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  1. A router firmware update won't necessarily change DNS settings. Check them manually! Usually you'll want to have it set to obtain DNS server addresses automatically from the ISP (DHCP feature). In rare cases (like the ISP DNS servers are unreliable) you might use OpenDNS or Google settings.
  2. Its an Asus K72F laptop.
  3. Speccy told me my laptop has 4 slots in total (2 used, 2 free). Turns out it only has 2 in total, both used. I guess I should have looked myself before ordering 2 more modules, because now I have to pay to send them back. Its too late for fixing this to help me in this instance, but if I can offer the devs any information that will help them fix it for the next time I need it, or for other people, then I'm happy to supply screenshots etc.
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