manufacturer: Dell Inc. Model: Inspiron 3542 Where did msinfo32 get the correct model? Why Speccy can't get this value?
  4. thank you but I asked about the virtual memory not the physical!
  5. I'm referring to the System Manufacturer / Model. eg: Dell Inc. / Inspiron 3542.
  6. Where does Speccy show the computer Manufacturer/Model? msinfo32.exe shows this info in the System Summary page.
  7. Speccy shows on my PC: Physical Memory ---------------------- Memory Usage 43 % Total Physical 7,91 GB Available Physical 4,48 GB Total Virtual 16 GB Available Virtual 12 GB pagefile.sys 7.9 GB What is total/available virtual and how does Speccy calculate it?
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